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  • someone

    I know this is old but I came accross this article in my reasearch and wanted to add a bit on it to the part about Poland, here is a bit of info from the “source”:The Czieszyn area was given to Poland in trust as result of the
    Versailles Treaty. It was to be decided by plebicite who would finally
    control the area. In 1920 Poland was involved in a major war with Soviet
    Russia. The Czechs took the opportunity to send in their military and
    occupy the area by force. Polish soldiers and police died as a result.
    Additionally, the Czechs denied any rail traffic to Poland to cross
    their territory. When Hitler made his move against the Czechs, Poland
    took the idea that better to get their territory back than give it to
    Hitler. Strange that the Czechs attitude was what it was. Both Poland
    and Czechoslovakia were new countries formed as result of the Versailles
    Treaty. The Czechs were hard bitten Socialists and they saw Poland as
    Nationalistic and right wing despite it being the most multicultural
    country in Europe. So, I guess, they were not about to have anything to
    do with the Poles. Better to lose their country to the Fascists than
    ally themselves with a country they have been neighbors with for a
    thousand year. I would call this a mental derangement.