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  1. RetroGamer
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    Jurassic Park: Trespasser actually got both decent & bad reviews. I'm not sure I'd name it the worst ever, but it's still a great list.

    Other games exist that are scored bad in every review, such as:

    Charlie's Angels (Gamecube) – universally the worst game ever, based on composite score of reviewers*

    Aquaman (Xbox) – equally as bad as Superman N64

    Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire (PS3) – its graphics looked worse than most PS2 games

    *composite score at Gamerankings.com (average of review scores from multiple gaming sites) lists it the lowest composite score of any game

  2. TriviaFan
    TriviaFan at |

    Wow, granted it was back in 1998, but this is hilariously bad lol:



  3. Flippy
    Flippy at |

    Where is Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing??

  4. Brit
    Brit at |

    HA. I saw the Dirty Dancing Game in a shop recently

  5. w
    w at |

    Superman 64 Really terrible

  6. Mokie
    Mokie at |

    Yikes, now I’m tempted to try Trespasser just to see how awful it really is. I can sure say I’ve “experienced” Superman 64 and E.T.

    By the way, about Julian Sands, you also might know him better as the original voice of Valmont in Jackie Chan Adventures. A shame he didn’t come back passed season 2.

  7. Jodez
    Jodez at |

    these games all seem terrible but Dogz 2 for Wii should be on here i have it its kind of cute but terrible it too hard, and when you see the mean animals your so scared to move to the point that your hiding in the grass for 20 mins. until night becasue you don’t want them to get angry and hurt you lol. Not to mention that all the other dogs can talk except your dog. If you wanna yell at someone for doing something bad you can only bark.

  8. Frank C
    Frank C at |

    Where was Back to the Future or Back to the Future II & III for the NES? these games were prone to graphic glitches, little to do with the movies, and horrible gameplay.

  9. Vic
    Vic at |

    Coach K basketball.

  10. Turk
    Turk at |

    I begged and pleaded with my parents to buy me an Atari game that had a picture of the ghostbusters on the lable, they finally agreed and when I got it hope a slapped it in my Atari the game was a knock off of Frogger. It used a bird of some kind instead of a frog but the idea was the same. I was so choked I did not get the Ghostbusters game (not even sure how a Ghostbuster sticker was slapped on that game in the first place) but I sounds like I dodged a bullet. Thanks TopTenz, after 25 years I can finally let go of my anger 🙂

    1. Turk
      Turk at |

      got it *home and* slapped….

      1. Turk
        Turk at |

        wow I can’t type today. It should read “but it sounds like I dodged a bullet”

  11. HBG
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  12. M234
    M234 at |

    The kid’s face on the E.T. cartridge looks like it swelled to much while tanning in the sun for a whole day. Probably,that was a sign.

  13. M234
    M234 at |

    The movie “Warlock” movie got a 5.9/10 score on IMDB,so it wasn’t THAT bad,but there has definetely been better horror movies. The plot is this: Like God sent his only son Jesus to Earth,Satan sent HIS son,the Warlock (Julian Sands),who escaped from the 1691,sentenced to death,to the 20th century,with a witch hunter named Giles Redferne (Richard E. Grant) in hot pursuit. His mission is to find the three parts of the Devil’s Bible,which has the true name of God,and if he says that name backwards,he can un-create the world. The Warlock lands in a house belonging to a woman named Kassandra
    (Lori Singer),who soon gets together with Redferne to try to stop the Warlock.

  14. Awesome24712
    Awesome24712 at |

    I don’t disagree with the Trespasser getting the top spot, but if you can get past the few mountains of inconvenience it’s real easy to see the meadow.

  15. Ghastper
    Ghastper at |

    You should add a crap-load of the NES/SNES star war games in you list under just one entry.
    Seriously, I have never seen any other movie-licensed videogames (Am I saying that that right?) with so many bad titles on not only a single console, but probably every console combined. DX

    just a suggestion, tho

  16. Gamer
    Gamer at |

    Additional candidates for worst licensed video games in no particular order:
    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (the Angry Video Game Nerd’s least favourite NES game is probably the worst video game based on a 19th-century licensed property)
    Bill & Ted (the worst NES game ever reviewed by the Angry Video Game Nerd contains gameplay even more absurd than Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde)
    Little Red Hood (botched book licenses would be bad enough, but bungled nursery tales?)
    Silver Surfer (the NES version)
    Dante’s Inferno (probably the worst cliffhanger ending in the history of video games)


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