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  1. R.Venkatachary
    R.Venkatachary at |

    I appreciate the the varrious scripts of ancient civilisation. But I wonder why India’s Indus Valley civilisation’s script has not been included in this valuable istudy

    1. abdulhai
      abdulhai at |

      You mean Pakistan’s Indus Valley Civilization as most of it exists in Pakistan.

      1. LOL
        LOL at |

        There was no pakistan before 1947.. that script is the basis for all dravidian languages.

  2. Sue
    Sue at |

    What about Ogham? Lines on the edge of rocks is pretty bizarre..

  3. stephwoo286
    stephwoo286 at |

    I have a certain affection for Korean script. There’s nothing that strange about the ins and outs of the language, but the characters have this awesome, other-worldly feel about them. If you said that Korea was handed its alphabet from some advanced alien intelligence, I’m not sure I’d have trouble believing you.

  4. sprayette
    sprayette at |

    No Rongorongo?

  5. Chris
    Chris at |

    so sad… people should spend their energy getting upset over the lose of language, not the lose of ‘good’ Saturday morning cartoons

  6. Ron
    Ron at |

    Since “J” derives from “I” and “Y” was *pronounced* like “I” (Junkers is pronounced Yunkers and “Ivan” is “John”), I assert that The Witches’ Alphabet was made up in the 16th century.

  7. Jessica
    Jessica at |

    Wow!! Thanks for including tifinagh I was actually expecting it 🙂 let me tell you something I am obsessed with the Berber culture it is as if i were the reincarnated version of Dihiya or Fadma n Soumer ( I know u have no idea what I’m talking about just google them 🙂 )
    Also dont worry , what u said about tifinagh at the end was not offensive it was actually a complement 🙂 because if u think the writing system is from outer space lol you should actually take the time to HEAR how it sounds ! It’s crazy it does sound alien-like 😉

    1. sofiane mehalli
      sofiane mehalli at |

      thank you for that I am happy your comment about thifinagh I am from tizi ouzou I still speak tamazighth here mst people do want to hear from you again I am ancestre of dihia and Massinissa I am proud , thank you

  8. phcoder
    phcoder at |

    Phoenician alphabeth mainly transformed into Arabic and Hebrew scripts. Then Hebrew one was adapted by Greeks for their language and it was in turn adapted into Latin script. So all these words are in descendent on Phoenician abjad.

  9. phcoder
    phcoder at |

    The only script in pre-columbian America? Looks like you forget about, at least, Maya.

  10. Araxie
    Araxie at |

    When I was a kid, instead of doodling in notebooks, I would create codes like this, write my and my family’s names’ using my new letters, and then promptly forget about it. I still do that occasionally today. I love language.

  11. Alex Book
    Alex Book at |

    Why not Thai? That has to be one of the strangest alphabets.

    Also, I suggest making up a list of the strangest (spoken) languages.

  12. Azureal
    Azureal at |

    To fix a misfact in your work. Gerlad Gardener only publisized Wicca, its as at last as old as the 1200s and has been around longer then Christianity by at least a century. Sense the tradional Wicca is held up through oral tradition and getting access to a traditional coven is near impossible as they don’t normally work in the open sense the presicution they recieved sense the 12th century. Don’t worry, its a common mistake that people make seeing Gardener only published the first wiccan book to get the religion a fighting chance at survival.

    1. jayo
      jayo at |

      lol, Wicca is New-Age, there has never been a traditional Wicca. Gardner mixed esoterics with a bit of folklore and voilá: instant followers.

  13. Yusnia Sakti
    Yusnia Sakti at |

    What about HANACARAKA; Javanese alphabet

  14. a mexican
    a mexican at |

    Wow wow you forgot the scripts of ancient Mexico like the Zapotec, aztec and the Mayan script from Yucatan and central America ,because you’re saying that the Inca were the only ones to have a writing system in precolumbian America

  15. Hródric Al-Funs
    Hródric Al-Funs at |

    # 1. possibly the first computer in history


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