Top 10 Surprisingly Bizarre Facts About Kissing


top-10-bizarre-fact-about-kissing Kissing has always been a way of showing love and affection and symbolizes a special bond between two people. Kissing does not always have to be between two lovers, husband and wife or a new couple; it can also be shared between a mother and her child, a brother and sister, friends and family members and even pets. It’s not just a relationship sealer between couples or a tool to assess women; it also addresses your desires, helps with de-stressing and can be extremely addictive. But there are some facts about kissing that we aren’t aware of, things that we should all know. Let us take a look at the top ten bizarre facts about kissing.


10. Kissing Your Pet Can Cause Excessive Dental Bacteria

kissing pet monkey All of us are aware that our pets have a mouthful of slime. But when you’re in the middle of being lapped all over the face with love, your doggie may be very hard to resist. At this point, it is advisable that you keep your mouth closed. A special study group in Japan stated that dogs can actually transfer bacteria that can cause extremely harmful gum diseases in humans. Cavities were one of the common dental issues that were being faced while researchers examined the different types of mouth bacteria in dogs and humans. It is recommended that after going through with a snuggling and kissing session with your dog, it is best to brush your teeth.


Pets can kiss each other but not humans!

9. A Mother’s Kiss Can Cause Cavities

kissing baby on mouth Kissing a human can be just as bad as kissing your pet especially between a mother and her child. For young children, a mother’s saliva is the primary source of transmission of harmful bacteria that causes cavities. Kids that are subjected to this kind of bacteria have a higher chance of getting cavities. The primary culprit is Streptococcus mutans, a bacteria that can pass from person to person through the transfer of saliva by kissing that sweet little bundle of joy on the mouth. Children that are still breastfeeding can also face the same issue. Important tip that people should remember is not to use the same utensils as your child and always keep the wet kisses away from the child’s mouth.

8. A Mother’s Kisses and Hugs Help Her Baby develop Faster

mom and dad loving baby New born babies, toddlers and young children, all love to be smothered with kisses and hugs and that’s what keeps them happy rather than those babies that have no physical contact with their parents. According to the director of a well known university in Miami, kissing a baby helps him or her grow faster. The more physical contact made and received by the mother and the more grooming, the more the child grows. Touching helps to stimulate the receptors all over the baby’s body and that’s what helps the baby grow faster. Bizarre but true.

7. Kissing Can Help Boost Your Immune System

Kissing Can Help Boost Your Immune System Yes, our mouths are filled with germs and bacteria, but it definitely doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger. According to special research and study in physiology and behavior, researchers have found that kissing can improve our body’s resistance to allergies. Researchers stated that they put 30 people into a room all with nasal allergies and an additional 30 without any infection. All of them spent half an hour kissing their partners while listening to music. After this session, the subjects were checked and passed through tests to see if there were any changes. After a while, the same subjects were placed in the room for another half an hour but there was no kissing. After completion of the two sessions, tests were carried out again to see if there were any more changes. The first test after kissing showed that there was a decrease in nasal and skin reactions and after the second session there wasn’t any change, therefore proving that kissing can help boost the immune system.

6. Kissing Might Make Up for a Missed Yoga Session

yoga kiss Kissing your partner or loved one may not make you all that flexible, but it definitely produces the same amount of relaxation that meditation and yoga offer. In a university study, two groups were asked to carry out certain exercises for 6 weeks. One group of couples was asked to increase their time and frequency of the amount they made out making it their topmost priority while the other group was asked to refrain from kissing. After the special lip-smacking involvement, both groups were compared. The kissing group showed a decrease in their stress levels as well as high improvements in their relationship satisfaction as compared to the non-kissing group.

5. Most People are Right-Headed Kissers

cinderella right headed kiss Every human being needs to tilt their head while kissing in order to keep their noses from bumping. Researchers from Ireland carried out a study where they found that 80 percent of people tilt their head to the right in the most random manner. Some people believed that the direction of the tilt depended on the handedness of the person, but even then, left handed people also tilted to the right while kissing. Yes it is surprisingly weird but studies have proven that it is true.

4. Your First Kiss Can Seal the Deal or Call It Off

princess bride kiss Your very first kiss with your date can very well be your last. You can be attracted to one person for many months, but just one kiss can determine your chemistry. Research has found that those who have experienced their first kiss after being in love for over a month have lost all feelings. The study also claimed that women are much more choosey than men, where they were turned off by their first kiss. Some important factors that played a role in this would be good or bad teeth, taste of mouth, breath, skills in kissing which would make you want to stop or go on.

3. Compulsive Kissing Syndrome Exists

complusive kissing Most couple and loved ones enjoy kissing and consider it as a great way to show your love and affection, but psychiatrists publishing in 2012 in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry reported on what is thought to be the first reported case of obsessive compulsive disorder where a young man was presented with compulsive kissing behavior. It is bizarre to think that one could actually suffer from a disease that has to do with kissing, but it has been proven.

2. Our Lips are Hardwired to Fire Up the Brain and Parts of Our Body

kisses fire up our brains Our lips are packed with neurons and have the most populated allotment of sensors anywhere on the human body. A single kiss can fire up almost all sensory neurons in the body right from the brain to the toes as described here. The nerves in our lips when touched by another’s lips are stimulated straight away releasing sebum in saliva from the sebaceous glands. Sebum plays a major role in bonding between two people. The stimulus to the lips during kissing sessions can also bring about relaxation the body and reduce depression. It also increases nervous activity in most parts of the body.

1. Orgasms from Just a Kiss

orgasm from a kiss

This kiss brought Snow White back from the dead. Seems like an orgasm wouldn’t be too much more difficult.

Yes, we all agree that kisses can leave us gasping for breath according to most romance novels, but some women have also stated that they have reached orgasm from just kissing alone as opposed to any genital stimulation. Loveologist, Ava Cadell,  reported that it may be possible for this to occur as our emotions play a huge role in our sexual desires as explained on here. A physical touch may not necessarily be required when it comes to a woman having an orgasm, as women have a different levels of arousal.

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