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  1. Bryan
    Bryan at |

    This article made me hungry.

  2. Hugging the Coast
    Hugging the Coast at |

    Other gourmet cities in America include New Orleans, Louisiana, Charleston, SC, and Las Vegas, NV.

    Buenos Aires, Argentina is also an amazing city for wonderful food!

  3. Gwen McCauley
    Gwen McCauley at |

    I can't believe anyone would rate Honolulu ahead of food cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Having eaten in Honolulu (not much, mind you) I'd say the others have it all over it.

    And I'm not one to slice hairs, but when did Sicily become a city?

    Never thought of Fez as a centre of fine dining, but the picture of the spice stand is enough to make me a believer! I've eaten in Singapore, London, Napa Valley as well as Honolulu and think they're all great. Come to think of it, Napa Valley isn't a city either. But what the hey, the food's great. Best danged French Toast ever was eaten by moi in a little place in Napa. Can't even remember the name, but that toast was legendary.

    Gwen McCauley
    http://algarveexperiences.com http://twitter.com/gwenmccauley

  4. Kathy Chewey
    Kathy Chewey at |

    Everyone should try out the Hawaii Food Tour when in Honolulu, HI. It is awesome and so much fun. We have made dear friends with the owners, Matthew & Keira. It was fun the first time and just as fun the last. Go, explore, and enjoy the food.

  5. Lou
    Lou at |

    I was gonna say, "where is N'awlins on this list?"

  6. i. guvenilir
    i. guvenilir at |

    In my opinion the list should contain Istanbul and Tokyo

    1. chad
      chad at |

      Agree with you "guvenilir". . . .

      Tokyo has managed to take France in the Michelin Guide.

      Paris was always in the top spot but the French were a bit peeved about this, however Japan was very proud.

      Tokyo should most definitely be on this line up.

      Wonder what the criteria was. .

  7. Julie
    Julie at |

    London? Really? and no Chinese city? Would not be my list anyhow… but interesting.

    1. Viktor
      Viktor at |

      I realize this comment is over a year old but…London has been coming onto its own lately as a gourmet destination. St. John’s, Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants and The Fat Duck (not really in London, I think but still…) have all highlighted how much English cuisine has evolved over the years.

  8. April
    April at |

    Uh, New Orleans would be at the top of my list. The architecture and everything is worth it, but the food is to die for. I would go there for the food alone.

  9. Shayin Beijing
    Shayin Beijing at |

    There's a mixup in the Thai translations for Bangkok. You wrote: Chu Chi Pla (spicy papaya salad) and Som Tam Thai (deep-fried chicken wings).

    Som Tam Thai is the spicy papaya salad (and possibly the world's most wonderful dish), and Chu Chi Pla is a red fish curry. Deep-fried chicken wings are called Gai Tod (although I wouldn't rank them among the best food you'll find in Bangkok).

  10. elaine
    elaine at |

    Hmm.. Haiji Lane is not exactly a premier shopping district in Singapore… It is like two rows of small indie shops and that's it. Try Orchard Road instead.

  11. Julie
    Julie at |

    Goodness, no India??

    Singapore?? and no Malaysia? The whole Singapore cant even be compared to Kg Baru (small town in Kuala Lumpur, lined up with scrumptious food)

  12. JimDuggan
    JimDuggan at |

    Chicago has become one of the major cities for food innovation.

  13. Singaporean
    Singaporean at |

    im glad my country is in this ;D

  14. Kingsley Kingston Es
    Kingsley Kingston Es at |



    Most of my worst dining experiences have been in London. You need to be in the company of royalty to afford anything half decent there.

    Overpriced and over-hyped top 10? Perhaps.

  15. Mr.Leo
    Mr.Leo at |

    What about Lima, Peru? Its the gastronomical capital of South America.

  16. Nancy
    Nancy at |

    Napa Valley is not a city, and some of the restaurants and attractions you mention are actually in Sonoma County. Sonoma County is a much more approachable wine region with just as many great restaurants, although they tend to be, for the most part, less expensive. Please check your geography before you post your list as factual.

  17. Bernie
    Bernie at |

    Where’s Melbourne, Australia?? One of the world’s most multicultural cities, and the food capital of Australia.

    1. taj
      taj at |

      As a resident of Melbourne I think the reason why the cities food scene is so overrated is because it is dominated by foreign cuisine.

      I think people just think you would get better Italian from Rome or Naples or Milan and better Greek from Athen or Lebanese food from Beirut, which when you slow down and think about, they’re probably right.

  18. beckymonster
    beckymonster at |

    1. Hong Kong should be on the list.
    2. Food was good in Bangkok, but I am probably the only person who was not blown away by the food there, and I love Thai food, mind you.
    3. Why no latin American cities?

  19. TEJAS
    TEJAS at |

    is this a joke!!! i really appreciate the top tenz list but in this you are fair with india
    India is the gourmet capital of the world whether you take the rich spice of india
    or the etnic cooking style of india the mugal style of dumpukt style of cooking,or the ancient
    dravidia style of cooking or the fusion cookinmg along wth a rich flavour of spices(masala),curries.
    India is a gourmet capital and it is no where in the list.

  20. Nancy
    Nancy at |

    You’ve listed a few “attractions” as being in Napa Valley when in fact they are not. Café La Haye is in the city of Sonoma, Safari West and the Schulz Museum are in Santa Rosa. It would be helpful for you to verify facts before publishing them as facts.

  21. Ranveer Rana
    Ranveer Rana at |

    Where is India? Indian dishes alone are more than the dishes of other countries of the entire world combined. To name very few of the dishes and desserts are gajar ka halwa, suji ka halwa, chum chum, chenna pauda, palak paratha, palak paneer and so on.


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