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  • MatthewZD

    Iron Man an anti-hero?? I agree with someone earlier that said he’s the least anti-hero-like on this list.

    I also disagree with including Conan. Yes, he gained popularity thanks to the comic published by Marvel, but he was not an original Marvel creation. He started in pulp magazines in the early 1930s. By the same token, you could count Han Solo since Marvel published the Star Wars comic in the 70s and 80s.

    Drop Iron Man and Conan and add Elektra and someone from Preacher (either Jesse, Cassidy, or the Saint of Killers).

    I was a bit surprised that Deadpool is included on the list, but not Deathstroke the Terminator. I’m assuming the writer dismissed the original because he’s seen as more villain than hero.

  • Jessica26

    Green Arrow should have at least been # 10……..

    GREEN ARROW…………..

  • The Man Who Should Not Be King

    Nice work. Possibly the only comic-character-list-thing I have ever liked. Dunno about conan as number 1. You get all these total bad-asses that everyone are familiar with, as you get down the list you’re guessing who will be number 1, and it’s…conan?

    And now for some helpful hints.

    Drop Conan, Add lobo (not in first place though).

    Put John Constantine in front of Iron Man (he’s a way bigger bastard. He’s also way cooler).

    Deadpool, as a rule, must not come last.

    I’m really uneasy about cat-woman.

    where’s green arrow (the broke, street-wise green arrow that is. Connor Hawke annoyed the @#$%! out of me).

    Where is judge dredd, man? you can’t have cat-woman while not having ol’ dredd.

    But don’t let all that make you take the comment the wrong way. This is a REALLY good list, and best all, Thor isn’t at number 1!

    -The Man Who Must Not Be King (He tolerates you)

  • lord-enten

    No Venom???? Come on, man! Venom is a way cooler anti-hero than Catwoman or Sub-Mariner, for sure! I mean, he’s the “Lethal Protector”! Still, a pretty good list besides that.

  • lobo

    You guys forgot one, a guy that gave Superman a lot of hell, do you all remember LOBO, the main man. Bet you did not even think of him, he was even classified to be an immortal or untouchable by heaven itself, to him hell was a vacation and heaven was a place where he can just cause havoc for the fun of it. Who in their sane minds would take on lobo. Except maybe supergirl who had him wrapped around her little finger and maybe the hulk and perhaps wolverine aswell. So Here’s to lobo.

  • mighty black adam

    no black adam really? he should be top 5…

  • devis

    How is Conan number one in this list. He lacks the depth of many of the other characters on this list.

  • JJ

    Idk man, not a bad list but I HIGHLY disagree with Ironman and Conan too, I don’t think Ironman is an anti-hero, Conan is one, I just don’t like him, I would do it more like this

    10. Deadpool

    9. The Hulk

    8. Ghost Rider

    7. Venom

    6. Moon Knight

    5. Rorschach

    4. Deathstroke

    3. The Punisher

    2. Lobo

    1. Wolverine

    And John Constantine, Elektra, The Comedian, Magneto, Bane, Black Adam, Namor, Catwoman, Black Widow and Gambit would make top 20, Spawn and Dredd too, but you said only Marvel and DC so they don’t count. Oh yeah, you said something about Batman? He’s just about as far away from an anti-hero as they get.

  • JJ

    I would also have included Poison Ivy, I know she’s mostly a villain, but she really wants to save the Eco system (which is a good thing) but she does it in a flawed way, the perfect definition of an anti-hero, and wasn’t she part of a superhero team with Catwoman and Zatanna at some point, I’m pretty sure she was.

  • Rachel

    You gotta include Red X from teen titans

  • Joseph

    Where is Judge Dredd?!?!

  • javier

    gambit?. Ghost rider?

  • Will

    You forgot to add Wonder Woman to this list. She is an anti-hero now.

  • Warrior

    And where’s Lobo? thats greatest bastard of all time!

    • John

      Totally agree – Lobo defines anti-hero!

  • Lori

    Lady Death!

  • MaxP

    Dark Horse’s X should be on the list and should be as popular as Bat Man. He is awesome. The fact he isn’t famous and on the list is criminal! He’s one bad-@$$ anti-hero to be sure!


    Where the hell is Spawn. He is the ultimate anti hero. The guy is a goddamn hell general and soul hunter.

  • Star_Girl

    I saw Punisher on Daredevil, and, well, Dardevil is a vigilante by night, since he beats up a lot of people, even though he should let the law handle it, since he is, after all, a lawyer like Foggy. I don’t like the Punisher’s way of handling things. I mean, it’s one thing if it’s war or if someone is in danger, but other than that, you should let the law handle it.