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  1. Kim Aung
    Kim Aung at |

    Blue is a girl…

  2. mommy gm
    mommy gm at |

    i personally like Droopy–maybe i'm just old and no one knows about droopy anymore…but "ya know whut? i'm happy…"

  3. deandria
    deandria at |

    you forgot "two stupid dogs'! and I agree about Droopy:he was amazing!…and Butch from Tom&Jerry…

    1. Jez
      Jez at |

      You mean Spike and his son Tyke from Tom & Jerry right? Last I remember, Butch was a black and white alley cat.

  4. Luckless
    Luckless at |

    Is goofy a dog or no…. Ive been so confused about this since i was little.

  5. Rippedoff
    Rippedoff at |

    Goofy is a dog (an anthropomorphic projection of one at least) and he deserves to be in the top 3. And yeah, it is a freaky question as to whether he is a dog or not (same question was asked in 'Stand by Me') but I guess he is the humanoid version of one, while Pluto is the dog version. and yeah, Cartoons can be insanely confusing.

  6. Deana
    Deana at |

    What about Muttley? you gotta love that laugh

  7. mary
    mary at |

    what about droopy you fools!

  8. Marissa
    Marissa at |

    I thought the girl dog on "Blue's Clues" was Magenta?

  9. Randy
    Randy at |

    You forgot Huckleberry Hound and Deputy Dog!

  10. izzy
    izzy at |

    where's courage?!

  11. David French
    David French at |

    looking for a print cartoon from the 1960's. I think it was called Scamp, or at least the central character was named Scamp.

    1. David
      David at |

      there is a dog named scamp in lady and the tramp

  12. Manas
    Manas at |

    Where's Krypto???

  13. GL
    GL at |

    What about Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog ? Tom Terrific's sidekick.

  14. Robbie
    Robbie at |

    what about Hong Kong Phooey?

  15. Jess
    Jess at |

    My dog reminds me of Snoopy

  16. Tim
    Tim at |

    What about Astro? Blue's Clues?…are you serious? That doesn't even RATE next to The Jetsons. Who comes up with these lists?

  17. mydaho
    mydaho at |

    Nice list. Astro from the Jetsons absolutely needs to be on the list. Underdog wasn't a dog in The Flintstones, he was in … uhm … Underdog. Also, I'd say Clifford the Big Red Dog needs a spot here. He had a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. How many other dogs on the list can say that???

    1. timmy the dying boy
      timmy the dying boy at |

      Wow, such an old list and you beat me by mere moments it seems; I was going to gripe about there being no Underdog-Flintstones connection. I'm glad to see another Underdog aficionado, I just loved that dumb show for some reason. Even Tennessee Tuxedo's stories. Sigh.

  18. kevin the great
    kevin the great at |

    wheres Tom

  19. mariii
    mariii at |

    yess but where are the couradge dog and catdog also ??? aaand… 101 dalmaties

  20. Jaanie
    Jaanie at |

    Wallace and Gromit! What about gromit ? He is awesome :L

    1. Carson
      Carson at |

      Don’t forget Wags the Dog from The Wiggles.

  21. Mike G.
    Mike G. at |

    What about Huckleberry Hound. I guess I’m a little to old for this crowd.

  22. Srappy Doo
    Srappy Doo at |

    Dino was a dinosaur?

  23. jenny
    jenny at |

    i would love it, if it was courage the cowardly dog #1 on the list . wat the heck

  24. Sharon
    Sharon at |

    wasn’t there a cartoon dog named Kemper (?)


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