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  • Delta

    Dale Earnhardt died because he refuse to wear a safety device that was recently developed and proven to work.

  • Megan

    There are a few big names who are missing. Hank Gathers is the first that comes to mind. Even though I’m American I know there are a LOT of soccer players abroad who have died on the pitch of fatal heart attacks. There was recently a Greek (I believe) volleyball player who died.

  • UnclePonyboy

    The article is called 10 Athletes That Died While Playing… not TOP 10 Athletes. If they were choosing the best athletes to ever die while playing a sport, this list would likely be much different. Why does everyone have to complain about such minor details?

  • Marc

    A list about fallen sportsmen without including Ayrton Senna is simply a joke. His was the most shoking death in auto racing and perhaps in sports overall.

  • jake

    what about marc vivian foe? or owen hart

  • JJ

    If I recall correctly the same year Earnhardt crashed into that wall in the Daytona 500 NFL offensive tackle Korey Stringer died in Vikings camp of heatstroke complications.

  • Sam

    I can’t believe there’s no football in here – the proper football.

  • SJ

    You should proof read before posting. Spell check doesn’t catch everything.

    • Shell Harris

      You should too. Proofread is one word. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.