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  • Moony

    As it has been stated in many of these posts, tipping is not a requirement. It sucks that you are in a position where you are paid below minimum wage and you are counting on those, but that is not the customers fault.

    Would you A -Rather live on below minimum wage and have the potential to walk away with hundreds in cash (that quite frankly, most of the people I know lie about to avoid/cheat taxes or tipping out the staff) for doing a job that does not require much effort except a smile and walking.

    Or B – Have the restaurant raise the price across the board of the food to make it so you get paid an actual minimum wage ($7-8? an hour) and receive tips once in a blue moon (or if you did something phenomenal).

    To put it in perspective – Working an average of 50 hours a week on a 30k salary, my nights off are usually spent in a crowded/popular bar and grill watching a game or dancing. The good server/waitresses there can pull in 4 figures in tips a week on 2-4 shifts working 4-5 hours a night. Congratulations, you have the potential to earn more, doing less, in half the time, than a college graduate. Try doing it somewhere with higher potential, and not at Denny’s. Your employer is required to pay you an actual minimum wage if you don’t make enough in tips to equal the state law.

    One personal recommendation, I won’t tell you how to do your job, but for people with food allergies, give them the comfort of writing down their order. It’s irritating as hell to have to guess “Does my waitress/waiter have a good memory, or am I playing Russian roulette with fate…” and even more-so having to ask “Did you remember to request this ______ “?

  • Stephanie

    I don’t agree with what was said about not tipping at all. If the service is bad, the customer is under no obligation to tip. One should be fair and take into consideration the server’s workload, of course. If I don’t get great service, but I see the server hustling around and overworked, that definitely is factored in. There has only been one incident in which I did not tip at all. Other than that, I tend to over-tip.

  • Melvin

    Why would I tip bad service? Here in the UK, you only tip if they deserve it. I work in the hospitality industry and people not to tip is just overlooked unless they’re bill was expensive.

  • king

    this is an article from a waiter/waitress that needs tip

  • Jamie

    I’m glad we don’t tip in my country. Clubs, Bars, Pubs are trying to by placing a tip jar, but hells no. You get paid, I’m not paying you too.

  • katrina

    People would seriously stiff a waiter in California because they make minimum wage? Wtf? Do they not realize their taxes are so much higher, so of course they’re gonna make a little more, but after taxes they’re probably close to that $2-$4 range.

  • Janine

    Don’t minimize the service industry….no it’s not brain surgery, but it is quick money. Hence why intelligent people choose it, as opposed to riding a desk 9-5. I am a college educated woman, and I serve to supplement my income. Its insulting when people say “go back to school, so you can find something better.” I for one, am not complaining about my job, I understand the nature of waiting tables, and take it for what it is. But don’t assume people are waiting tables because they lack the education to something else. Most servers are highly educated, and/or paying their way through school.

    And as for tipping….let’s face it, ppl come to dine in restaurants to be taken care of. If you don’t want to tip, go to Burger King. I agree, servers aren’t entitled to tips, as poor service warrants poor tips. But if people just stop leaving tips altogether, we’d all be reduced to fast food. No one is going to wait on you hand and foot for 2.13 an hour alone.