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  • Dennis St. Andrew

    Say what you want about Kilpatrick, he was a proactive cavalry leader who wasn’t
    afraid to fight the Confederates. In other words, just what the Union desparately needed.
    Sherman knew this and picked Kilpatrick to command the cavalry on the march to the sea.
    Was Kilpatrick perfect? No. Was he effective? Yes. There is no way Judaon Kilpatrick
    should be on this 10 worst generals list.

    Dennis St. Andrew
    Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

  • Mark Parish

    Coming from the fact that I was barn/raised and still live in the same home town as Gen. Rosecrans, it seem rather biase that 80% of the Generals on this list are from the north. Correct my history if I am wrong, but didn’t the north win. Yes I am sure that each of these men made thier mistakes. But It might be good to look at all aspects of the Generals that are listed. For much of what the local historical society has unearthed about the success of Gen. Rosecrans was credited to his commanding Generals.

  • merl

    Almost all Army posts in the South are named after Confederate Generals. Fort Polk was named for Leonidis Polk, maybe it was just to rub the souths noses in their defeat.
    Nathan Bedford Forrest refused to surrender at Fort Pillow, he and his men escaped. He told either Pillow or Bragg, I forget which that if he ever saw him again, he would kill him.


    My nomination for the most infamous Confederate general is the Bishop Leonidas Polk. His conduct was mutinous and he routinely disobeyed orders. He should have been tied to a stake and shot, however a federal bullet eliminated the need for a firing squad. Many of the Confederate failures in the west can be laid at his feet.

  • augusztus 20 2013

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  • Robby

    Somewhere on this list there should have been Union General “Devil Dan” Sickles, a political general, who disobeyed orders and created a dangerous, costly salient in the Union fish hook formation at the Battle of Gettysburg. And what about Union General Jefferson C. Davis, who, in a fit of rage, assassinated his commanding officer, General Nelson?

  • Joe

    Roscrans a bit unlucky to be in the company of these mega losers, John Bell Hood lucky that his name isn’t here.

  • Joe

    Beg pardon, Rosecrans.

  • uriel moore

    I’m sorry. Where the hell was John Bell Hood? He effectively massacred the entire western rebel army at the battles of Franklin and Nashville. He should not only be on the list, but should be number 1.