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  1. Rob at |

    Foreigner had 36 different members since 1976, according to Wikipedia. Only one original member, Kick Jones, remains.

    1. Rob at |

      Sorry, Mick Jones. Autocorrect got me.

  2. jimbotbay at |

    LMAOOOOO @ syd barrett as an original member of pink floyd…. total BS.

  3. james at |

    (1) Black Sabbath / lost Ozzy and got Ronnie James Dio…. then lost Ronnie and got Ian Gillian , then back to Dio Then Ozzy ,Then Rob Halford(Judas Priest) , Then Dio again , then Ozzy again… not to mention all the drummers , singers , and even bass guitarists that the band went through……i loved the Ozzy line-up but can’t deny how they kept going and stayed big

    (2) Beatles / (Maybe) — they lost Pete Best and got Ringo…. might … they did record stuff… some of it is hard to find but they did record…..

    (3) Fleetwood Mac / They had a few line-up changes and lost a multitude Frontmen too……

    (4) The yardbirds / (i forget) to Jeff Beck to Jimmy Page

    (5) The Jimmy Hendrix Experience lost Noel Redding and kept on a-going…..

    Pink Floyd also lost Bob Close just before fame came along….

  4. blue yoshi at |

    HEART. they don`t even have 1 founding member. the last one left in 1982.
    the oldest member is ann wilson who joined in 1972, 5 years later

    1. Tanya Bennett at |

      Wow – that rocked my world – I just checked and the Wilson sisters were not in the original line-up – thanks for sharing!

  5. stan at |

    Iron Maiden has had 3 different lead singers, Paul Di’Anno, Bruce Dickinson and Blayze Bayley and several different people on drums and guitar and they’re still around and very popular.


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