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  • HeatherFill

    Didn’t know Hamburglar had a Mexican cousin.

  • Trek Girl

    I like the new Chuck E. Cheese mascot design. I was wondering when they were going to change it.

  • jason stone

    very entertaining list..great read and love the sarcasm and humor.

  • Doc Savage

    Funny, that was my exact reaction when they changed to the previous version of Chuck E. I was never so glad to see a corporate mascot go.

  • Zach

    This… wasn’t very funny. The first comment was funnier than anything in the article.

    It feels like all your jokes need to end with an slap on a table.

  • Cody

    Wow. We made number seven! I work at Shirt Our Business and you guys have us all wrong. We have been around since 1975, and Slugo was some clip art they used for an ad that stuck around. That picture is straight up clip art without our logo. Go to our website sometime at (you guys could have at least given us a shout out if you are going to rip on us.) and check out some of the other incarnations we have done over the years. I prefer the one I drew on our art guidelines page Also, our name is not a typo. The owner has a great sense of humor and wanted S.O.B. to be our abbreviation. Also, how did you find us? We are not a big corporation, we are a small screen printing shop with one location.

    • Fair enough. Your comment is approved and we added a link in the article. Now you can mention on your site a link back that says, “As seen on!” 😉