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  • Lanerios

    Nice another list that seems to be copied straight from another site that had a liqour like list earlier this week. At least 2 or 3 descriptions are exactly the same.
    I expected more..

    • Well, I can tell you this list was submitted to me on August 17. We have a backlog so lists are usually written long before they are posted. With that in mind, this list couldn’t have been copied from a list posted last week. All the writers on this site know not to plagiarize, but there will be similarities between sites on the Internet as their sources may be the same.

      I ran this list through and it didn’t detect any copies. Please email me the URL of the list you feel was copied and I will investigate this further. email me at Our lists are copied without permission constantly, I would never knowingly allow this happen on

      • Sheila

        Man, I love this site!!!

        • Finally, someone admits they love this site other than me. Sheila, you and I will have to start a fan club. 😉

  • Dan

    Infected Whitehead made me want to throw up. Cottage cheese???

    Although it’s not disgusting per se, I just got back from Mexico where I was introduced to Tequila Diablos. This is a shot of Tequila with a habanero pepper in it. It is…..something else, to put it mildly. And it’s anything but mild!

  • Maggy

    One of my friends was given a Prarie Fire shot on her 21st birthday. She barfed it up immediately. I was pleased to see it on the list because no one every seems to have heard of this shot when I bring it up in casual conversation.

  • touchofgrey

    I have a friend that came up with a “chewbacca” shot. It is made in a jaegerbomb cup. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in the outer ring, jaeger in the middle, with hot sauce splashed on the top. After you drink it, you make the sound that Chewbacca made in Star Wars (not going to attempt to spell it out here). Horrifying.

  • Susan

    I have to admit, Alligator Sperm doesn’t sound to bad when you hear what’s in it, but the name is disgusting..

  • Shawnaaa

    @Susan, I agree. If I drank I would probably try it.

  • s rutter

    Man the names are sick the “Bloody Tampon” and the “Infected Whitehead” are the worst. Arrrrr

  • Jenni

    Smokers Cough: Jager and mayonnaise.

    Bloody Fetus: vodka, Baily’s and a splash of grenadine…..yummy

    • What you called the Bloody Fetus, we called the Brain Hemorrage.

  • Adam

    Absolutely cant stand the tapeworm shot. I was tricked into drinking it once.

  • Serginho

    The infamous Gorilla Fart (151 and Wild Turkey) deserves dishonorable mention.

  • Rockslim

    They should have added the snake shot!

    I had it in a bar in korea, it’s a shot from a bottle of soju that has a real venomous snake marinating in the bottle. Once you get past the tiny bit of venom, and the small chunks of snake carcass, it’s still just as bad as you would think….

  • Anonymous

    they used feaces?

  • chris

    Prairie fires aren’t so bad, hot sauce masks the alcohol a fair bit and makes your stomach nice and warm. I like to do a triple shot of jim beam rye with 5 tablespoons of tabasco in a lowball glass

  • lookin4trace

    i’ve had most of these.. except for the nj turnpike.

    but there is a bus boy drink where you take all the left overs and pour them into a blender…

    hold your nose!

  • Kevin John Braid

    alligator one would be good if the cream was left out lol, im guessing its midori