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  1. xoxoxoBruce at |

    No, the cotton gin didn't pick cotton, it cleaned and baled it. They still needed slaves to grow, harvest, and bring it to the gin.

  2. Sams Jenks at |

    The cotton gin is a mechanical device which removes the seeds, seed hulls, and other small objects from the fibers of cotton, a process which until that time had been very labor-intensive.

    just thought i'd throw in a definition!

  3. Steve at |

    This list is ill-conceived at best. Without the rotary press, invented in the 1840s, America and the world would be entirely different places. It redefined news and how people learned.

  4. nthensome at |

    The telephone 'but was to forever change the country'?

    I would it would imagine it would forever change the world.

    Which country do you speak of? – Canada, where the telephone was invented?

  5. Vineet at |

    This great info is useful and great to me because my school completes 100 days in this year so we have to make a project on inventions and thats all

  6. Mark at |

    The Cotton Gin actually increased the need for slave labor. As others have so generously pointed out, it did not pick cotton, but processed it at a much faster rate than humans could. this meant that the plantation owners could grow more cotton because they could process it so much faster, therefore requiring even more slaves to tend to the fields… where the hell did you do your research on that one?

  7. Ben at |

    The printing press, and it’s ability to spread information throughout the world, is undoubtably the most important invention of all time. Nothing else is even a close second.

    1. Gabriel Noel at |

      It wasn’t invented in the 19th Century, though.

  8. Gabriel Noel at |

    Uhh… antiseptics should be at the top of the list, It’s strange that it’s not even in the top 10.

  9. paul at |

    the first locomotive was not in the us in 1829 we had them here in england in 1804

  10. Paul UK at |

    Again!!! Total American bias.

  11. Dustin Koski at |

    Yeah, well, they were probably just copying us.

  12. Cat US at |

    Excuse me, but Nikola Tesla invented electricity, not Edison. Edison took credit for Tesla’s invention and left Tesla with nothing. Tesla also invented the backing behind the radio, again, not Edison. Get it right.

  13. ChelsBob at |

    It is absolutely astounding that automatic weapons (particularly the machine gun) are not included in either the 19th or 20th century greatest inventions. I’m not even going to explain why :)

  14. Anonymous at |

    The clotting gin was invented in the 18th century..

  15. herp a derp at |

    holo sweg


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