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  • Zach

    Number 5 is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada not England

  • mrclam
  • Katerina

    I really had fun reading this list. Interesting and odd at the same time.

    Whatever happened to Theodorus 2, btw? I dunno if it is because I am Greek too, but I think his lists were awesome. He stopped writing for Listverse and I see he stopped writing for toptenz too 🙁

    I hope all is well with him.

    • Theo has at least 2 lists that are in the queue right now and will be published soon. He and I have had many discussions on the upside of being Greek (I’m 1/4 Greek, which is says is still awesome.) He will have more lists coming soon, you can follow his writing on here:

      • Katerina

        [email protected] part Greek. That’s awesome!!!!!

        Glad to know that Theo’s still writing. He’s our Greek hope in such sites 😉

  • Connor

    I think 9 should of been higher on the list. But that’s just my opinion.

  • willy2fly

    I grew up in one of the houses that faces the reclaimed colliery land that THE DREAM is built on. I even go running on it when visit my parents there. The top of the statue can just be seen above the trees which, unfortunately, resembles the tip of a mans ‘special purpose’. Very embarrassing for the local council as its known locally as the ‘wet dream’.

  • Bob

    My school went on a trip to Ottawa and we saw Maman. Apparently when you stand underneath it it is supposed to feel like the spider is hugging you. I just felt like I was being eaten. Also, the statue has a pouch of eggs where its legs meet on its belly, which makes it feel even creepier.

  • Really?

    The name Posankka is derived from the Finnish words for these two animals, pig (“possu”) and duck (“ankka”).

  • Really?

    Always eager to investigate strange new life forms, I approached the Posankka with Astrobiology Magazine’s Executive Editor Helen Matsos. Our analysis confirmed it has a very hard but smooth outer dermal layer that has the hue of cotton candy. The Posankka was not active, and did not even respond to a tug of its curly tail. This sluggishness may be due to its unusually large mass – a size rarely seen in avian-porcine hybrids. The Posankka kept its blue eyes firmly fixed on the grey skies of Finland, perhaps hoping to someday catch a glimpse of other PigDucks in flight.

  • LeighAmanda

    I’m trying to picture #2, if she had decided to make a pile of Boston beans/Micky Mouse statue… Also, in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, there is a statue made of raw meat called “Dead Skinned Men Wrapped in Barbed Wire” outside the courthouse.

  • Reina_Ketonen

    I love the Posankka! Whenever we went to swim in Caribia (a swimming hall/spa/hotel thingy nearby Posankka) we started cheering when we saw it ’cause we knew we’d be there in a minute! And Posankka gets accessories depending on holidays and such, too — like now that Christmas is coming, it will get a gigantic Christmas hat to wear! That was one of our favorites as a kid, definitely. And it still reminds me of all those fun times, so I wouldn’t mind having it in the neighbourhood, really.

  • possuankka

    “This insanity was created by artist Alvar Gullichsen in 1999, and was floated down the Aurajoki river. It’s been at its current location near the University of Turku since 2001.

    “According to the artist, it’s meant to be a criticism of modern gene-splicing technology”

    Funny thing. The statue is located next to Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Turku.

  • utu_student

    “Funny thing. The statue is located next to Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Turku.”

    Actually, no. There is no such thing as a Faculty of Biotechology in the University of Turku. There is a Department of Biochemistry, though, but the building for the Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics discipline of the Biochem Department is not very close to Posankka.