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  1. TJ
    TJ at |

    Good thing they didn’t put TOP 10, but just 10.

    1. Lee Standberry
      Lee Standberry at |

      lol – i couldn’t agree more. Nice artwork though!

  2. Jim Ciscell
    Jim Ciscell at |

    Combine DC’s Silver Ghost and Marvel’s Jubilee into Queen Elizabeth’s personal bodyguard “The Silver Jubilee”

  3. MiloV
    MiloV at |

    Most powerful on the list, FlasHulk by far.

    1. auto devis
      auto devis at |

      It is the only one that makes any sense because the flash need to be super durable to live through the impacts at a great speed

  4. David
    David at |

    I just love how random they are. It made for some interesting mash-ups, but Captain Bat was my personal favorite, that and Aqua Devil.

    1. Logical Guy
      Logical Guy at |

      It was a direct insult to Batman.

  5. Michael
    Michael at |

    Night Crawler and Night wing,
    the atom and deadpool.

  6. Punchsplosion
    Punchsplosion at |

    Well here are my combo characters.

    1.) Magneto + Captain Atom = Magnate. Jewish mutant who’s power activated upon witnessing an alien ship crash when being captured by Nazis. He magnetically grafted the metal from the ship to his skin and destroyed the German forces in the area before disappearing.
    2.) Professor X + Martian Manhunter = Mentor. Persecuted figure of Martian decent fr

  7. Martim
    Martim at |

    Flashulk… too much!!! Awesome job.

    1. Marvexor
      Marvexor at |

      yeah you’re right. imagine imagine hulk smash of enemy base done in seconds… wow!!!

  8. Paul
    Paul at |

    It would be funny to see a flash/daredevil mash-up.

  9. Mike
    Mike at |

    I’d like to see a villain mashup including the green goblin / joker………

  10. Spasmodic
    Spasmodic at |

    Thor + Hawkman should be called “Thunderbird”, would make a lot of sense then.

  11. willy2fly
    willy2fly at |

    Love the IRON ROBIN. Great article.

    1. Joel
      Joel at |

      I really like Iron Robin too!

  12. Al
    Al at |

    Raven and Supergirl

    Like the villains idea too.

    Over all, really cool article!

  13. Richard Raymond
    Richard Raymond at |

    I think Wolverine/Green Lantern should have been Red Claw instead, based on the Red Lantern Corps and their affinity to “rage”. Also, Wizard Magazine already did a Batman/Captain America character called “The Dark Knight”. My 2 favorites from that article were Joker/Carnage called Asylum and Superman/Submariner called Supermanta.


    (2 pts if you can guess how I got this amalgam nickname)

  14. Harry
    Harry at |

    I’d like to see Powergirl and Storm aka ‘Storm Front’… if you know what I mean…

    And Nightwing and MoonKnight – Night Knight (sleep tight).

    Nick Fury and Luke Cage… Nick Cage?

  15. isolation
    isolation at |

    Wolverine with green energy blades just isn’t the same

  16. Jason
    Jason at |

    I would read a book about Captain Crawler.

  17. Scott Braun
    Scott Braun at |

    “WONDER-HULK” -SHE-HULK, & WONDER WOMAN, in “formal WONDER WOMAN ware”; the full cape, the “pleated armour” mini skirt, the croun, sward on hip, & so on -(sheild on left arm, right hand holding an impressive staff/septer). -Also with the glowing big green eyes.

    1. Scott Braun
      Scott Braun at |

      Please reply to me at this site.

  18. Unknown
    Unknown at |

    You should try a mashup of the villains

  19. Bryan McCarty
    Bryan McCarty at |

    Peter Parker + Nightwing + Jimmy Olsen = Peter James Grayson / Spider-Man

    The Flash + Quicksilver + Flash Thomson = Bart “Flash” Thomson / Quicksilver

    Catwoman + Kitty Pryde + Black Cat = Felicia “Kitty” Kyle / Shadowcat

    Steel + War Machine + Colossus = John Henry Rhodes / Colossus

    Hawkgirl + Wonder Woman + Storm = Princess Ororo / Stormhawk

  20. heyguesswhat
    heyguesswhat at |

    Yeah, um, I might give this more credit if Marvel and DC hadn’t already done something like this themselves. Over a decade ago. Amalgam Comics. Look it up.

    1. Andrzej
      Andrzej at |

      Yes, but they are different examples, and they (from here) are very good .Some of them better than the one from the one from Amalgam

  21. Lee
    Lee at |

    I always thought hawkeye and green arrow could be considered parallel versions of each other, especially since they date blond, bird-related superheroines, mockingbird and the black canary respectively. Hm, maybe The Green Hawk and Blackbird?
    Also, even though this isn’t a marvel/dc mash up, what if wolverine, a decorated soldier during ww2, had been selected for the super soldier program instead of steve rogers?
    Last, how about the flash and storm, call her Thunderbolt.

  22. Mitchell
    Mitchell at |

    There was already a superhero combo like this called “Amalgams” Featuring “Super Soldier” (superman+captain america) and my favorite “Lobo the Duck” (if you can’t figure out who that is, get off these threads lmfao)

  23. Dc vs marvel
    Dc vs marvel at |

    Dc and marvel had a colab published way back and again in the 90’z. During the colab in the 90’z they had both universes fuse and called it the amalgam universe it has a superman cap mash up n so much more. They even had several comics for each of the amalgamated characters. Thankz for the trip down memory lane. good timez…l8

    1. Dc vs marvel
      Dc vs marvel at |

      I think there was even batman wolverine.. Dont quote me on tht tho.but it definitely had villian mash too.l8

  24. Rob
    Rob at |

    Not for nothing, but the Thing went cybernetic on his own in The Fanstic Five alternate future (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/a4/Ffive.PNG)

    Also, would an Elongated Man/Mister Fantastic/Plastic man hybrid be Fantastically Elongated Plastic Man, or just Silly Putty!

  25. Ed
    Ed at |

    Super Spider was kinda already done when they did Amalgams. They merged Superboy with Spider man for that one. Wolverine mixed with 1 of The Flash’s would be a cool one. You could also mix Wolverine with Aquaman instead of Daredevil and Aquaman. Aquaman and Hawkeye would be interesting as well as a Hawkeye and Green Lantern mix. Batman mixed with Angel would be cool since Batman would have wings. How about Joker and Quicksilver? Lex Luther flying around in a power suit looks like they mixed him with Iron man already.

  26. Joel
    Joel at |

    Daredevil/Bat-Man “Devil-Bat” or “Devil Knight”
    Dr. Octopus/Aquaman, “Dr. Otto Aquarius”
    Spider-Man/Green Lantern with energy webs, Peter “Arachnid” Gardner

  27. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Dead pool and death stroke


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