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  • Simon

    Handt heard some of those sex reassignment facts, very interesting. But I guess they’d be happy to have a vagina anyway. Great article though, although it made me very uncomfortable at times 😛

    • Jim Ciscell

      Don’t worry, its my understand that even TopTenz Master had a very similiar reaction when first reading the list.

      • I haven’t uncrossed my legs since reading it. Makes walking harder, but it’s worth it.

        • Simon

          lol at the above comment. But I’m very glad the article was sensitive about transgenderism but still managed to be factual and funny. I’m still in awe of John Wayne Bobitt. No idea what was going on there

  • Paul. A

    A man in Montreal underwent surgery to become a woman. When asked what was the most difficult part of the operation, he replied that it was when they removed half his brain.

    • From Tokyo

      Don’t you mean “the OTHER half of his brain”?

  • David

    what has been seen, cannot be unseen

  • A few years ago I read of a man in Italy who very unfortunately had cancer in his penis. It had to be removed for fear of the cancer spreading. They neuro-surgeons came up with an idea. They consulted with the man and agreed on the procedure that the surgeons were going to perform. Into the OR they went and put the man under anesthesia. They removed the penis and then they removed his middle finger from his right hand and reattached the middle finger to the penile area. When the procedure ended and a few days of observation in the hospital, the man had a “new” functioning penis that could urinate and become erect when aroused.

    • Paul. A

      Don’t believe everything you read.
      Salut Pierre.

    • Peter Boucher

      Well Paul, a face transplant was successfully done in France, so there’s some food for thought for you

      • RettaMichaels

        Yes, when I die, I want my face transplanted on my other half’s penis! That way, when he wakes up in the morning I’ll still get all the attention I got when I was alive!…The old fugger!

    • ParusMajor

      As much as I’d like that to be true, just in case my penis ever gets removed (oh please God don’t let that ever happen), it cannot be. A middle finger (or any finger for that matter) cannot replace a penis, because… Oh, I get it, you were joking. The man in Italy. That always gets me. Everything happens to da man in Italy. My brain was so stunned and horrified by this list that it couldn’t recognize humour no mo.

      • Simon

        the face transplants that have been done haven’t been fully functional. More importantly, you have a bone running in the middle of your finger, not a urethra. and don’t bother making a “boner-oner” joke, its not clever. reality is, just cos a finger and a penis kind of look the same, they’re not, and either you’re lying or the person who told you that is

        • Peter Boucher

          @ Simon and @ Paul A. Please look up the following Medical term. An “Allograft” A surgical procedure was done on a 44 year old man in Guangzhou, China where he had a penis transplant where the penis that was used was from a 22 year old Brain-Dead patient. The 44 year old man lost most of his penis in an accident. The transplant was successful but he then suffered from psychological trauma. Look up the medical term “Penectomy” the removal of the penis mainly due to cancer in the penis itself. Look up the medical term “Phalloplasty” A medical procedure where the construction of a penis is done. The first man to have the procedure done was a man named Michael Dillon in 1946. The Doctor who did the procedure was a Dr. Harold Gillies and is documented in a book entitled “The First Man-Made Man” by author Pagan Kennedy. Then go to your google search engine and type in “Finger Transplant In The Creation And Reconstruction Of The Penis” hit enter and you will read a commentary by a man named R.T. Adamian and read that it is possible to have the middle finger used as a transplant for the penis that is fully functional and can urinate and ejaculate. My source ? The Wikipedia. So, with that in mind Mr. Simon, don’t call me a liar. Call the Wikipedia the liar which is highly doubtful that the Wikipedia would lie. And to Mr. Paul A. look it up for yourself. And Salut to you. Parlez-vous Francais ? Je parle le Francais facile. Mon pere etait un professeur de francais pour 35 ans.

  • Daniel

    looks like thisll be one of those days

  • auto devis

    am I the only one who was saying ouch while reading this article

  • Jessy

    I had to read this while eating didn’t I? Haha

    • I only hope you weren’t eating a banana, hot dog, cucumber, brat wurst or Popsicle. 😉

      • ParusMajor

        You’ve got a dirty mind, TopTenzMaster! 😀

    • Side Effects

      LOL one of the many side effects of exposure to obscenity :p

  • Peter Boucher

    So what was Rasputin’s Nickname ? Could it have been “Tripod” ??

  • Ibexxx

    oh noes. fistula? THAT is gross. And I watch human dissections whilst eating my dinner. Gah. Also, hair inside? uh uh uh. Nononono. Imagine all the gross dischargey sweaty stuff… BLAH! Take a sex change if you want ofc, but you know. Think about how it sucks. I cant imganine how i would feel if i was a man in my womans (girls) body. But if equally bad side effects would happen, I would kind of think of embracing the fact that my body has nothing to do with my mind. You dont need to conform with you physical sex.

  • VL

    First, I read a top ten foods they most-likely serve in hell, and then thiiiiiiiiiiis.