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  1. Spidey Fan
    Spidey Fan at |

    I think Death of Gwen Stacy was a no-brainer so good choice there. All the choices are good but I might have bumped the Miller story for spider-man #50, but that is just picking nits.

  2. George Perry
    George Perry at |

    I was a big fan of The Other storyline with Morlun "killing" Spider-Man and him embracing the Spider to really take his powers to the next level. Also, Spider-Man in Civil War was big since he finally revealed to the world who he was after protecting his secret identity for so long.

  3. Webhead
    Webhead at |

    I must agree with Spidey Fan above, Amazing spider-man #50 should have cracked the top ten. Of course I'm not sure what to remove, they are all classics.

  4. Spocker
    Spocker at |

    How could you have NOT put Amazing Spiderman #200? This is the issue where he finally confronts the man who murdered Uncle Ben, in a storyline that segues back about 10 issues. Coming off the death of the black cat and the apparent death of Aunt May, and a second away from being killed off by the Kingpin, Spider-man's world has collapsed. It's also notable his spidey powers were rendered useless by Mysterio leading into this issue. So now he must seek vengence with only the strength of Peter Parker. The ending of issue #200 is classic.

  5. Old School Spidey
    Old School Spidey at |

    George, I'm surprised that you would pick The Other as a top 10 best Spider-man stories, I would personally choose it as a top 10 worst story.

  6. Greg
    Greg at |

    I have to agree with you. The Death of Gwen Stacy is still my favorite story line out of all the Spiderman issues.

  7. Spocker
    Spocker at |

    As a twist, I like the "What If…?" story "What if Gwen Stacy Had Lived?"

  8. J
    J at |

    Those are all good stories but nobody read spiderman blue and spiderman reigh? those two are great! if you havent you should check those.

  9. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    I like to look back at older lists such as this spider-man top 10 stories list and then see if I still feel the same. And I must admit that this list holds up rather well. My favorite spider-man story is still “Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut”. It was the first spider-man comic I read where I was actually inspired by the story and art.

  10. Sam
    Sam at |

    From Wikipedia:

    In The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #125 (October 1973), Roy Thomas wrote in the letters column that "it saddens us to have to say that the whiplash effect she underwent when Spidey's webbing stopped her so suddenly was, in fact, what killed her. In short, it was impossible for Peter to save her. He couldn't have swung down in time; the action he did take resulted in her death; if he had done nothing, she still would certainly have perished. There was no way out." They also explained that Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas, and Stan Lee had decided that she had to die because Peter Parker wasn't ready for marriage, and the relationship was too often off and on again.


  11. Marc
    Marc at |

    Isn't "One More Day" universally loathed as one of the worst stories. The ending being so bad that JMS wanted his name taken off of it?

  12. Rob Lindsay
    Rob Lindsay at |

    One more story that should be included here (although it isn't really a "Spider-Man" story), is the 9/11 tribute from ASM #36 (new series).

    The issue shows the Marvel heroes coming together at Ground Zero to assist in the cleanup of the World Trade Center. It was a moving tribute to those who served and died on that day.

  13. Thomas
    Thomas at |

    I'm gonna throw in Spectacular Spider-Man 78-79 "The Long Goodbye" into the hat. It is the conclusion of the Doc Oct/Owl Gang War story line. In these issues Doc Oct tries to kill Black Cat in the hospital and the only one standing in the way is Spider-Man.

    There is so much to love in these two issues: the buildup to Dr. Octopus' arrival, the scenes of Peter making secret farewell's to his loved ones because he isn't sure he'll survive, the scene with Felicity which makes us understand why Peter fell in love with her, and the way they handled Dr. Octopus – treating him with the respect that a man who is arguably Spider-Man's greatest foe deserves.

  14. Arachnid Adventures
    Arachnid Adventures at |

    I'd have to go along with those who would've included Amazing Spider-Man #50. Lee and Romita broke the mould when they did that one.

  15. MatthewZD
    MatthewZD at |

    I agree with Rob … ASM v2 #36 should have been included. I expected it to be at least in the top 5. The fact that it is absent and ASM #248 ("The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man", #5 on the list) isn't higher makes this list a fail.

    I'm not one who easily cries at movies, tv shows, or other things. There are maybe three comics that have brought tears to my eyes, and these stories are two of them. And I'm primarily a DC fan, believe it or not.

    My top 10 list would be this —

    1. Death of Gwen Stacy

    2. "If This Be My Destiny" — both of these have withstood the test of time and are classics.

    3. "Kid Who Collected Spider-Man"

    4. ASM v2 #36 — The other one is higher because it is older and definitely a classic. I don't know how many consider this one at that status, but it definitely is strong emotionally.

    5. Amazing Fantasy #15 — an iconic origin

    6. ASM #96-98 — the drug story where Marvel dropped the CCA stamp, another one I'm surprised wasn't on the list

    7. Kraven's Last Hunt

    8. The Sin-Eater

    9. "Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut"

    10. Marvel Team-Up #100 — yes, Karma's intro over Venom's. She's become a fairly minor character but still an emotional story.

    Yes, quite a bit of overlap between my list and the submitters. I know things like this are entirely subjective, but there were a couple of stories left off that are so strong and so important that I'm shocked they didn't even make the honorable mentions.

  16. Jason
    Jason at |

    It DISGUSTS me how far Spider-Man comics has fallen….I'm talking about the writing AND the character of Spider-Man….the guy is no longer the everyman Peter Parker that we know…..he's just an idiot now with the stuff that he's pulling.


  17. reed
    reed at |

    gwen stacy SUCKS and mary jane is better. How someone who cheats on him and has babies with peters worst enemy and then EXPECTS PETER TO FORGIVE HER JUST LIKE THAT AFTERWARDS.

  18. Biff Fearless
    Biff Fearless at |

    To be fair, my Spider-man experience began in the eighties with Roger Stern and JRJR so any number of their collaborations would make a top ten list for me. I read the old Marvel Tales to catch up on “classic” spider-man and the clone saga pretty much ended my keeping up with Spidey’s new adventures (Then Civil War came along and that was THE END). Still read back issues though.
    I would like to second ASM 196-200 with Aunt may, the Burglar and Mysterio. . Also liked the run-up to #200 in Spectacular Spider-man with Harry’s return as the Green Goblin. Also really liked JM DeMatteis run on Marvel Team-up. As for the Gwen Stacy hater, well anything after the clone series pretty much sucks. Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy should be dead and the HORRIBLE backstory about Gwen’s pregnancy? YUCKKK!!!!!

  19. JZ
    JZ at |

    Ezekiel and Morlun….seriously?

  20. Todd
    Todd at |

    what happened to the Maximum Carnage series. Almost any of those would do given dagger died, kasady died, venom almost died(twice), more villians than any spiderman i ever read, more heroes teamed up, etc etc etc. Some square made this list but its cool just saying that yall should read the Maximum Carnage series, it was great material and good fun as a child and i still love that series years later. fyi it was published in 1993

  21. MatthewZD
    MatthewZD at |

    I absolutely HATED “Maximum Carnage”! In so many ways this story arc represented what I disliked about how comics were in the 1990s. The story started in an issue of the quarterly Spider-Man series at the time, stretched through the other Spider-titles for three months, and concluded in the next issue of the quarterly series.

    It was unnecessarily long. Fourteen issues?? Ten years earlier this story would have been told in 6 issues. Twenty years earlier, done in 3.

    To get the entire story you had to buy titles you might not otherwise buy. This happened with a lot of these crossover storylines. I couldn’t afford everything, so if I were buying Amazing Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man, but not Web of Spider-Man, all of a sudden I had to buy a few issues of Web to keep up.

    It interrupted other running subplots. This was a biggie for me. There might be a cool subplot going with a supporting character that looked like it was building to something, but all of a sudden it gets shoved aside for this big multi-title crossover.

    Besides, there got to be so many of those multi-title crossovers that they ceased to be special events.

  22. Stefan
    Stefan at |

    Call me new school, but the arc with Ezekiel and Morlun would top my list. All the others are great of course but I saw someone give up and somehow essentially come back from the dead to defeat his polar opposite. Against a man who never ate, slept, or stopped chasing him, Peter was completely and utterly alone in that fight. The fact that Morlun was so nonchalant and “it’s business not personal” through the whole thing added a refreshing dimension I’d never really seen in such an enemy. Peter actually had to reassess what his powers meant and question whether or not getting them was really an accident.

  23. x
    x at |

    Spider-man Reign and Back in Black. You should have put these in the list.

  24. Esty
    Esty at |

    Marvel Knights Spider-Man should be up there.One of the best I’ve ever read.

  25. Jordan Wynn
    Jordan Wynn at |

    The only girl he will ever love ? Really ?

    1. Jose Ramirez
      Jose Ramirez at |

      It said she was his one TRUE love. Meaning he will love again just not the same.


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