Top 10 Most Popular People on Social Media in 2018


How much money would it take to make you ditch social media completely for a week? A month? A year? What sum of money will you find to be persuasive enough to delete all your accounts? You may think that this is a ridiculous question and, of course, you won`t have any kind of “social media withdrawal”, and your willpower is strong enough to go through this.

A couple of years ago a particularly interesting Internet challenge was launched to inspire people to forget about all their social media accounts for a month. It may sound predictable, but these 30 days changed their lives upside down. Those people became much happier.

This result is no surprise because long time ago psychologists stated a that an excessive activity on Instagram or Facebook causes various forms of anxiety, fear, and even depression.

Don`t worry, this article is not all that pessimistic. In fact, we are done with oppressive reality here. Let`s talk about celebrities! We’ve actually presented you this introduction to prove once again how powerful social media are and what a tight grip they have on our minds.

But it`s not entirely a bad thing, especially for those who are popular on social media.

Fame in Instagram or Twitter comes along with multiple benefits, like money and fans. Why would we list more advantages if these two are enough? Oh, also, popular social media personalities have an impact on the whole world. They are called public-influencers, and in certain situations they are more powerful and have more influence than politicians and entrepreneurs.

For example, a single Kylie Jenner`s tweet  caused Snapchat to lose $1.3 billion on a stock market. A reality-TV star wrote: “Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh, this is so sad”. Just a couple of sentences made a huge pile of money go down the drain.

By the way, poor Snapchat had to lose yet another billion of dollars thanks to Rihanna.

So, who are all those most followed people on all most popular social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter?

10. Beyonce, 193 Million Subscribers

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Meeting Beyonce on this list would never come as a surprise. However, the fact that she`s only the tenth may frustrate a lot of hardcore fans. But numbers don`t lie, and this is pure science here. If you can ever apply the word “science” to a conversation about Instagram. Queen-B did hold her fair share of records. And she`s got a couple of pictures which turned out to be the most popular in the history of Instagram. Beyonce’s post which revealed the fact that she was expecting twins was a record-breaker at that time. It had more than 11 million likes.

Wow, that`s just impressive. Let`s do some math here. Don`t worry, we’ve calculated it all for you. The one and only “Single Ladies” singer has 115 million subscribers on Instagram, 63 million subscribers on Facebook, and 15 million subscribers on Twitter. That’s probably because she tweets once a year, literally. Seriously, the last post dates back to July 30, 2017. What do you thinking you`re doing, Beyonce Knowles-Carter?

9. Kim Kardashian-West, 201 Million Subscribers

? Heavenly yellow ?

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Who expected this lady to come first in the race? She’s a legit queen of social media and she knows exactly what she`s doing. Every post is meticulously prepared and well thought-out. Kim`s specialization is selfies, and she turned this hobby into a profession which brings her money and worldwide influence. In fact, apparently, her selfies are so fascinating that many fans perceive them as artwork, so she decided to publish a book with her self-portraits. You’ve got it right. All her Instagram creations in one book and nothing more. And guess what, it turned out to be a bestseller! The most popular Kim`s photo is the one with her mom, reality-TV mogul, Kris Jenner. So what about pure math? Mrs. Kardashian-West has 111 million subscribers on Instagram, 30 million subscribers on Facebook, and 60 million subscribers on Twitter.

8. Shakira, 202 Million Subscribers

Are you surprised? Well, you shouldn`t be because this Colombian combination of beauty, brain, and talent has an impressively massive influence among Latinos. Half a billion people speak Spanish as a native language. Needless to say, that`s just a lot. So if you`re planning on learning this language, just start following Shakira on social media. It will be totally worth it because she has the cutest pug on the planet Earth, and pictures with him usually get millions of likes. Shakira has 47 million subscribers on Instagram, 103 million subscribers on Facebook, and 52 million subscribers on Twitter.

7. Ariana Grande, 209 Million Subscribers


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Well, this is not flash news. Perhaps, we were just wondering what place Ariana would take, but there were no doubts about her appearance on this list. She`s young, gorgeous, and has one of the most powerful vocals. Also, fans love her for feminist tweets and the power of her words, which is represented in songs’ lyrics, interviews, and, of course, in her social media posts. What`s the secret behind her mega-successful accounts? It`s all about pets again! Ariana Grande has seven dogs, and she brought all of them home from the shelter. Isn`t she a sweetheart? The singer has 119 million subscribers on Instagram, 33 million subscribers on Facebook, and 57 million subscribers on Twitter.

6. Rihanna, 230 Million Subscribers

Nobody has any doubts about the fact that BadGalRiri (that`s how she calls herself on social media) can show up on this top ten list. Rihanna is considered to be one of the most stylish ladies on the planet and her very brave and bold fashion choices mesmerize and surprise more and more every time. And, of course, she uses social media to show off her impeccable fashion sense and gathers millions of likes. Her social media accounts aren`t only about aesthetics though. She`s known to be sarcastic and she never hesitates to have a laugh or two at herself because self-irony is the most powerful element of charisma, right? Riri has 62 million subscribers on Instagram, 80 million subscribers on Facebook, and 88 million subscribers on Twitter.

5. Katy Perry, 247 Million Subscribers

Here comes the queen of Twitter herself! Katy Perry has the biggest number of subscribers on this social media platform. She was working hard to beat all possible records. And that Twitter crown has been with her for a couple of years now. It doesn’t seem that she`ll renounce the throne any time soon. She`s witty and talented. What`s not to love about her? One of the most popular Insta posts is the picture where Katy is posing with her grandma as a part of her new shows collection promotion. In total, the “Swish, swish” singer has 69 million subscribers on Instagram, 68 subscribers on Facebook, and… Take a deep breathe now because here`s an absolute world record of 110 million Twitter followers!

4. Selena Gomez, 254 Million Subscribers

Wolves is out now! ??

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Yet another queen, who is the world champion! This time it`s Instagram. It`s Selena Gomez, everybody, and this girl is on fire every time when it comes to posting anything on social media. Her picture with a friend who donated her kidney to Selena became one of the most popular on Instagram and gathered more than 10 million likes. It was one of those moments when social media helped to raise awareness of serious health problems, so her post was extremely beneficial for the whole world. Selena Gomez has 137 million subscribers on Instagram (that`s what we call the record-breaking number), 61 million subscribers on Facebook, and 56 million subscribers on Twitter.

3. Taylor Swift, 265 Million Subscribers

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Here we`re getting to the finalists of this social media competition and, of course, TayTay appears to be one of the most popular personalities in the online world. This is the field she beats Katy Perry at without a doubt. In case you didn`t know (you might have been living under a rock all this time), Taylor and Katy are practically enemies in show business. We can`t evaluate their vocals or quality of performance objectively but we can rely on pure math when it comes to social media influence. Taylor Swift doesn`t hold any records, but she`s the third most subscribed person on this planet. The American sweetheart has 107 million subscribers on Instagram (and she owes that to her impossibly cute cats which stars in many pictures TayTay posts), 73 million subscribers on Facebook, and 85 million subscribers on Twitter.

2. Justin Bieber, 283 Million Subscribers

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If you`ve started worrying that this top ten list will turn out to be an epitome of gender inequality, Justin Bieber comes to save the day. Spoiler alert! Our absolute social media champion is also male and you`ve probably already scrolled down to see who he is. Are you satisfied now? Good! Justin is practically an Internet`s child because it was YouTube which helped him to become famous and popular. He was discovered thanks to this platform. By the way, Justin Bieber is the most subscribed artist on YouTube, so he does have his world record. He has 99 million subscribers on Instagram, 78 million subscribers on Facebook, and 106 million subscribers on Twitter. Watch out, Katy Perry, Justin is so close!

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, 321 Million Subscribers

What a dream!!! 5 champions leagues ?????

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It may come as the biggest surprise for Americans who may not even know who this guy is. Cristiano is the king of Facebook with a record-breaking number of subscribers, and he`s a football superstar. In fact, he`s the best football (fine, soccer) player in the world. Honestly speaking, this title goes from him to Lionel Messi every other year, but whatever, Ronaldo is the champion on social media, so who cares? The photo of his family with a newborn baby girl became the most liked photo in history with more than 11 million likes! Cristiano has 126 million subscribers on Instagram, 122 million subscribers on Facebook, and 73 million subscribers on Twitter.

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