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  1. You Only Live Once
    You Only Live Once at |


  2. Der Goldfisch
    Der Goldfisch at |

    UHM, i am sorry but I lived through 2012 sorry

  3. Ali
    Ali at |

    Well, the world didn’t end. All it was from where I am is a bit of a weather change. Not to worry till 95.7 billion BC or earlier. It might as well be changed to: Top 10 Reasons The World Wouldn’t of Ended on December 21, 2012

  4. Kd
    Kd at |

    Only god knows when the time and hour will truly happen. Everyone is freaking out about all this nonsense. In the bible it states that when that time is near that man will work all day for a loaf of bread. But honesty people are still buying brand new cars, houses, etc. bread only being roughly $3. The world was meant to ended multiple times already. But as I see we are still here. They probably picked 12/21/12 bc it consists of only 2 numbers. 1 & 2. Then as soon as they realize its not gonna happen it will probably be 03/13/13. Or 01/13/13. Stupid nonsense. Nobody can get along these days and that’s how come all the wars and explosions. If we’re long over due by about 30,000 yrs or so. Why wouldn’t it have happened 30,0000 years ago. But those people who have nothing to do in their lives are just making up stuff trying to scare everyone. The end of the world could happen any second of any day. So why aren’t we scared 365 days of the year? It’s just when people expect it to happen. You should expect it any time.

  5. bob billy
    bob billy at |

    This is nonsense anyway, but good ideas.

  6. alicia
    alicia at |

    have faith, the Lord is mercyful, trust in him <3

  7. Tyler Briand
    Tyler Briand at |

    One, the Japan siuation was because of the company, that wasn’t a natural disaster, so just don’t bother. There are tsunamis and earthquakes that are devastating every year. Two The Mayan’s did not say the world was going to end, so stop with the specuations. The planets have been aligned before, all that happens is the sun gets blocked, but oh wait… it’s supposed to happen at midnight anyway, so what the hell does that matter. Three, every four years someone says the world will end, no joke every election year for the past sixty years. Funny how many times they were wrong. This is a simple case to cause turmoil to the planet, to raise attention to you people to start giving a damn about where you live. Don’t blame this on natural disasters. Four, I saw someone say “what about the 9/11 terrorist attack?” To you who said it, and you know who you are, it wasn’t a TERRORIST ATTACK! IT WAS AN ACT OF TERROR! We did not get invaded, it was an act of war. How the hell would that even connect to this in the first place. For those who believe 2012 is the end, you clearly believe what ever you are told. Time to grow up.

  8. Kendal
    Kendal at |

    I don’t believe he world will end because earth was supposed to end in 2000 and 2003 and guess what?….. It never happened! And I don’t get why it would just end now? I think the Mayans were just pretending and faking 2012 disaster! They found out that it didn’t happen in those two years so they chose a random date. Plus if another planet were to hit us on the 21st we would see it with our naked eye! >:(

  9. Jo
    Jo at |

    Thanks so much for this list!! I have suffered frm panick attacks for a very long time over the end of the world, it’s all over TV, news, web.. To some of you guys it’s just a big joke but I have real fears and I M scare I have to take meds just bc of doomsday preppers!!! I cant even function bc of the thought of the END if anyone can help me I would be forever great full I am tearing up just wrighting this 🙁
    Plz don’t put me down I’m just trying find help I am a very normal person not a crazie it’s just this scares me.

  10. robert
    robert at |

    i genuinely don’t care anymore, live life whilst you have it……… no human-being alive can predict such a catastrophic event….. no one is special, we are just living creatures who are meant to be the smartest living beings on the planet…….. if we are then why the hell are people in fear of something that will inevitably happen one day…….. i mean come on what source has someone got, legitimately to say the world will end on that day month and year, answer these 4 questions to yourself

    1. when was “time invented”
    2. when was the “mayan calendar” discovered

    3. when was the internet fully accessible to all kinds of people, poor and rich.
    4. when did the rumors start?

    just some people who are trying to become famous

    good night

  11. Maria
    Maria at |

    ONLY GOD KNOWS WHEN AND IF THIS WILL COME TO PAST !!! Predict all you want, but he is the keeper of the past, present and future !!

  12. Terry
    Terry at |

    Well what I think will happen to this planet is (1) The earth will fall out of orbit and it ends up to far from sun for anything to survive or live. (2) Sun burns up and dies (3) With all these nuclear weapons what about there was a earthquake near a nuclear bomb plant , vibrations and heat made from these waves of power, Well we will be crisper than a bit of bacon or riddled with radiation. There’s thousands of ways that could end this life but at the same time there could be new earth’s being made far away that has identical life style like ours, who knows!

  13. eddie
    eddie at |

    just was wondering if you had any thing about yellow stone park being a active volcano said it could pop any given day and if does to make a hole bigger then crater lake and would didnt die from the blast or the loads of ashes , emp , rad sicknick, heat and fire storms could take the world out as well? or so the rumors say. but really it all come down to fear and not knowing when your gonna die. i dont believe i will perish from any of these more things in life to worry about like crossing the street or driving my car or just other random events where we live. everyone dies and no one knows when its gonna happen so why worry now? we all were not made to live forever so enjoy what life you have and the time you get.

  14. TonyP2
    TonyP2 at |

    Finally, somebody who gets it. I just love how everyone forgets that they said the end would be in 2000 and 6/6/06. Oh, and those two times in 2011 too.

    But of course, when 2012 does pass into 2013 without anything happening at all, you do know that instead of admitting that they were wrong, they’re just going to pick another date, thus repeating the whole cycle of stupid again.

  15. lexxi
    lexxi at |

    is there really gonna be a meteor on that day though?

  16. amelia
    amelia at |

    come on!! this is so damn silly.I tell u this mayan calander is nonsense. IT JUST CREATES FEAR!!!!!!

  17. Aragog
    Aragog at |

    ‘”Our whole electricity will be shut off”

    Globally? When was the last time that that happened? Ever? Solar activity increases and decreases in cycles of roughly eleven years, so it’s not that special; and even if your highly unlikely scenario took place, and many people would die, it still wouldn’t be the end of the world and that’s what this
    was about 😉

  18. Pizzaboy13
    Pizzaboy13 at |

    You guys make it seem like solar flares aren’t a big deal. We have a HUGE breach in our electromagnetic field, and there is a big chance for large solar activity to happen this year. Our whole electricity will be shut off. Guess what? You don’t use electricity to only watch football. We use electricity to filter water in our homes, give us AC, ship our local store food, and much more. Without electricity we’d pretty much be back to the stone age and many people would be dead.

  19. M234
    M234 at |

    The way these deranged people find these dates is that they mold disastrous events into their own way to add up to those dates.I mean,they can shape the oil spill of the Braer oil tanker in 1993 into that the world would end in a decade.They can twist the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan into that the world will end on March 26,2015 at noon.And what are the chances that just recently someone said the world will end soon.That is like if this were 1991,someone would’ve predicted the world would end in 1996.I guess some people are either grumpy or has a grudge against living or/and this Earth.

  20. M234
    M234 at |

    There are more predictions that the world would end than the number of words in the explanation for number 2.

  21. M234
    M234 at |

    If the Earth was going to do all that wacky shifting stuff,we would see signs LONG before 12/21/2012.Besides,Uranus is flipped on it’s side,but it’s poles are still colder than it’s equator.So if the poles were flipped 180 degrees,it’s just that Christmas will be in summer and you will be driving south when driving from Atlanta to Pittsburgh.Also,so what if sunspot activity increases?Oh no!The higher rate of sunspot activity has lead to the television signal not being able to come through so I’ll not be able to watch the football game!It is the end if the world!

    1. Rayyven
      Rayyven at |

      LOL that was funny, not being able to watch the football game ITS THE END OF THE WORLD. lol


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