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  1. CH Nikole
    CH Nikole at |

    Great list! No man knows when the world will end.

    1. bleedingboi
      bleedingboi at |

      The world will not end, but these calculations are weird.
      September 11, 2001 – Terrorists strikes on the US
      March 10, 2011 – Tsunami disaster, and Nuclear turmoil in Japan.
      Add these up:


      1. Aragog
        Aragog at |

        Interesting, but seen from a Japanese viewpoint not correct: the local time was March 11, 2011… so it just depends on which timezone you use as reference, I don’t think it has any meaning.

      2. Alan Spear
        Alan Spear at |

        What about the terrorist attacks in Madrid and London? What about the Hatian earthquake? What about the indonesian tsunami? Did you honestly forget about those or are they just more convienient to forget about them to make your weird number thing work?

        1. John
          John at |

          Wars have always been, natural disasters have always been in occurrence its devastating yes; but life is life

      3. Von Swartzchild
        Von Swartzchild at |

        @bleedingboi,, uhm i think it works like this

        September 11, 2001 – Terrorists strikes on the US
        March 10, 2011 – Tsunami disaster, and Nuclear turmoil in Japan.
        Add these up:


        oohh yeah,, i just save te world. lol

        1. John
          John at |

          It don’t work that way; its takes more then two events to add up scientific predictions

      4. jada@honest chicks
        [email protected] chicks at |

        the world isnt gonna end if you think it is go to outer space and look your self dont just start telin people because thats what you think and dont spread it on the wesite because u think that u know the worlds gonna end so dont lie about it.

      5. Mark
        Mark at |

        The funny thing is the Math used in the maya calender does have and important day for 12-21-2012 but never states the end of the world in face it also has an important date listed 19 b’ak’tuns from now, which list roughly around 2 quintillion years past the alleged end on dec.21

      6. raymond
        raymond at |

        Well if u actually add the correct dates 9-11-2001 + 3-10-2011 = 12-21-4021.. Mayans used full dates, so your weak theory is flawed tremendously

      7. David
        David at |

        Thats just a coincidence. The terrorists could have easily decided to strike at 12 , 2001, but at the same time, it could be something

    2. Tim
      Tim at |

      SH*T I thought it had…………..no one told me !!!

    3. pies
      pies at |

      theres also the fact of leap years there for if it was real it wouldve happened already

  2. A.G.
    A.G. at |

    thats an aztec calendar, other than that nice list.

    1. Tanya Bennett
      Tanya Bennett at |

      are you sure? when I google Mayan calendar that's what comes up? If you have a link to a Mayan calendar please comment with it…

      1. Trixie
        Trixie at |

        The Aztec and Mayan calendars are similar and there were many renditions of each. I know I wouldn't be able to tell the difference, but I fully understand the message of the post with the image used. 😉

        1. Tanya Bennett
          Tanya Bennett at |

          Thanks Trixie 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. Rick Richardson
    Rick Richardson at |

    If you read 10 and 9 and those both happen at the same time … that would be bad news. You missed the one where we are supposed to line up with the meridian of the galaxy the same year the sunspots are at their peak causing more gravitational pull in the direction of earth from the sun. That with the combination of the atmosphere being weak from the pole switching. Come on man you need to get up on your dooms day conspiracies.

  4. MN
    MN at |

    I'm glad that this list exists. I get really tired of people going on about some supposed calamity in 2012. This is refreshing and hopefully it will change some gullible minds.

    1. Justin
      Justin at |

      I could not agree more

  5. Kurt
    Kurt at |

    This is a great list! Wonderful work keep it up!

  6. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    I am really glad to see someone make a short list of refutations to these rumors. It has angered me to no end to see these arguments for something to happen in 2012 that was predicted. Thank you.

  7. Mr Speshal
    Mr Speshal at |

    To be honest, number 4 would kill us all.

    All of us dead = End of the world.

    1. Dylan
      Dylan at |

      I agree there is no way in hell that we would survive no.4 with it been that big

  8. Unanimous
    Unanimous at |

    finally,someone that understands. they have been saying for years"oh,the world is going to end next year". and guess what…IT NEVER HAS!!!!!!!!

  9. crock
    crock at |

    Lava flows show that in the past, magnetic flux has happened rapidly, with the proof locked in the magnetic flow. Number 10 is quite weak, we'll shift underground or off the planet but this will happen in the distant future….

    There is no need to panic, the world is not going to end, tho' it just has to happen once to matter 🙂

    Consensus is that 2012 may herald a cycle of the sun coinciding with a cycle of the earth's orbit that brings in an ice age. An ice age does not mean lower temperatures necessarily, if you look around now (2/2010) it is represented by heavier snows and longer snow seasons with increasingly shorter times where it thaws out. The problem is the impact on growing seasons and people having appropriate shelters to this new cycle of climate.

    Take a look at iceagenow.com it is a primitive website but it has been gathering supporters and data for over ten years, including many scientists. Nothing to sensationalize but definitely something to consider and plan for…

  10. SHAZZI
    SHAZZI at |

    i don't believe all this,

  11. ZibbieYamala
    ZibbieYamala at |

    This is what I've been telling everyone! Geez you people can't believe everything you hear. People thought the word would end in 2000 and 6/6/06 too, including almost hundreds of other dates. nice list too, pic #3 was so pretty!!

  12. Theo
    Theo at |

    I think you are confused. From a biblical viewpoint, The bible promises there will be and end day, only giving signs. It says no one will no the time. So When did you start believing these Dooms day prophets. Secondly, Was Nostradamus correct in all his predictions? And you would reference your crap theory to his predictions? I dont believe the end will be in 2012,

  13. Dude
    Dude at |

    Ahh……2012. I like to see the faces of those people who keep bugging me about the end of the world. Maybe i'll take a camera and take a picture of them on that fateful day.

  14. john doe
    john doe at |



    esoteric agenda


  15. fazrin
    fazrin at |

    nice list…here is a more explanation for point no 1…First of all, the Mayans don’t have a calender they

    have calendars which often interlocked. The

    calender that has given rise to the myth of the

    end of the world is the Mayan long count

    calendar. According to Mayan Mythology, we

    are living in the fourth world or “creation” so to

    speak. The last creation ended on

    of the long count calendar. That sequence will

    occur again on December 20, 2012. According to

    the Mayans this is a time of great celebration for

    having reached the end of a creation cycle. It

    does not mean the end of the world but the

    beginning of a new “age”. Does the world end

    every December 31st? No – we go on to a new

    year. This is the same as the Mayan creation

    periods. In fact, the Mayans make many

    references to dates that fall beyond 2012. The

    idea of 2012 being the end of the world was

    actually first suggested by New Age religionist

    José Argüelles in his 1987 book The Mayan

    Factor: Path Beyond Technology.

    1. Runi
      Runi at |

      How did the concept of the world ending come about? Who first brought the nonsense up actually? This explanation is brilliant though! Thank you!

  16. Andrea
    Andrea at |

    I suggest that the author check out Caral Sagan's "Nuclera Winter" before he refers to nukes as "puny," but I agree that this is a nice list

  17. gdub
    gdub at |

    Shout-out from Lakewood, CO.

    Good list man.

  18. Pink
    Pink at |

    #4 scared the sh** outta me lolol But nice list!!

  19. Lee
    Lee at |

    The funny thing is, No one said the world would end.lol Itds gonna change and with birth always comes pain, but it wil continue, our worlds made end but the world will continue, there are many prophesies all pointing to this time. I want to prepare myself and others, have a look at my blog (its new) have your say and have a look at the links, thanks

  20. Kool kid
    Kool kid at |

    Is this true because I am scared because I don’t want to die how want to die and I don’t want to die when I’m only 13 yeas old I mean who wants to die when they only 13 yeas old.I want to believe it’s true but idk,I mean like I know really no one knows when but I’m just scared pluse I would have only been to 1 dances which is Friday February 11 and I’m going with my girl friend yay :•) just saying but I want to go to ut and be a pro baseball player mebe one day ya can see me on tv on the Texas Rangers but I can’t live that dream if the world end in 2012

  21. Kassie
    Kassie at |

    I have seen so many articles about 2012 and the end of the world it was about time I read something like this. We don’t know what and when will happen so we might as well continue living or lives.

  22. Koowie
    Koowie at |

    Great list! But no matter how good the argument is we will never convince the “convinced.” It’s like a conspiracy theorist, they will believe it no matter what. Until 2013 comes. And then they will say it was meant to be 2113 or something. lol

  23. M234
    M234 at |

    I went on a cruise to Cozumel,Mexico and they have these Mayan people(ancestors)and they said the Mayans believed in the period,not the apocalypse,and something else.They said look at the Mayan calendar,what shape is it?It’s a complete circle,right?It is continuous then.A ABSOLUTE sign that means the OPPOSITE of time ending.The Mayans were not kooks like “end-of-time predictors.

  24. IDK
    IDK at |

    you 4got about a prayer……. Glory be to the father son, the holy spirt as it was in the begining now shall be world without end. for all the catholics and christians 🙂 i love that prayer

  25. believer
    believer at |

    Guys, something might happen in the said date considering such conspiracies and scientific facts about it. It has been a controversy for sometime now and scared a whole lot of people in these times of crisis. Let me just clear something, no damn person ever existed in this world knows when the end is coming. In fact, not even the Son of God knows when will he be told to come back here, biblically speaking. But we are at the verge of ‘judgement day’, though Dec 21, 2012 is not the said date coz like i said, no one knows. If you’re going to read and understand the Bible, you will know and can lay your doubts to rest, though i don’t claim that i’ve read the book already. Somebody just made me listen. The signs have happened and God has been warning us about it by witnessing some, if not many, catastrophic events that are happening around the globe. So, just be prepared for what’s coming. December 21, 2012 is just another date.

    1. Aragog
      Aragog at |

      The fact that I know of no great natural disaster that has ever struck Scandinavia, the area with the highest percentage of atheists in the world, leads me to think that natural disasters shouldn’t be seen as a warning from God, but just for what they are: natural disasters.

      People seem to think there should be a constant number of disasters every year, like 3 major earthquakes, 5 hurricanes, some volcanic eruptions and a flood or two, just as they use climate data to look at the weather and consider anything that deviates from that data to be abnormal. But weather and natural disasters don’t behave in a nice and predictable way, they have always shown great variety.

      And of course this year every single event is being scrutinized and linked to 2012, so people may experience a bigger increase in these events than they would in other circumstances.
      If I look at the earthquake magnitude statistics of the last 20 years for instance
      I don’t see a very distinct increase, there have been similar periods of greater seismic activity in the end of the 90’s and around 2005; the Earth wasn’t destroyed then, so I don’t see why it should be any different this time.

      1. believer
        believer at |

        I agree, though most natural disasters are most commonly unpredictable. They change drastically. But they are written in the Holy scriptures since 2000 years ago. Even though, date and time is not so significant in the bible, it is because people are somehow subject to change in some good ways. That is why God is somehow delaying the process. So nobody can tell for sure. But natural calamities and disasters, when they happen, people tend to kneel down and pray to God, so for me, it is a warning from the heavens, as if reminding us that there is someone out there that is to be remembered and revered.

  26. el burt
    el burt at |

    The top reason the world will not end in 2012 is the Anno Domini Calendar is off by 12 years.

    Daniel Chapter Nine Corrects the Anno Domini Dating System

    The seventy sevens of Daniel chapter nine is God’s announcement that:

    King Solomon’s temple and the city of Jerusalem will be rebuilt.
    The long awaited Messiah will be coming.
    King Solomon’s temple and the city will be destroyed a second time.

    Daniel is given this vision by Gabriel:

    Starting from the year the decree is given to rebuild the temple and the city
    and the cutting off of the messiah will be sixty-two times seven or four hundred and
    thirty-fourth years. Seven weeks times seven or forty-nine years after the
    messiah is cut off, the people of the ruler will come and destroy the temple and
    city a second time.

    Sixty-nine weeks are completed, the seventieth week is the tribulation period and
    will start after the rapture. King Solomon’s temple will be rebuilt a third time before
    the end of the Church age.

    During this seven year period, the anti-christ will confirm a covenant with many.
    In the middle of the seven years he will put an end to sacrifice and offering.
    And on a wing of the temple, he will set up an abomination that causes desolation,
    until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.

    We live in the Christian era where our dating system is based on the life of Jesus.
    The foundation of this system is:
    Jesus was born in 1BC
    Jesus was crucified in 33AD at 33 years of age
    King Solomon’s temple was destroyed in 70AD

    Daniel’s seventy weeks shows us that King Solomon’s temple and the city of Jerusalem
    will be destroyed forty-nine years after the Messiah is cut off. If you add 33AD with
    forty-nine years we discover the temple was really destroyed in 82AD not 70AD as
    in the present dating system.

    If we subtract forty-nine years form 70AD we get 21AD, we know Jesus was not
    twenty-one years of age when he was crucified, continuing back in time by twenty-
    one years brings us to 1BC, again under the present dating system, Jesus would be
    twelve years when he was born.

    The present dating system has two glaring errors, first, 70AD seems to be pulled
    out of thin air for the year the temple was destroyed and is twelve year short and
    1BC was also off by twelve years.

    The true “in the year of our Lord” would show that Jesus was born in 12BC (the new
    1BC). Going forward thirty-three years we come to 33AD the year Jesus was
    crucified and rose from the tomb, Continuing on forty-nine years we come to
    82AD the year King Solomon’s temple was really destroyed. If we count back from 33AD
    sixty-two weeks or four hundred and thirty-four years we will come to 401BC the
    year the decree went out to rebuild the walls and temple.

    Now that we know that Jesus was born in 12BC, this leaves no doubt that Halley’s
    Comet was the light the three men followed to find the new born King.

    If you would like to know the actual year we are living in add twelve years the present
    year or your brith date, or historical date or any AD year. The year 2000 really is 2012,
    looks like next year will not be the “end of the world” just 2024. Have a happy new year!!!!!!!

  27. Maya
    Maya at |

    Tell your kids not to worry,
    the world wont end until 2024..
    all of this is a hoax! It’s gonna be October
    21st and guess what? We will be alive!
    Then they will just change it, and
    change it! Tell your kids not to be worried
    don’t worry until 2024. We still have lots of time
    to live..and we are the reason the world is ending!
    Stop using electronics too much, ( just not too much! )

  28. Meier
    Meier at |

    I don’t believe all the other sayings about 2012 but I’m just scared becuase there are people an ice age is suppose to happen. So can some one please
    tell me if it’s going to happen??

  29. el burt
    el burt at |

    Go to my website and see who is the seventh king/little horn mentioned in Revelation and
    why the Anno Domini dating system has been incorrect for over 1,500 years.

  30. davidcbourn
    davidcbourn at |

    But the thing about the poles reversing not being a threat is false…our planets already experiancing the effects from an unbalanced magnetic field..oceans are heavily influanced by changes in magnetic fields,and that in turn effects the winds,and so on..this upcoming universal alignment is causing abruption in the magnetics already.people might ask what does a universal alignment have to do with our magnetic balance? idk,but what happens when you put small magnets in a singular row?and not weak magnets..the stronger ones? they start pushing each other..This very act may have been the cause of Pole reversals in the distant past…and each time the poles reverse..our protective magnetic feild that causes the commen solar flare to safely pass by our Planet will be disabled for the brief(not 100 year) more brief than that..about 4 years…and Since solar flare activity is due to increaee in 2012…we may be playing Russian roulette with a gun that has 4 chambers emty.

    1. Aragog
      Aragog at |

      It doesn’t say it isn’t a threat, it just says that when it happens, it will happen gradually in the course of a few hundred years. Our magnetic field is not ‘unbalanced’, it’s just getting weaker; this could mean we are at the beginning of a magnetic pole reversal, but it could also be just a temporary thing: during the last 780.000 years since the last reversal, it has been weakening and getting stronger again many times; it is believed to be caused by fluctuations in the currents of the Earth’s outer core that produce the magnetic field.

      There is no ‘universal alignment’ coming up, there have been panic stories for years about all kinds of alignments, none of which were devastating for the Earth. I’d turn to geologists and atronomers for answers, it is their field of expertise after all. And yes, they could quite possibly be wrong, but I think that the chance that some doomsday website is wrong is much, much bigger 😉

  31. M234
    M234 at |

    If the Earth was going to do all that wacky shifting stuff,we would see signs LONG before 12/21/2012.Besides,Uranus is flipped on it’s side,but it’s poles are still colder than it’s equator.So if the poles were flipped 180 degrees,it’s just that Christmas will be in summer and you will be driving south when driving from Atlanta to Pittsburgh.Also,so what if sunspot activity increases?Oh no!The higher rate of sunspot activity has lead to the television signal not being able to come through so I’ll not be able to watch the football game!It is the end if the world!

    1. Rayyven
      Rayyven at |

      LOL that was funny, not being able to watch the football game ITS THE END OF THE WORLD. lol

  32. M234
    M234 at |

    There are more predictions that the world would end than the number of words in the explanation for number 2.

  33. M234
    M234 at |

    The way these deranged people find these dates is that they mold disastrous events into their own way to add up to those dates.I mean,they can shape the oil spill of the Braer oil tanker in 1993 into that the world would end in a decade.They can twist the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan into that the world will end on March 26,2015 at noon.And what are the chances that just recently someone said the world will end soon.That is like if this were 1991,someone would’ve predicted the world would end in 1996.I guess some people are either grumpy or has a grudge against living or/and this Earth.

  34. Pizzaboy13
    Pizzaboy13 at |

    You guys make it seem like solar flares aren’t a big deal. We have a HUGE breach in our electromagnetic field, and there is a big chance for large solar activity to happen this year. Our whole electricity will be shut off. Guess what? You don’t use electricity to only watch football. We use electricity to filter water in our homes, give us AC, ship our local store food, and much more. Without electricity we’d pretty much be back to the stone age and many people would be dead.

  35. Aragog
    Aragog at |

    ‘”Our whole electricity will be shut off”

    Globally? When was the last time that that happened? Ever? Solar activity increases and decreases in cycles of roughly eleven years, so it’s not that special; and even if your highly unlikely scenario took place, and many people would die, it still wouldn’t be the end of the world and that’s what this
    was about 😉

  36. amelia
    amelia at |

    come on!! this is so damn silly.I tell u this mayan calander is nonsense. IT JUST CREATES FEAR!!!!!!

  37. lexxi
    lexxi at |

    is there really gonna be a meteor on that day though?

  38. TonyP2
    TonyP2 at |

    Finally, somebody who gets it. I just love how everyone forgets that they said the end would be in 2000 and 6/6/06. Oh, and those two times in 2011 too.

    But of course, when 2012 does pass into 2013 without anything happening at all, you do know that instead of admitting that they were wrong, they’re just going to pick another date, thus repeating the whole cycle of stupid again.

  39. eddie
    eddie at |

    just was wondering if you had any thing about yellow stone park being a active volcano said it could pop any given day and if does to make a hole bigger then crater lake and would didnt die from the blast or the loads of ashes , emp , rad sicknick, heat and fire storms could take the world out as well? or so the rumors say. but really it all come down to fear and not knowing when your gonna die. i dont believe i will perish from any of these more things in life to worry about like crossing the street or driving my car or just other random events where we live. everyone dies and no one knows when its gonna happen so why worry now? we all were not made to live forever so enjoy what life you have and the time you get.

  40. Terry
    Terry at |

    Well what I think will happen to this planet is (1) The earth will fall out of orbit and it ends up to far from sun for anything to survive or live. (2) Sun burns up and dies (3) With all these nuclear weapons what about there was a earthquake near a nuclear bomb plant , vibrations and heat made from these waves of power, Well we will be crisper than a bit of bacon or riddled with radiation. There’s thousands of ways that could end this life but at the same time there could be new earth’s being made far away that has identical life style like ours, who knows!

  41. Maria
    Maria at |

    ONLY GOD KNOWS WHEN AND IF THIS WILL COME TO PAST !!! Predict all you want, but he is the keeper of the past, present and future !!

  42. robert
    robert at |

    i genuinely don’t care anymore, live life whilst you have it……… no human-being alive can predict such a catastrophic event….. no one is special, we are just living creatures who are meant to be the smartest living beings on the planet…….. if we are then why the hell are people in fear of something that will inevitably happen one day…….. i mean come on what source has someone got, legitimately to say the world will end on that day month and year, answer these 4 questions to yourself

    1. when was “time invented”
    2. when was the “mayan calendar” discovered

    3. when was the internet fully accessible to all kinds of people, poor and rich.
    4. when did the rumors start?

    just some people who are trying to become famous

    good night

  43. Jo
    Jo at |

    Thanks so much for this list!! I have suffered frm panick attacks for a very long time over the end of the world, it’s all over TV, news, web.. To some of you guys it’s just a big joke but I have real fears and I M scare I have to take meds just bc of doomsday preppers!!! I cant even function bc of the thought of the END if anyone can help me I would be forever great full I am tearing up just wrighting this 🙁
    Plz don’t put me down I’m just trying find help I am a very normal person not a crazie it’s just this scares me.

  44. Kendal
    Kendal at |

    I don’t believe he world will end because earth was supposed to end in 2000 and 2003 and guess what?….. It never happened! And I don’t get why it would just end now? I think the Mayans were just pretending and faking 2012 disaster! They found out that it didn’t happen in those two years so they chose a random date. Plus if another planet were to hit us on the 21st we would see it with our naked eye! >:(

  45. Tyler Briand
    Tyler Briand at |

    One, the Japan siuation was because of the company, that wasn’t a natural disaster, so just don’t bother. There are tsunamis and earthquakes that are devastating every year. Two The Mayan’s did not say the world was going to end, so stop with the specuations. The planets have been aligned before, all that happens is the sun gets blocked, but oh wait… it’s supposed to happen at midnight anyway, so what the hell does that matter. Three, every four years someone says the world will end, no joke every election year for the past sixty years. Funny how many times they were wrong. This is a simple case to cause turmoil to the planet, to raise attention to you people to start giving a damn about where you live. Don’t blame this on natural disasters. Four, I saw someone say “what about the 9/11 terrorist attack?” To you who said it, and you know who you are, it wasn’t a TERRORIST ATTACK! IT WAS AN ACT OF TERROR! We did not get invaded, it was an act of war. How the hell would that even connect to this in the first place. For those who believe 2012 is the end, you clearly believe what ever you are told. Time to grow up.

  46. alicia
    alicia at |

    have faith, the Lord is mercyful, trust in him <3

  47. bob billy
    bob billy at |

    This is nonsense anyway, but good ideas.

  48. Kd
    Kd at |

    Only god knows when the time and hour will truly happen. Everyone is freaking out about all this nonsense. In the bible it states that when that time is near that man will work all day for a loaf of bread. But honesty people are still buying brand new cars, houses, etc. bread only being roughly $3. The world was meant to ended multiple times already. But as I see we are still here. They probably picked 12/21/12 bc it consists of only 2 numbers. 1 & 2. Then as soon as they realize its not gonna happen it will probably be 03/13/13. Or 01/13/13. Stupid nonsense. Nobody can get along these days and that’s how come all the wars and explosions. If we’re long over due by about 30,000 yrs or so. Why wouldn’t it have happened 30,0000 years ago. But those people who have nothing to do in their lives are just making up stuff trying to scare everyone. The end of the world could happen any second of any day. So why aren’t we scared 365 days of the year? It’s just when people expect it to happen. You should expect it any time.

  49. Ali
    Ali at |

    Well, the world didn’t end. All it was from where I am is a bit of a weather change. Not to worry till 95.7 billion BC or earlier. It might as well be changed to: Top 10 Reasons The World Wouldn’t of Ended on December 21, 2012

  50. Der Goldfisch
    Der Goldfisch at |

    UHM, i am sorry but I lived through 2012 sorry

  51. You Only Live Once
    You Only Live Once at |



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