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  1. Marcus
    Marcus at |

    If only the Fez could make a fashion comeback…

    How about the Tricorne hat?

  2. Ponto
    Ponto at |

    When covered with aluminum foil, the fez makes a handy defense against harmful electromagnetic emanations.

    Pickelhaubes are very nice, too.

  3. isa
    isa at |

    "And lets not forget that rabbits often hide out in top hats and snowmen seem to like them."

    That made me smile. <3 Cute.

    People need to start wearing hats again… nice hats, not just baseball caps. Let's bring back the fedora! Fedoras are sexy!

  4. Shannon
    Shannon at |

    I was very unimpressed with this list. =/

    1. John Smith
      John Smith at |

      Same, I found it quite inadequate. I can tell that the writer is an amateur in the field of headwear.

  5. terry bigham
    terry bigham at |

    A French variation on the top hat is the collapsible opera hat, invented by Alphonse Gibus. Its collapsible crown made it possible to store in tight places.

  6. Bluvida
    Bluvida at |

    The beret is also the hat of revolutionaries(most famously Che Guevara) and the military: American Green Berets , and the blue berets of the U.N., ect.

    I just recently found this site. It has quickly become a favorite. Thank you

  7. hats
    hats at |

    People need to start wearing hats again… nice hats, not just baseball caps. Let’s bring back the fedora! Fedoras are sexy!

    1. Marty
      Marty at |

      Yes to bringing the Fedora back .great idea i wear it alot and my gf think its cute they are awesome to wear

  8. Susan
    Susan at |

    I own a fedora. And I wear it a looooooooooot. Would like to have a bowler too.

    1. John Smith
      John Smith at |

      I would like to wear a person’s skin. 😉

  9. Josean
    Josean at |

    It’s not bad TopTenz Master, not bad at all.

  10. Alicia
    Alicia at |

    “It’s a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool.” <- The Doctor has spoken!

  11. Spy
    Spy at |

    It’s funny because these hats appear in Team Fortress 2.

  12. Corbin
    Corbin at |

    No Ushanka hat??? (Russian winter fur hat, commonly used in hunting nowadays and looks awesome)

  13. Sean
    Sean at |

    The “Newsboy” pictured is actually a Flat Cap

  14. Toasty
    Toasty at |

    Fedora needs a side note saying that proper use involves a clean shaven and properly suited wearer.

  15. tonydude
    tonydude at |

    1: this list sucks because it has no sources for these hats and
    2: why are you reading this!? Don’t you have something better to do with your time?

  16. IndyAndyJones
    IndyAndyJones at |

    I found this comment, “And, as I usually do, I point you to the least offensive and least political list on the site. It happens to be the worst list and one of my earliest lists, feel free to read at your peril. It is horribly boring.” on another list (http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-worst-aspects-of-the-american-justice-system.php), and I find this list incredibly offensive and all 10 entries seem to be secretly (some not so secretly) politically biased. You should check your advertisements for this list before you lose a reader permanently. The terrible editing (more probably non-existent editing) is bad enough, the way you’ve formatted things so I can’t highlight text to save my spot on a list without it popping up some twitter reposting BS is even worse, but I especially don’t appreciate being lied to.


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