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  1. John
    John at |

    Hmm… I don't know about this list. I lived through a lot of these shows during first runs and… sure… some off the characters look a bit out of place now but only because they are out of context with the times. The Brady Bunch kids, for example, wore what everyone was wearing back in the day.

    Other characters actually dressed perfectly for their roles. Mimi Bobeck dressed very well for the part she was playing – makeup and all. If she dressed any differently, she would have dressed out of character. Same is true for Huggy Bear. Dress these guys any differently, you might as well get rid of the character.

    An argument can be made that these are some of the best-dressed characters…

    1. ThetaSigma
      ThetaSigma at |

      Couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. 70's Lounge
    70's Lounge at |

    Charo is HOT STUFF, I don't care what you say.

  3. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    The funniest thing is some of this fashion from back in the day that the persons up above posted that was ok for then, is making rampant comebacks now. It is ugly and dosen't need to be. There is so much great fashion statements that can be made. The clothing that Charo wore on the love boat, didn't Jlo wear on the New Years Eve ball dropping thing? The clothing the Brady Bunch wore can be found on Etsy handmade by wellwishers. Anything is wearable today. There is no fashion norm anymore.

  4. Kate
    Kate at |

    Now I understand where the man I saw on the airplane got his fashion inspiration from…with the red plaid shirt, and sky blue sweater vest with red and green stripes.

    No – I'm not making this up. I have the picture I surreptitiously took of him as he walked past me coming out of the bathroom.

  5. Piston Steele
    Piston Steele at |

    Herb Tarlek from WKRP in Cincinnati should have made the list.

  6. me
    me at |

    hmmm… urkel from family matters had a pretty wacky fashion sense. Roseanne Barr wasn't too fashionable either.

  7. The Blackbird
    The Blackbird at |

    How about Will Smith in that first TV series he was in that made him big. His sideways baseball caps and loud bold colours and goofy hightops, looking like a clown while be portrayed as the coolest adolescent alive. Makes me nauseous.

    1. Jizzamie
      Jizzamie at |

      Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Best show ever…………

  8. malia
    malia at |

    Mimi Bobeck what in the name of lord are you doing? This ain't no Cosmic dance honey.

  9. The Blackbird
    The Blackbird at |

    The entire Happy Days cast after the first couple of seasons, when they started wearing '70s bell-bottom pants, polyester suits with lapels as big as a 747's wingspan and blow dried feathered hair, should be on this list. Wearing 70s style clothing in a show set in the 1950s? Absolutely pathetic.

  10. C
    C at |

    Kimmie Gibbler from Full House!!!

  11. Anneke
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