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21 Responses

  1. Marcus at |

    If only the Fez could make a fashion comeback…

    How about the Tricorne hat?

  2. Ponto at |

    When covered with aluminum foil, the fez makes a handy defense against harmful electromagnetic emanations.

    Pickelhaubes are very nice, too.

  3. isa at |

    "And lets not forget that rabbits often hide out in top hats and snowmen seem to like them."

    That made me smile. <3 Cute.

    People need to start wearing hats again… nice hats, not just baseball caps. Let's bring back the fedora! Fedoras are sexy!

  4. Shannon at |

    I was very unimpressed with this list. =/

  5. terry bigham at |

    A French variation on the top hat is the collapsible opera hat, invented by Alphonse Gibus. Its collapsible crown made it possible to store in tight places.

  6. Bluvida at |

    The beret is also the hat of revolutionaries(most famously Che Guevara) and the military: American Green Berets , and the blue berets of the U.N., ect.

    I just recently found this site. It has quickly become a favorite. Thank you

  7. hats at |

    People need to start wearing hats again… nice hats, not just baseball caps. Let’s bring back the fedora! Fedoras are sexy!

    1. Marty at |

      Yes to bringing the Fedora back .great idea i wear it alot and my gf think its cute they are awesome to wear

  8. Susan at |

    I own a fedora. And I wear it a looooooooooot. Would like to have a bowler too.

  9. Josean at |

    It’s not bad TopTenz Master, not bad at all.

  10. Alicia at |

    “It’s a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool.” <- The Doctor has spoken!

  11. Spy at |

    It’s funny because these hats appear in Team Fortress 2.

  12. Corbin at |

    No Ushanka hat??? (Russian winter fur hat, commonly used in hunting nowadays and looks awesome)

  13. Sean at |

    The “Newsboy” pictured is actually a Flat Cap

  14. Toasty at |

    Fedora needs a side note saying that proper use involves a clean shaven and properly suited wearer.

  15. tonydude at |

    1: this list sucks because it has no sources for these hats and
    2: why are you reading this!? Don’t you have something better to do with your time?


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