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  • 5minutes

    You forgot to list Barack Obama and his dedication to Islam… (ducks rocks thrown from the left side of the room)…

    Seriously, tho, does any reasonable person actually think that being religious means you have to toe the line on your political affiliation? Of course not. But it IS telling that a major political party essentially had to use vote fraud three times at its convention in order to include the word “God” in their platform, thereby infuriating a growing number of not just atheistic, but anti-theism members.

  • steve

    I’m surprised you could FIND ten.

    • daniel

      Perhaps they could do 10 on Republicans who ACT as if they believe in God. No way they could find 10 of those…

      • Haha, good one

      • marc

        man im sure you can find bad people everywhere, but in the demon party you cant find even one good or decent politician. some are evil, some are stupid, most are both

  • daniel

    Lets not forget Wilson famous antisemitism and overall racist ideology.

  • marc

    you cant be serious. there are no democrats that are children of God. jesse jackass, who are you trying to kid here. the demonrats support the planned parenthood death camps which have murdered more people the the nazi camps by a factor of ten. the dems stand against everything the bible stands for.

    • abortion isn’t explicitly mentioned in the bible. you think your side has a monopoly on the view of abortion?

      • marc

        but murder is mr lack of all wisdom

        • FMH

          Not really. Killing in general is forbidden in the comandments, which contradicts the parts where the bible demands death penalty for such terrible crimes like disobeying your parents.

          • marc

            murdering innocent people who cant defend themselves is a crime against humanity. its murder thats forbidden not execution of criminals. but you need wisdom to understand that

            • FMH

              I could agree on the point of that it might be a crime against humanity – but the bible does not make a difference between different kinds of killing in the comandments. It just says “Thou shalt not kill”. Though that this can be understood as banning of unlawful killing, just look at the killings the bible rates as ok: There we have slaying the wives and children of your enemies, for example or stoning your children to death for simple disobedience. Is your child a criminal for disobeying?
              The definition of a crime in the bible is likely one of the worst. You can’t use the bible as a source of morale today without bending it until it breaks.

            • FMH

              Not that some Christians aren’t completely content with bending the bible until it fits, because it would be a very awful and cruel religion without doing so.

  • Hard to call Kennedy Catholic. I don’t fault a guy that much for erring in fidelity to his wife, but Kennedy clearly treated marriage and women as a joke.

  • FMH

    I’m really glad that religion plays almost no role in politics of my country, even though the biggest conservative party still has “christian” in its name.
    The problem with religion-guided politics is always that they tend to forget that they also work for people of different religions and atheists.

  • marc

    actually fmh it says do not murder not do not kill. and ill agree that not every one who says they are christian are christians. im not defending priests and soldiers who murder in the name of God. im defending the innocent who have harmed no one and are murdered for convenience. and that practice is defended by dems. pelosi a so called catholic, jesse jackass a so called evangelical, lieberman a jew, reid a mormon and obama a muslim all approve of partial birth abortion. thats sticking a tube in a babys head and sucking the brains out. please, go ahead, tell me what the nazis did that was worse.

  • devis

    Billy Graham really surprised me I always thought he was very right wing in his views. I guess we learn something everyday

  • fdx

    Interesting list. I’m not sure how believing in god or not makes you a better politician, it should be a personal choice just like your sexual orientation.

  • Tom

    I know I’m probably being Captain Obvious by stating this, but: one can be a Christian politician without being a social conservative, or progressive for that matter. Ron Paul is an interesting example.

    However it seems that in the US, “Christian” almost by necessity implies “social conservative.” I guess the Democrats don’t want that image, especially on issues like gay-marriage.