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  1. Matt
    Matt at |

    interesting list

  2. Dustin
    Dustin at |

    During our last trip to Scotland the wife saw one of those Ka's and immediately wanted one. Too bad more "city cars" aren't available in the states. Funny enough the rental was a Ford Focus. At first we were pissed that it was a car we could have gotten in the states, instead of Citroen or Peugeot. We found out we were wrong and it most definitely wasn't the American version of the car. Nice list.

  3. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    I love the commercial for #7- that darn teddybear keychain is so cute 🙂

  4. JTI
    JTI at |

    The Falcon will always be my favourite American-but non-American car. It is just so freaking badass. Better than the new charger, gto, or any other new classic cars because it isn't trying to relive the past of the name, only the spirit. Good list though. The ka really is sweet, as well as the euro focus. The focus is so much better than ours. Great list.

  5. JTI
    JTI at |

    Great list. Love the Falcon, I would have made that the top, but only because I think it looks so sweet. The focus is more popular abroad for sure.

  6. adhi
    adhi at |

    hahaha…nice advertising from ford ka…

  7. Funny Stuff
    Funny Stuff at |

    That Ford Falcon is a sweet ride. I'd like to see those come back to the USA.

  8. dearg
    dearg at |

    Cars designed and built in Europe/Aus etc having the same name as the US original doesn't make it a US car.

  9. doog
    doog at |

    no toyota hilux? one of the greatest pickups of all time? fail.

    1. Horst
      Horst at |

      hahaha, toyota hilux —> american?? ^^

  10. Jimbob
    Jimbob at |

    Just because Ford originated in the US doesn't mean that other Ford models sold around the world are designed and built by the US. The Transit has been going for decades and there's no US involvement in it whatsoever.

  11. Paul
    Paul at |

    How about the Ford Mondeo?

  12. Sam
    Sam at |

    Land Rover Defender? Toyota Land Cruisers? the versions not available in the States or Canada?

    1. Lee
      Lee at |

      Land Rover is British! made in England as is Range Rover

  13. STV
    STV at |

    The Aussie Ford Falcon has nothing to do with the American cars of the same name. It can trace it’s lineage back to the Falcon muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s designed and built in Australia. Not the same car that provided the chassis for the Mustang.

    Mad Max is associated with the vehicle for driving A Ford Falcon XB in the first two films.

  14. Squire
    Squire at |

    The Transit is now being sold by Ford in the USA.

  15. Dissappointed
    Dissappointed at |

    American Cars? Not even Close… Americans reaally must lose this concept of owning everything… majority of these cars are made in thailand. Ford Falcon is an Aussie designed car, and the ford ranger is actually made by mazda (check parts numbers).

    Lame Lists…

    1. Tanya Bennett
      Tanya Bennett at |

      I think the writer included cars on the list that are identified as American despite where they are made. The Ford Falcon is a classic American car – production was discontinued in 1970 so I think many people would be surprised to find out that it has lived on (and its design has continued to be updated) in Australia.

      Similarly, I think most people would consider the Ford Ranger an American car no matter where it is manufactured, just like people continue to consider Volvos Swedish cars even if they are owned by another car company (at one time Ford, now Geeling in China?).

      While I’m here typing I’ll add that I think your sweeping statements about Americans and the lists on this site are uncalled for. All Americans don’t think they own everything, just as all Europeans don’t think they know everything, so let’s be respectful of each other, okay?

    2. Arian
      Arian at |

      Dear Disappointed (You spelled your name wrong, by the way), Americans don’t have a ‘concept of owning everything’. Let me guess, you aren’t American are you? First off, Ford, Cadillac, Pontiac and Chevy are the brands of the cars. So they will be categorized as “American cars” because those brands started and are based in, BIG SURPRISE- America. That’s the sole reason they are classified as such. They probably sell so well in other countries because they think they are getting a ‘foreign’ car. And before you decide to disrespect Americans, why don’t you take a moment and remember that we originated from other countries. Don’t hate on us because our ancestors came here to be free.

  16. crasher
    crasher at |

    I prefer European cars, but maybe because i’ve got no experiance with American brands…

  17. Ed
    Ed at |

    I looked at that list and none of those cars is an american made car. I’ve lived in the USA all my life (40+ years) and the only car in that list I’ve ever seen is the focus and you *KNOW* that’s not american made…

  18. 84DEF
    84DEF at |

    II’m not here to Argue, I’m an aussie, I own Two Falcon’s. One, a 1989 XF Ford Falcon Ute, and the other a 1995 EF Fairmont (the second from top of the range luxury Falcon). These cars represent unbelievable value for money, and for my money, unbeatable reliability. The ute, with little to no maintenaince in nearly three years gets up and goes every morning, with over 250000 kilometres on the clock, and the EF has just clicked over 337000 kilometres and does the same, ive owned it for 5 years and ive replaced a water pump ($130) and two radiator hoses ($36). These cars i believe are up there with the best in the world.

    Just a quick note, The new Ford Ranger, to be released this year or next, im not sure, Is completely designed in Australia, Its good to see that people all over the world will get a chance to see what ford australia is all about. Lets just hope it doesnt turn out to be another EA fail!! (that was a joke for all the aussies out there)

    Up the Falcons!!!

  19. Byron
    Byron at |

    The Ford Focus RS 500 is a beast….

  20. Lumbago
    Lumbago at |

    i have a ford focus, i really love that car, nice performance.

  21. Flaos
    Flaos at |

    Ford Transit and Ford Focus are sold in Brazil too…

  22. Cole
    Cole at |

    The Chevrolet Optra/Lacetti is sold in America as the Suzuki Forenza so yes, you can buy it in America.

  23. zach
    zach at |

    damn you ford! i demand you start making the falcon and the focus rs in the states RIGHT NOW!

  24. Nick
    Nick at |

    Just a little correction: The Ford Focus is indeed sold in South America. I see those every day.

  25. bill
    bill at |

    i will give several hundred dollars for one car since they can not sell it and it is better than nothing and they are ahead of the game.

  26. Jason
    Jason at |

    I don’t mind importing cars from other countries, but I prefer to see more American built American cars sold here in the USA. That means both the USA *and* Canada. That being said, if we *have* to import from anywhere, I’d rather see a car built in Australia than China. If we have to spend a little more, so be it, but I’d rather buy good quality than cheap quality. And besides, I want to support Australian workers.


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