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  • elcucuyfeo

    Everyone is a fan of Free Speech, Until someone actually uses it.

    • redstick

      Part of free speech is taking the flak when it all goes pear-shaped. Truman said something about “kitchen” and “heat”, as I remember….

  • hellslave

    I wouldn’t consider a lot of these entries to be racists at all. If making a statement that can be considered by some people to be “racist” MAKES them a racist, then I must be religious for every time I “pray to God” for something, or for using any other religion-themed phrasing. …and by the way, when you think about it, The Greek’s comment actually makes quite a bit of sense.

    • Greg

      But if you happen to suggest that whites are smarter or better than blacks in anyway, then you’re the devil. What a double standard.

      • redstick

        Wow….Just…wow. I’m assuming that you gents are of the Caucasian persuasion.

    • Sethicus

      I agree that Greek’s comments make sense… a little. Years of slavery probably had a little effect on the physical make-up of modern black people, that is just evolution in action. Living in certain conditions and then passing useful traits down to the next generation through heredity is fact and is one huge factor of evolution. This applies to every race too, evolution does not discriminate… but Greek also lived during a time when we knew a lot less about evolution… or else he would have realized 200 years as a slave did little for creating the modern black athlete than thousands or even millions of years living in Africa… He implied blacks are better than whites at athletics and he implied that white americans are somehow the creators of the modern black athlete, this is false. He is drawing a harsh line between races when in reality there is as much variation between white people and other white people (or any other race) as there is among white people and black people… this is especially true as time goes on and races blend.

  • Voorhees

    I dont care if a person is racist, just keep it to yourself. If you hate black people or jews, fine. Just dont communicate it with verbal or physical attacks against those groups you hate.

  • Steve

    First of all : all respect to all Religions and Races.
    To be honest , what David Duke said about Jews is 100% true in the US.
    All Media , Economy etc… are 75% run by Jews.
    While USA pays Billions to Israel, Many Americans are homeless and without Medical care.
    Hope one day Americans will Wake up and stop being ruled from others.
    Peace ..

    • redstick

      I’m from Louisiana, and David Duke is a spent case, a joke that no one is interested in. Your comment tells us more about you than Duke. Show us some evidence, right? It’s beside the point, but interesting to compare Duke before and after his plastic surgery.

  • Spocker

    I don’t know if I would consider Rob Parker a racist. He is just an idiot. I mean, how can you be a racist toward your own race? All he was trying to do was compare RG III to a certain image of a black man in the black community, which is just stereotyping, in my book. Granted, it was a stupid comparision, but that doesn’t make him a racist.

    • captain

      exactly, however people tend to blur the line between stereotyping and racism. Which in my honest opinion is ridiculous. I can’t say i would consider paula dean telling a “racial joke” as racist. The basis for all jokes is racists, sexist, or stereotype invoking which is what gives the joke it’s punch. If say a joke of this sort classifies a person as racist 100% of the population is a racist and/or bigot. However the wedding comment (which i haven’t seen quoted) took it a little too far. Though like i said i haven’t seen this quoted so i can’t say how true it is none the less it was an extremely wrong comment.

  • 5minutes

    David Duke was never a serious contender for the Presidency. He was always a fringe candidate no matter what party he ran with.

  • Hellion

    Let’s face it. Racism will never go away. There isn’t a technology that we can obtain to end racism. Being that like corruption, racism isn’t going to ever go away at least we can minimalize it and the only way possible to do that would be through humor and not denial.

  • Kidbluboo

    ok… so for the last entry, even though it may have not been clearly stated in our american history books, it is a fact that slaves, no matter what race, be it african, jew, european or whatever race, they were picked by how strong and healthy they were because they were used as cheap/free labor??? so because some ‘famous’ person decides to say what he learned in school, albeit in a non-politically correct way, he’s a racist? really, everyone is ‘racist’ and ‘biased’ towards alot of things. just the people who actually have the balls to say it get crucified for speaking their mind. if you want to say something non-politically correct, leave it at the dinner table or with other people who think like you do.

  • David Williams

    An otherwise fine list is marred by the inclusion of Al Campanis. Everyone in the Dodger organization knew that Al had a habit of malapropism — using the wrong words to say what he thought. What I remember, and what everyone else seems to have forgotten, was that after this on-air error, the black players on the Dodgers stood up for Campanis, saying that he was not a racist AT ALL. Davey Lopes said that when he was coming up throught the Dodgers minor league system, the best friend that the young black players had was Al Campanis. Al Campanis was also a former teammate and personal friend of Jackie Robinson, who is not remembered as a man who easily befriended racists. Hasn’t his reputation been smeared long enough? I hate racists, but Campanis doesn’t fit into that category.

  • becca

    Don Imus doesn’t really belong on here or at least not so high. What he did wasn’t really racist. It was a comment that was meant to be controversial (as he was supposed to do since that was his job) that was perhaps a bit too far but people just blew it way out of proportion. If he has said similar remarks to any other race no one would have thought any thing of it.
    Also the details about his lawsuit are wrong. He sued because they violated their contract. It explicitly said that he hired to make “irreverent” and “controversial” comments. That’s why CBS settled.

    • redstick

      Well, he succeeded, didn’t he? Stop apologizing for the guy; he knew the job was dangerous when he took it. You juggle enough hand grenades, you should not be astounded when one blows up on you.

  • bri

    If Paula Deen is a racist for saying “nigger”, then any rapper ever is a racist

  • bri

    And Hispanics and Jews arent races, not to defend the comments. Just saying.

  • Aileen Nelms

    I am not a racist in any fashion. I accept everyone for who they are as people no matter the color. That being said, that does not mean I might have never made an offbeat joke about someone’s race. Everyone has done it and if they say they haven’t then they are lying. Just because these people are in the spot light does not make them less human. We are entitled to our opinions no matter who we are even if it’s a racist remark here and there. I’m sorry, but I believe our world has become too PC where no one can state an opinion about someone else, whether right or wrong in the public view, because of PC terms. We are becoming a society of people who have to follow one way or be ostracized from society. We are not the stepford wives or clones. Free speech is still free speech. if you don’t like what you see on tv, change the channel. If you don’t like what you hear on the radio, change the channel. If you’re in front of someone who is upsetting you, walk away.

    • Rich

      They should put an asterisk at the end of the 1st Amendment and it should read something like this
      *This does not include any comments about people who feel like they have been royally screwed because of something that happened to their (presumably) ancestors hundreds and hundred of years ago. It does, however, include the ability of the aforementioned race(s) to refer to each other using the same “names” which are offensive to them if anybody else uses them. Double standards should be completely ignored.

  • Jayln

    I don’t think Paula Deen is racist because she said Nigger but her ideal of a slave wedding shows her true colors. And why is Jimmy the Greek number 1? That’s some real truth he said, it’s just one of the genetic problems caused by slavery. The same way that African Americans are more likely to get heart disease then any other race.

  • Ronnie

    Another dumb list just to make up lists. Sometimes lists are just better off unlisted.

  • Feta

    Jimmy the Greek was actually right. If a black person said it it wouldnt be rascist, right? Just because hes Greek and talks about blacks doesnt make him rascist. I agree with Ronnie and Bri. I’m black and HATE how sensitive blacks are toward rascism. If I had more common sense, I wouldnt have read through all of them. I was debating on if it was even worth commenting on.

  • Tony Dee

    You forgot the biggest racist of them all! Al sharp tongue!!! He has caused more stirred up hate then the rest put together! Get real!!


    Where is Floyd “MON-k-EY” Gayweather?

  • joe

    How is Chris Rock and Spike Lee not on this list? They’re real racists not someone who used a racist word 20 years ago.

  • I_booom5245

    Why isn’t Adolf Hitler on here?
    He hated other races so much he wanted to KILL them.

  • Racism is not cool

    Why isn’t Donald trump on here is is the most racist person you’ll ever meet