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  • Fahdy

    Khalid ibn Walid is the number one warrior of all time. He had won more than 100 battles himself.
    If you don’t know him you don’t know anything about history

  • William Rogers

    It is beyond ‘silly’ for those ‘historieans’ who use the caveat ‘arguably’ in stating that Alexander the Great was ‘arguably’ the greatest warrior king in all of history. No one, not Hannibal, not Caesar, oh God not Napoleon….not Leonidas … one who ever lived is even a close second. Having studied the life and times of Alexander for more than 30 years, mostly I tend to stay away from this argument, although way back when I actually cared about such things as intelligence and stupidity, I was ‘fact’ oversight expert and presenter on this subject in about 57 seminars through out the world.

    There are not actually two sides; there is no ‘debate’ to be had. Alexander became King and warrior general at the age of 20 and with a solid force of less than 60 thousand soldiers he conquered the entire known world by the age of 29. Alexander’s forces were involved in 167 full pitched battles during a 9 year period having never lost even one. He also, eye witness reports say, was personally involved in 83 individual hand to hand, close contact sword, spear and with his own full body to the death…never, ever losing just one time. Those persons, colleagues included, who ‘argue’ Alexander ‘was one of the…..” do not have any idea about what they are talking.

    Thank you do much…

    Dr. William Rogers
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • william rogers

    Now this ‘Jesus fellow: If he were to have been real I would very much like to have sat down at an outdoor pub with him and had a nice cold one. However, someone up above was wrong on every ‘sub-topic’ he covered concerning this ‘Son of God”. In scientific terms, there is not one shred of evidence, nor piece of cloth, nor foot print, nor brick, nor eye witness reports — nothing – nothing; there is not one shred of ‘anything giving indication that this man who half the world worships,..ever existed at all. Really, nothing…and the ‘bible’ was never one piece of writings but at least 16 different ‘bibles’ of which the best stories were taken and that became what we know now as the ‘word of God’. I promise those are the facts. Now, do I know that just because over the past two thousand not one single item gives any ‘proof’ a Jesus person having walked the earth,….does not mean He did not….or was a myth. He seemed to be a really nice man…so if you want to believe in Him, you could do worse. The one thing that’s quite sad, however, I’ve never in all my life met anyone who calls themselves a Christian who actually followed any of his teaching. Too bad; it would have been a much better world.

  • Alan Tang

    No evidence, nor cloth, nor (2000 years old, blown away by wind and then somehow gathered back together) footprints(?), nor brick, nor eye witness reports?!

    The bible is written as a way of life (or the change of the way people lived) about the life and miracles of one man. Proofs aside, you are ridiculing the intelligence of mankind 2000 years ago and their ability to find out facts and to stop baseless rumors as well as untruths from surviving long periods of time. The existence of one man is too huge of an attempt to pull the wool over people (not just supporters but those against) that it does not make rational sense. Without offense, this brings me to my question out of curiosity, are you perhaps drunk at the time of writing Dr. Williams?

  • Bosnia

    Eurocentric view of history.

    CYRUS THE GREAT, the greatest leader in antiquity. Under his rule, the empire embraced all the previous civilized states of the ancient Near East, expanded vastly and eventually conquered most of Southwest Asia and much of Central Asia and the Caucasus. From the Mediterranean Sea and Hellespont in the west to the Indus River in the east, Cyrus the Great created the largest empire the world had yet seen. Cyrus built his empire by conquering first the Median Empire, then the Lydian Empire and eventually the Neo-Babylonian Empire. Alexander would be no match for Cyrus.

    KHALID IBN AL-WALID, perhaps the greatest military comander of all times. Khalid is said to have fought around a hundred battles, both major battles and minor skirmishes as well as single duels, during his military career. Having REMAINED UNDEFEATED, this fact makes him one of the finest military generals in history.

    In the BATTLE OF YARMOUK he crushed 6 times larger Roman army. As the Roman army approached, the Arabs tactically withdrew from Syria and regrouped all their forces at the Yarmouk plains close to Arabia where, after being reinforced, they defeated the numerically superior Byzantine Roman army. The battle is also considered to be one of Khalid ibn al-Walid’s greatest military victories. It cemented his reputation as one of the greatest tacticians and cavalry commanders in history.

    And also the magnificent BATTLE OF FIRAZ. This was the last battle of the Muslim Arab commander Khalid ibn al-Walid in Mesopotamia (Iraq) against the combined forces of the Byzantine Roman Empire, Sassanid Persian Empire, and Christian Arabs. Khalid’s force consisted of 15,000 men, while the combined forces of the Byzantine Empire, Sassanid Empire and Christian Arabs were at least TEN TIMES LARGER than Khalid’s army. Khalid’s army heavily defeated this army too.

  • dushyant

    you bloody fool read some real history the number of wars Indian warriors fought with Muslims no country has fought. read the history of chivalrous deeds of rajputs you will know the real warriors.

  • hamza

    I think. Khaleed ibn walid have to be on this list. Infact at the top spot, a general who never lost over 100 battle in his entire life,also known as the (sword of Allah).

  • staff

    Saladin is Arabian u hypocrite, also u didn’t mentioned the greatest Arabian Muslim general that never lost a battle in his life and he fought more than 100 big wars and won them all in Persia, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and beyond. u didn’t mentioned Tariq bnu Ziad the man who invaded the southern Europe (Spain, some French provinces… other islands) and many other greatest warriors in all time… but as u know Arabs sadly don’t care about getting famous, and all the stuff ur ignorance is petty itself.

    • neoritter

      Tariq ibn Ziyad origins are murky, he was either a Persian, an Arab, or a Berber. And the only thing he’s seemingly noted for was the conquest of Spain, which mostly was due to him exploiting political instabilities of the ruling Visigoths.

  • Dave

    Alexander the Great could never conquer India. He fought his last battle with a minor Indian kingdom located on north west border. The small but extremely brave army of King Porus almost defeated Alexander, depleting all his resources and breaking his spirit. He knew what to expect further from the large powerful army of then Indian emperor Maha Nanda. He retreated from this point and on his way back died from the wounds inflicted in battle with King Porus. He left behind his deputy Selyukes with instruction to regroup and conquer India thus fulfilling his dream of winning the entire world. Selyukes was defeated by Emperor Chandragupta who had, in the meantime, dethroned Maha Nanda and started Gupta Dynasty, the golden period on India history.

  • bdlaacmm

    Gideon (the Hebrews)
    King David (Israel)
    Alexander the Great (Macedonia)
    Julius Caesar (Rome)
    Mohammed (Arabia)
    Gengis Khan (Mongolia)
    John of Austria (victor at Lepanto)
    Robert E. Lee (the Confederacy)
    Air Marshal Dowding (Great Britain)
    Georgij Zhukov (Soviet Union)

  • neoritter

    “Leonidas learned of the betrayal and sent away most of his men keeping only the 300 Spartans that made up his personal guard. Leonidas’ 300 valiantly fought off the advancing Persians down to their last man.”

    A group of about 1100 Thespians and Thebans also refused to leave and fought with the 300 Spartans to defend the pass and the retreating Greek armies.

  • Yawrate

    Charles Martel.

  • Where the hell is Genghis Khan? His empire was the biggest ever. He conquered more than Alexander the Great did, which is insane. Not trying to disrespect Alexander however.

  • Also, what of the Alamo fighters? Did we forget them? Or about Lu Bu? What about the guy from WWII that charged the beaches of normandy with nothing but a longsword and bow and arrows. He got over 50 confirmed kills. One of the confirmed kills was with his bow, WHEN HE WAS RIDING A MOTORCYCLE. What about White Death? He was a soviet soldier with around 500 confirmed kills with his iron sighted sniper rifle.