Top 10 Things That Can Happen Only Once in a Lifetime


For so many centuries we humans have been privileged with the opportunity to live the most unique and interesting lives. We were given five senses, several vital organs and limbs and through our own willpower and genetic makeup we constantly use what we were given to mentally and physically do anything that is humanly possible. When you take legality out of the question the possibilities of what we can and cannot do in life become endless. Yet, we are mere mortals and all mortals have limits.

Usually when people think about things that can only be done once, they ponder about elements such as life, death or even having a first kiss. As accurate as these may seem on the surface many people still question the technical definition as to what would fulfill the criteria for either of these things only being experienced once. Of course this is all subject to personal opinions and beliefs.

This list will therefore focus on those things (at the time of this writing) that every human being can physically only experience once.

10. Witness a monster eclipse

Transit of Venus

Nowadays it seems that every other week some colossal entity hanging in space is either eclipsing something, is being eclipsed by something or is preposterously eclipsing itself. We get it, NASA; Space is indeed a mystical place and the sun, moon and the various planets seem to like randomly merging themselves together for a short period of time, reminiscent of a sporadic mating period. But monster eclipses are different. These last for several hours and convey a visual element that is so unique that some can only be re-experienced after hundreds of years.

On June 5th and 6th of 2012 the world was able to witness planet Venus passing across the face of the sun for about 6 hours thereby causing a small black dot to appear on the sun’s surface. Unfortunately, this event will not reoccur till 2117. Therefore, if you missed it there’s a very, very small chance you may be able to see it again.

9. Donate a kidney


If you donate your brain you will die, if you donate your heart or lungs you will also die. Get the picture? Your kidneys, however, come in a pair, which means that under normal circumstances every healthy human being will be born with two. More interesting is the fact that you only need one to continue to live a normal life free of artificial treatment and dialysis, which is the therapeutic procedure used to filter waste products from the blood.

It’s as if we were given one kidney as a backup to compensate for all the junk we consume these days. Now, if you take ethics and technicalities out of the equation it’s very possible to “donate” whichever organs you choose to whomever. Just know that no legal or respectable medical organization will ever fulfill your wish to have your last kidney removed, at least not under normal circumstances. With that said, a kidney is surely on organ to cherish because you just never know when some lost brother or sister may show up at your doorstep and ask you for a favor. “Can I have a kidney please?” And that’s when you get to say, “Sure. But after this we’re even.”

8. Compete in Miss Universe


Since 1952 the Miss Universe pageant has been internationally respected as the granddaddy of all beauty pageants. Acquired by Mr. Donald Trump in 1996, the pageant still satisfies much of its longstanding traditions, giving much of the world something to look forward to year after year, even if for some people that may just be eye candy.

Throughout the Miss Universe pageant, beautiful young women between the ages of 18-27 from several participating countries put their beauty and brains to the test, competing with each other in a series of modeling events and question and answer segments. Competing in the pageant is a lot of work and is certainly a high-pressured affair. Just making it to the semi-finals of this pageant is a feat on its own, yet there is one caveat: you can only compete in the pageant once. Yep, just once. So if you don’t win this time around there is no next year. Now that’s a lot of pressure.

7. Serve a second term as U.S. president


Could you imagine what it would be like if the same president was capable of governing the United Stated of America year in and year out for 50 years?

Once a upon a time (1947) before an amendment was made to the U.S. Constitution it was very well possible for a president to serve more than two terms in office, as evidenced by Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s three full terms from 1933 to 1945. He was then reelected to serve a fourth term but died shortly after that due to a cerebral stroke. Many believe that Roosevelt’s death is the reason the amendment was made to ensure that no U.S. president could serve more than two terms. Even if this could not be proven one cannot dispute that being the U.S. president surely must take a serious toll on the mind. For this reason, those lucky enough to serve a second term should always strive to make the best of this once in a lifetime experience.

6. Lose your innocence


Innocence is usually used to refer to something that is chaste, genuine, naïve or blemish-free. Do you remember how you used to believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth fairy? Yes, admit it! You were really dumb. Sorry, I mean innocent.

The term “losing your innocence” could mean many things to different people. Some see losing your innocence as being rid of your virginity, some see it as finally “growing up” and others see it as finally learning that not getting an A in every exam could actually mean you are more intelligent.

But whatever you take innocence to mean one thing is certain, once you lose it you can’t ever get it back. Afterward you will look at your mommy and daddy and question everything they tell you, possibly shouting, “Lies! All lies! I know where babies come from!”

5. Contract Chickenpox


The human body is designed to function efficiently while attempting to counteract any foreign matter that invades it. This is most easily seen in the way our bodies fight off certain sickness and diseases. Chickenpox, a highly contagious disease that is frequent among young children is a prime example. The disease is spread via air through coughing and sneezing and causes a severe inflammatory skin rash that in itself is also contagious. What’s interesting about chickenpox is that once you get the disease  (providing it’s full-blown) you can’t contract it a second time. This happens as your body develops antibodies that grant you automatic lifelong immunity to the disease. Nevertheless, there is a compromise to possessing this immunity. Chickenpox is caused by the Varicella Zoster Virus, which is also the same virus that causes shingles, a more painful rash that can eventually “reactivate” itself years later due to remains of chickenpox lying dormant in the root of the nerves of those who once contracted it. Shingles is more dangerous as if left untreated can lead to death.

So your option is either to attempt to contract chickenpox and hope you don’t eventually contract the more potentially deadly shingles in the future or not contract chickenpox by attempting to stay far away from all persons in question.

4. Regrow a full set of teeth


A typical baby is born with no teeth, though some babies have long proven that it is possible to be born otherwise. Generally at around one year old babies begin to develop teeth, often one every month or so. By the time the child is around 3 years old they would have a full set of teeth. Children can then start to lose each of their teeth as early as a year after than, which will continue for some time well into the future.

The purpose of this shedding is a biological one, which occurs in order to make room for a child’s eventual permanent or adult teeth. Once this new set of teeth regrows in the mouth there are no do overs. Like it or hate it these will be the only full set of natural teeth you will ever again be fortunate to have and it’s best you take advantage of using them. Once all your natural, permanent teeth are gone they’re gone. Of course later on in life some people obtain wisdom teeth but these don’t come in plentiful enough to be considered a full set.

3. Join the Illuminati


This one is rumored. Or is it? There seemed to be a time when the Illuminati was at the tip of everyone’s tongue and you could not dare watch a movie or music video without having evangelists or free-minded people screaming that you should be paying more attention to all the signs. “Did you see the secret white horse running in the background of that music video?”, “Did you see the dark color of her eyes?”, “Just look at the way he held his crotch! It’s the secret mark they show as a sign they’ve become one with the devil!” Sigh. Ok we get it, after all this time there have been so much talk, propaganda and timely coincidences surrounding The Illuminati that the world is now forced to accept that there may or may not be a secret organization that ultimately intends to control the entire world.

One fact most people seem to agree on is that the number of times you can join The Illuminati is presumably only once. This is because its rumored that once you join you immediately make a pact with demons and that success in life shall be yours for as long as you continue to worship them. Sever ties with the organization and it’s rumored you will spend the rest of your life trying to become popular again after your many unexpected “run-ins with the law” and the many ways in which you seamlessly become a disgrace to society. Oh, it’s also rumored that if you try to “show them up” they will not rest until they eventually kill you—sort of like how they did in Michael Jackson and Tupac. Rumors people, rumors!

2. Dive too deep (The Bends)


Divers will instantly know this one and may instantly fear it in the same breath. There are several names to call it including Decompression Sickness, Divers’ Disease and Caisson’s disease but the more colloquial term for the disease is “The Bends.” The Bends results from a reduction in the ambient pressure surrounding your body whenever it stays within an unnatural atmosphere for too long. Bubbles form in or near joints and are the presumed cause of the joint pain of a typical “bend.” When high levels of bubbles occur, complex reactions can take place in the body, usually in the spinal cord or brain. Since bubbles can form in or migrate to any part of the body, The Bends can therefore produce many symptoms, and its effects may vary from joint pain, dizziness, confusion, headaches, rashes to paralysis and even death, with symptoms constantly changing over time.

Decompression illness is fairly common and affects scuba divers, aviators, astronauts and compressed-air workers. It occurs in approximately 1,000 U.S. scuba divers each year. Many times a case of the bends is not life-threatening but if more severe effects are left untreated for too long they can become permanent, ensuring that divers may never in this lifetime dive again. If for some bizarre (and not recommended) reason you wish to experience this level of The Bends just be sure to do everything you may have once dreamt of doing while underwater before then.

1. Forgo “your manhood”


Many men prize their “manhood” to be the pinnacle of their existence. After all, they can whip it out, wiggle it, make wee wee with it and if they feel adventurous enough then can even cut it off or freely exchange it. Now a word of advice to all men out there. If for whatever reason you get up one day and get the urge to sacrifice your “manhood” know that no matter what you do it will never grow back. Yes, never!

Humans cannot regenerate external body parts. Now that that’s in your head if you still choose to go through with sacrificing your manliness, you always have the option of freezing it and eventually trying to have it sown back on; you can even pay to have someone’s else’s “manhood” stitched back on so you can eventually call it yours. Regardless, you should still be prepared to live with comments from the general public that may suggest that real men don’t borrow other men’s junk. If you can live with that then respect should go out to you.

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  1. You forgot falling in Love! To me that will always be the once in a lifetime event I will always treasure most. Who cares how many terms a president can serve!

  2. “Thank God presidents can’t serve more than two terms. ”
    I can’t see the problem. People can vote they out of the White House every four years, and when it happens that some presidents stay in office for too much time it just means that they were damn good presidents.
    By the way, I think that applies to the developed world only. So don’t bring José Eduardo dos Santos on me.

    • Thank God presidents can’t serve more than two terms. It gives us a chance to had a do-over if one does us wrong. Regarding chickenpox, maybe you were misdiagnosed. There’s also measles, mumps, dermititis, exzema and other skin diseases.

  3. Actually, you can get chickenpox more than once in you life. I had it when I was a kid, then got it a few years ago at the age of 50. The doctor said only getting it once was a myth

    • Shell Harris on

      Are you sure it wasn’t full body acne? 😉 I had it as an adult as well. I can easily see how it could kill you.