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  1. auto devis
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    There are many more that are so bad they are good

  2. Tpinz
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    To be fair in number 2, “and they believe things like yo-yo’s work perfectly as weapons.” Yo-yo’s were originally designed as weapons.

  3. schuyler
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    Gantkusuo: The Count of Monte Cristo is a really awesome anime. The adaptation is ridiculous, but the style and execution is really amazing i think. It’s one of the last anime’s i cared about before i stopped watching all the crap they spew out today. Also, it was made by GONZO and released by Geneon before they went under. Just about all anime’s made by GONZO are of high quality. I’d say this one, Last Exile, and Blue Submarine No.6 are their best works.

    Ah, and as for weird remakes but one’s I enjoyed as a child there are the shows Super Book and Flying House. I grew up watching those two shows on local Christian tv stations. They were shows about the children to ended up going back in time to the days of the Bible. Most episodes had them encoutering different era’s of the Old and New Testament and meeting famous Bible characters like Joesph, King David, and Job. Of course way back then I didn’t know it was an anime, nor what the heck anime was, but I always had in the back of my mind that these shows were of a different creation. lol

  4. MagzOAT
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    Romeo & Juliet AND Count of Montecristo aren’t “ridiculous”. They use the original story and create something completely different out of it. Just because it’s inspired by them doesn’t make them ridiculous. Count of Montecristo has an amazing and different style and animation, and Romeo and Juliet is still a lovely and tragic story. If people wanted the originals, they wouldn’t be watching the anime about them, they would just read the books.

    As for the PPG anime, excuse me but was the original cartoon so deep that it lost some kind of meaning with the anime? I wouldn’t call it ridiculous. It just follows the same magical girl concept anime has followed for years.

  5. Garrett
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    Although Gankutsuou (The Count of Monte Cristo) does become quite ridiculous, I believe that out of all of the adaptations of this superlative novel, it ranks among the very best. It adapts the story, true, but it maintains the core, maintaining the relationships in the novel, which are one of its key aspects. It’s a bit hard on the eyes, but I felt it did a wonderful job of portraying the downfall of Edmond Dantes, and his subsequent realisation that he is not the hand of God. His redemption is lost in the adaptation, but still, I rate this as among the best of the many adaptations, and required viewing if you enjoy the novel.

  6. Barry Brien
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    Starship Troopers is “infamously so bad it’s good”? What are you basing this on? Sheer personal opinion? It has a 7.1 rating on IMDb, it received good, and bad reviews upon release, but is now considered a minor cult classic.

    1. FMH
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      But don’t you wonder why it got that much credit? I for myself still wonder how much of the movie is meant serious and how much is satire. Considering Heinlein’s political opinion, nothing of it would be satire, but I don’t think that’s how the director saw it.

  7. annie
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    I don’t know why but I really found the anime adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo very likable and good. I enjoyed watching from the very beginning to the end. It was pretty unique and creative as well. The style and art was the first thing I noticed and initially hated but gradually loved the peculiar style as well as the story. I also enjoyed the mechas. Mechas are awesome! XD

  8. Bree
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    While I haven’t seen Gankutsuou myself, I’ve heard that’s it’s really good.
    RomeoXJuliet, on the other hand, I have seen. And it’s awesome. Not the best or even among the best adaptations of the play, I’ll give you that, But still awesome.
    Also; why on earth did you use the German opening?

  9. snooping58173
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    I didn’t expect PPGZ to make the list. I mean, it messed up the original, but I thought Wolverine and Starship Troopers were the gag numbers. It doesn’t really fit in. Hammers, Yo-Yos and Bubbles seem kinda normal for Japan. I kinda was expecting Dragon Ball to make the list, since it came from an adaption of Journey to the West.

    Dragon Ball was always beyond ridiculous, but in a good way.

    Oh right, and there was this Japanese version of TMNT where they end up in space fighting a fairy. It was terrible, but at least the animation stuck to the old cartoon.

    …wait, you watch PPG??

  10. HJF
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    Hey, now, Gankutsuou is pretty amazing, for all that it descends into general craziness. The animation is beautiful and it actually retains a decent core of the original Story. That’s something that can’t be said for a lot of adaptations. It does this while adding new elements, too, which certainly made it fit better into its chosen universe.

    Though, of course, if they could have done it without the mecha battle, that would have been fantastic. That was terribly out of place, even the sci-fi universe it’s set in. Just too ostentatious, and a bit out of the blue.

  11. Io
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    peter pan monogatari was quite enjoyable as a kid the whole luna story arc was great

  12. the voice of the voiceless
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    The Anime was adapted for Oriental people for know our habits and Stories so may be different, these adjustments are often made ??to raise awareness of different stories in different places, For exemple the Marvel for enter in the oriental it used the transposition at Anime, do not spit on what is not appears like a typical American film or cartoon, this is a ignorant discrimination

  13. ACLR
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    Yea, i hate when japs make american series

  14. oop
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    This is a terribly old post, but seeing as it was never updated, I’ll go on ahead and be /that/ guy. The Peter Pan anime version’s ending actually stuck very close to the original play/novel. Indeed, Peter only returns for Wendy a couple times in spring – as he has no concept of time – and later returns when she’s all grown up and far too old to go with him. He weeps, and Jane, Wendy’s daughter, offers to go with them. Thus, the cycle continues.

    That being said, I do generally agree with the rest of the points (albeit they came off as very roughly-handled in terms of approach). I don’t understand why in the world anime adaptions of tales such as Aladdin or Alice in Wonderland tend to come off as so far-fetched and stray shamelessly away from the material’s themes. They have this popular thing over there where they transform Japanese WWII warships into teenage anime girls. Then again, people in America have transformed fairytale characters to teenagers for the children audience in a high school, shallow setting.


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