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  • Kostas Athanasiadis

    Great stuff but … where's Mike the headless chicken?

  • Paul

    Is it true that that Lazarus (#1) used sing, “He’s not heavy he’s my half brother” ?

  • scudder

    You've got a lot of errors in your 'reporting.' I haven't even checked the always questionable Wikipedia, but know that P.T. Barnum was active in the 1800s not the 1700s (a fact you said in the previous item!) and the Elephant Man was John Merrick not Joseph.

    And what exactly are your criteria for naming any of these the 'top ten?' I suspect the list only exists so you can post a pic of Chelsea Charms again on the site!

    • JT

      General Tom Thumb (January 4, 1838 – July 15, 1883) so definitely 1800s, not 1700s as the post says.

      Joseph & John Merrick are actually both correct. Joesph was his name in real life, John in the movie.

      "The fact that Chelsea Charms claims to have never undergone any sort of breast augmentation surgery." is laughable! Her own FAQ on her website has MULTIPLE questions about her implants, including: "How many surgeries? I’ve gone under the knife three times. The first boosted me to an E cup. The second to an HH." So those XXX are the 3rd implants she's had.

      It's not Top Tenz, I love the site. This writer Jesse Stretch is just a crappy writer, his lists always have a lot of inaccurate "facts".

  • Lex

    Chelsea Charms!? Why is she even on this list? Sure her cans are ridiculously huge but that's not anything "freak show" worthy. There are tons off huge breasted women out there, whether they're real or not. Speaking of which, she is such a LIAR to claim those silicone sacks to be real!

    • JT

      She NEVER claimed they were real, this writer just always makes up whatever he wants.

    • Dane

      She is quite open about the fact that they are implants. She has publicly stated that each implant weighs 26 lbs. So don;t be calling her a liar when it’s the writer who doesn’t have the facts.

  • Zane

    Dr. Treves, in his memoirs, refers to Merrick as "John." This has often led to confusion about Merrick's true name, which was Joseph

    • Patti

      Congrats on getting the history correct.

      As for his intelligence, there is evidence based on the doctors, nurses, and dignitaries that visited him that said that he was of average intelligence. To say his mental abilities varied I think is incorrect. Certainly most of his visitors thought him intelligent and gentle…a tiny amount of research would prove that.

  • Marilyn

    In the forties and early fifties, I saw a lot of freak shows. I remember a man with no arms who could feed and dress himself with his feet. What was really amazing about him is he could write and TYPE with his toes!!! Saw a man who was billed as the wolf man because the thick hair all over his body, including his face and neck. There were many other unfortunate people who had to go on display to support themselves. Very sad. But I admired the man who could write and type with his toes.

  • taryn

    she has had MULTIPLE breast augmentation.

  • Plastische Chirurgie

    A few I’ve heard about, but certainly not Chelsea and The Elephant Man. Great list, certainly original as I’ve seen others that has different freak shows in it.

    Oh and Taryn is right, she has had multiple surgeries indeed!

  • Bobby Jim

    According to Chelsea Charms’ own website’s splash page, she’s billed as “augmented”. If you want to see a real NATURAL giant breast freakshow, look up The Amazing Boobzilla, her boobs have their own act!

  • The Amazing Boobzilla

    The fact that Chelsea is advertised as a freakshow act is crap. She’s just another Busty Heart, as in she’s just another chick with fake tits (she even admits on her own website that they’re fake) who is also another dancer. I don’t have anything against dancers, but really, don’t put labels on things that don’t belong.

    My boobs are all natural, and I work in a sideshow where my boobs have their own act. It’s just them, and their all natural glory. Check for yourself, at

    • Anonymous

      U rock… Chelsea sucks…. : ) keep doin’ you’re thing!!

  • barry

    decent list. my fav of all time is probably ella the camel girl from the harris nickel plate shows…

  • Carolyn

    Everything you said about Tom Thumb is inaccurate, it was well into the 1800’s not the 1700’s and he was an adult when he worked with PT Barnum, He actually made a lot of money for those days and lived a very comfortable life. In those days, as you say, he was otherwise unemployable so PT Barnum helped him the best life he could have for those times. he also met his wife through the show circuit. How do I know all this? I ama distant relative of Charles Stratton, my grandmother was a 2nd cousin of his.
    You need to do more research before you post.

  • Tyrone

    So freak shows were popular 50 years ago? Illegal in some states now. If thats true, why do I turn on TLC, DSC or A & E and see mermaid shows, conjoined twins, little people and even bigfoot. Not because they are illegal or less popular. It’s so mainstream america can gawk at them in the comfort of their homes. It’s still a freak show, just packaged differently.

  • Anonymous

    Chelsea charms… Lol. Omg! How disgusting! Well…. I suppose she had to do SOMETHING to draw attention away from that busted face of hers. (And I usually don’t trash peoples looks…. Every one is made unique). But obviously… Her self esteem levels were low, otherwise…. Well, of its not broke, why fix it? Right?
    ( no intended offense here, except maybe towards ‘ol Boob’s McGee)