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7 Responses

  1. Jason at |

    Its crazy to think how some of this stuff moves! I could never see myself owning something that draws that much attention.

  2. Tom at |

    Great list. :)

  3. Dushtu Cheley at |

    CORRECTION: The last picture is NOT from INDIA rather BANGLADESH. The Caption should have read Custom Rickshaws (Bangladesh)

    1. Tanya Bennett at |

      Thank you for pointing that out – since custom rickshaws are in both countries, I added Bangladesh to the heading. Thanks for reading our top 10 lists :)

  4. dawnga at |

    great list. To each his own i guess

  5. gener8 at |

    Nice compilation.. It’s amazing how much time end energy people put into their vehicles. The Japanese are pretty big into custom vans also.

  6. anon at |

    rickshaws are always customized, thus there is no customized rickshaws, as there is no “normal” rickshaw.


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