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  1. Keith Watabayashi
    Keith Watabayashi at |

    Should have been way more specific and said "top ten COMIC BOOK anti-heroes", even though Conan wouldn't count. Great idea for a list but short-sighted in my opinion. Even excluding literature, plays, film, and general mythology/folklore (Pied Piper of Hamlin, Anansi, Hercules, etc.) there are some pretty blaring characters missing. Batman, first and foremost, V from V for Vendetta, Morpheus from Sandman, Jonah Hex, pretty much the entire cast from Preacher, and so on and so on.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Good point, I'm going to rename the list.

    2. katefan
      katefan at |

      Darn it, I thought I had called it "Top Ten Comic Book Anti-Heroes"…

      I had considered Batman for the list but he has a strict code versus killing, as well as being a founding member of the Justice League as well as the patron of the Bat family. The reasons I considered Wolverine belonging at number eight factored into me keeping Batman out of the top ten.

      Your other suggestions are good ones, but I weighed popularity with notoriety and longevity. And in some cases-like Sandman, for example-there has been more than one. Otherwise Grendel may have made the list.

  2. themufc1999
    themufc1999 at |

    Where is Judge Dredd. He'd kick any of the above's asses. Well maybe Rorshach would give him a run for his money.

    1. katefan
      katefan at |

      Sadly, he would have made number ten, if not for that horrible Stallone movie…

  3. Night-Watcher
    Night-Watcher at |

    Elektra is missing , beside ironman doesnt count in my opinion but still good list , thanks for posting

  4. Tom
    Tom at |

    Oh my Gawd you people are geeks! Well, I guess I am too because I kinda thought this list was cool. 🙂

  5. Brendan
    Brendan at |

    How about spawn?

    1. MITCH
      MITCH at |

      seriously spawn is #1 but maybe not well known enough for it but needs to be in the top 10

  6. Des
    Des at |

    No Lobo. Seriously?

    1. CapN
      CapN at |

      I second, and third this one.

      1. 187TripleOG
        187TripleOG at |

        This list is seriously a joke without Lobo…i refuse to even acknowledge this list…dethrone Conan and put the real frag’n bastnitch on number 1. Seriously who wrote this?

  7. katefan
    katefan at |

    In regards to Elektra, I appreciate her part in the MU and as part of Daredevil's mythos, but overall she does not have quite the impact that someone like Catwoman has over the years.

    Spawn. Good choice, and if I had made a top twenty list he probably would be on it.

    Lobo? I like the main man in small amounts and he had his own series and he is as two-dimensional as Deadpool, but DP has had better success.

    1. 187TripleOG
      187TripleOG at |

      Two dimensional? Lobo raised space dophins…have you ever raised a dophin? Lobo whipped everyone in DC..got bored crossed over to marveland kicked Logan in the face..then beat up Santa Claus for good measure.

      Deadpool was forever damned and lost because of his love affair with Death…the actual angel of Death. Just because your not a fan or haven’t read the comics does not mean they are two dimensional.

  8. Comic Book Covers
    Comic Book Covers at |

    I think Iron Man may be the lest anti-hero on this list. I guess his recent actions have him closer than before but I wouldn't consider him an anti-hero. I think Venom is more likely to be on this list. But he switches evil to good to neutral and so forth, so who knows what he is now? Chaotic-Neutral?

  9. Houstonwino
    Houstonwino at |

    No Jonah Hex??? 😉

    I am not much of a comic geek, but I sure love that one when I was a kid.

  10. katefan
    katefan at |

    I went with more than just recent actions. My examples above happened some years ago, when War Machine first appeared back in '92. Then there is the Armor Wars issue and Gremlin's death, which happened before that.

    There was also an Iron Man annual where he teamed up with Captain America and he used a piece of technology to wipe his secret identity from the minds of everyone on the planet who knew it. That happened during the Heroes Return era, so that was maybe ten years ago now?

    So Stark's actions are nothing new, just a little more extreme.

    Venom? He had a big run in the nineties but he simply did not have the legs, there was no longevity to him. Brock is now, what, Anti-Venom? And The Scorpion is now the new Venom? Brock is an also-ran.

    Jonah Hex is an excellent choice. I especially liked the horror western stuff DC published during the nineties. I have been a fan of Tim Truman's art going back to his Grimjack days.

    And darn it, if Grimjack was still being published and written by John Ostrander I would have put him on the list.

  11. Jordor
    Jordor at |

    A great anti-hero, though understandably not on the list, is Penance that arose frome the Marvel Civil War comics. He had his own 5 part storyline thereafter and became a member of the Thunderbolts. Great character with a really dark back story. Look him up!

  12. Schahryar Fekri
    Schahryar Fekri at |


  13. dbjkrbgjkbsjk
    dbjkrbgjkbsjk at |

    Where the hell is Ghost Rider? And the hell is Iron Man an anti hero?

  14. dbjkrbgjkbsjk
    dbjkrbgjkbsjk at |

    Punisher should be #1

  15. lunch
    lunch at |

    really how can spawn not be on this list? prince namor is a punk marvel version of aquaman. spawn is the ultimate antihero

    1. joe
      joe at |

      namor the submariner came first not aquaman. and aqua man came from namor.

  16. Weez
    Weez at |

    in all actuality, this list should be entitled ‘Top Ten Anti-Heroes from marvel and dc’.
    i forgive you, but when are people going to realize that marvel and dc are not the end of the comicbook stand?
    try johnny c. from ‘johnny the homicidal maniac’ by slave labor
    the mask from ‘the mask’ & ‘return of the mask’ by dark horse
    or something from darkhorse that’s a little more mainstream, marv from ‘sin city’

    while i disagree with your pick of iron man, i did enjoy the list. however, i would like to recommend you branch out a little. unless of course you have read the above comics and just didn’t care for them; in which case, we have very different tastes.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Thanks for bringing up these additional characters. Care to write a list, “Top 10 Anti-Heroes Not From Marvel & DC”?

      1. Danman2015
        Danman2015 at |

        I might just take you up on that offer

        1. TopTenz Master
          TopTenz Master at |

          Danman, We pay all first-time writers $15 for any lists we approve and accept. And of course you get the lifetime fame and rewards attached with being a published Toptenz.net writer.

          Seriously, if you want to submit a list for review, send to [email protected]. If we like it, we’ll pay $15 if it is accepted.

        2. Danman2015
          Danman2015 at |

          signed, sealed, and delivered. I mailed it in and I’m only awaiting a response

        3. TopTenz Master
          TopTenz Master at |

          I have it and will be in touch. I want to publish it.

        4. TopTenz Master
          TopTenz Master at |

          Your list has been published: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-anti-heroes-2.php

  17. tjs
    tjs at |

    Wolverine should be at no. 2 or somethin.. deadpool should be up here too..!!

  18. Harley_Quinn27
    Harley_Quinn27 at |

    think you should do a top 10 or worst 10 batman villans one or female comic book charecters one 🙂

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Hi, Harley Quinn 27 – We did do a list of Batman’s Worst Villains – http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-lamest-batman-villains.php

  19. Murphy
    Murphy at |

    Ya fergot to mention the deadliest man in the west, Jonah Hex. Forget the movie ever happened.

  20. reed
    reed at |

    actually, hulks first appearance was in hulk #1 ’62. not tales to astonish

  21. Colleen Walllace
    Colleen Walllace at |

    deadpool or cat woman should have been number one.

  22. Dude
    Dude at |

    No Spawn? Wolverine should be at least at N°2

  23. Dude
    Dude at |

    Ahhhhhhhhhh and you forget LOBO!

  24. Nate
    Nate at |

    This list is missing the best anti-hero of all…. Spawn… seriously who is better ???

  25. penile papules
    penile papules at |

    Damn too many badasses, Hulk definitely takes the cake. Indestructible! The more you push, the harder he pushes back and thats exactly what my mentality is all about!

  26. MatthewZD
    MatthewZD at |

    Iron Man an anti-hero?? I agree with someone earlier that said he’s the least anti-hero-like on this list.

    I also disagree with including Conan. Yes, he gained popularity thanks to the comic published by Marvel, but he was not an original Marvel creation. He started in pulp magazines in the early 1930s. By the same token, you could count Han Solo since Marvel published the Star Wars comic in the 70s and 80s.

    Drop Iron Man and Conan and add Elektra and someone from Preacher (either Jesse, Cassidy, or the Saint of Killers).

    I was a bit surprised that Deadpool is included on the list, but not Deathstroke the Terminator. I’m assuming the writer dismissed the original because he’s seen as more villain than hero.

  27. Jessica26
    Jessica26 at |

    Green Arrow should have at least been # 10……..

    GREEN ARROW…………..

  28. The Man Who Should Not Be King
    The Man Who Should Not Be King at |

    Nice work. Possibly the only comic-character-list-thing I have ever liked. Dunno about conan as number 1. You get all these total bad-asses that everyone are familiar with, as you get down the list you’re guessing who will be number 1, and it’s…conan?

    And now for some helpful hints.

    Drop Conan, Add lobo (not in first place though).

    Put John Constantine in front of Iron Man (he’s a way bigger bastard. He’s also way cooler).

    Deadpool, as a rule, must not come last.

    I’m really uneasy about cat-woman.

    where’s green arrow (the broke, street-wise green arrow that is. Connor Hawke annoyed the @#$%! out of me).

    Where is judge dredd, man? you can’t have cat-woman while not having ol’ dredd.

    But don’t let all that make you take the comment the wrong way. This is a REALLY good list, and best all, Thor isn’t at number 1!

    -The Man Who Must Not Be King (He tolerates you)

  29. lord-enten
    lord-enten at |

    No Venom???? Come on, man! Venom is a way cooler anti-hero than Catwoman or Sub-Mariner, for sure! I mean, he’s the “Lethal Protector”! Still, a pretty good list besides that.

  30. lobo
    lobo at |

    You guys forgot one, a guy that gave Superman a lot of hell, do you all remember LOBO, the main man. Bet you did not even think of him, he was even classified to be an immortal or untouchable by heaven itself, to him hell was a vacation and heaven was a place where he can just cause havoc for the fun of it. Who in their sane minds would take on lobo. Except maybe supergirl who had him wrapped around her little finger and maybe the hulk and perhaps wolverine aswell. So Here’s to lobo.

  31. mighty black adam
    mighty black adam at |

    no black adam really? he should be top 5…

  32. devis
    devis at |

    How is Conan number one in this list. He lacks the depth of many of the other characters on this list.

  33. JJ
    JJ at |

    Idk man, not a bad list but I HIGHLY disagree with Ironman and Conan too, I don’t think Ironman is an anti-hero, Conan is one, I just don’t like him, I would do it more like this

    10. Deadpool

    9. The Hulk

    8. Ghost Rider

    7. Venom

    6. Moon Knight

    5. Rorschach

    4. Deathstroke

    3. The Punisher

    2. Lobo

    1. Wolverine

    And John Constantine, Elektra, The Comedian, Magneto, Bane, Black Adam, Namor, Catwoman, Black Widow and Gambit would make top 20, Spawn and Dredd too, but you said only Marvel and DC so they don’t count. Oh yeah, you said something about Batman? He’s just about as far away from an anti-hero as they get.

  34. JJ
    JJ at |

    I would also have included Poison Ivy, I know she’s mostly a villain, but she really wants to save the Eco system (which is a good thing) but she does it in a flawed way, the perfect definition of an anti-hero, and wasn’t she part of a superhero team with Catwoman and Zatanna at some point, I’m pretty sure she was.

  35. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    You gotta include Red X from teen titans

  36. Joseph
    Joseph at |

    Where is Judge Dredd?!?!

  37. javier
    javier at |

    gambit?. Ghost rider?

  38. Will
    Will at |

    You forgot to add Wonder Woman to this list. She is an anti-hero now.

  39. Warrior
    Warrior at |

    And where’s Lobo? thats greatest bastard of all time!

    1. John
      John at |

      Totally agree – Lobo defines anti-hero!

  40. Lori
    Lori at |

    Lady Death!

  41. MaxP
    MaxP at |

    Dark Horse’s X should be on the list and should be as popular as Bat Man. He is awesome. The fact he isn’t famous and on the list is criminal! He’s one [email protected]$$ anti-hero to be sure!


    Where the hell is Spawn. He is the ultimate anti hero. The guy is a goddamn hell general and soul hunter.

  43. Star_Girl
    Star_Girl at |

    I saw Punisher on Daredevil, and, well, Dardevil is a vigilante by night, since he beats up a lot of people, even though he should let the law handle it, since he is, after all, a lawyer like Foggy. I don’t like the Punisher’s way of handling things. I mean, it’s one thing if it’s war or if someone is in danger, but other than that, you should let the law handle it.

  44. yoppie osborn
    yoppie osborn at |

    you forgot New Goblin in Spiderman 3 (2007). Harry Osborn is Peter Parker’s best friend.
    he is one of the marvel’s anti heroes.


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