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  1. uriel moore
    uriel moore at |

    I’m sorry. Where the hell was John Bell Hood? He effectively massacred the entire western rebel army at the battles of Franklin and Nashville. He should not only be on the list, but should be number 1.

  2. Joe
    Joe at |

    Beg pardon, Rosecrans.

  3. Joe
    Joe at |

    Roscrans a bit unlucky to be in the company of these mega losers, John Bell Hood lucky that his name isn’t here.

  4. Robby
    Robby at |

    Somewhere on this list there should have been Union General “Devil Dan” Sickles, a political general, who disobeyed orders and created a dangerous, costly salient in the Union fish hook formation at the Battle of Gettysburg. And what about Union General Jefferson C. Davis, who, in a fit of rage, assassinated his commanding officer, General Nelson?


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