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  • ParusMajor

    Women are awesome. I love women. ALL of you! Except you, my ex-girlfiend. You’re horrible.

    • Jenken Jones

      Billions of people at the time. Why all white?

      • Martin Fierro

        you name 10 from he nineteenth century that are not white

      • Ã?lvaro

        and also why all British?

        • Ifonlystupiditybecamameatumor

          They weren’t all British, knuckle-head. I hope you noticed that some of them lived in the south and had strong opinions on slavery.

  • mts1

    No mention of Lola Montez, or the greatest actress who ever lived, the divine Sarah Bernhardt? How about sharpshooter and sharp looking Annie Oakley from the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show? What a sorry excuse for a list.

    • There can be only 10, but you certainly name some worthy and beautiful additions.

  • partlydave

    Where is the most beautiful woman of the 19th century–Jennie Jerome Churchill, mother of Winston? Google her and you’ll see what I mean.