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  1. Matt L. at |

    Um, excuse me. Where the heck is Genghis Kahn? Dude conquered most of Asia, all of Russia, and large portions of what we now know of as the middle east. Leaving him out was a bad mistake!

    1. Jason at |

      Tango Mike Mike

      Roy P Benavidez Utlimate Warrior Spirit..His ‘6 hours in Hell’ that earned him the Medal Of Honor during the Viet nam war is beyond Epic and Legendary, this 5’6 140 lbs of Ferocious Primal Fury, refused to die against insurmountable odds…..TMM, Bad Azz to the Nth degree Whats even more remarkable is that 3 yrs before, he stepped on a land mine and was told he would never walk again…Amazing

      there is a 6 minute video on Youtube that says it all…Unbelievable

    2. Pete McEwan at |

      I agree. Ghengis (Prince of Warriors has to be in anyones top 2 beside Alexander. In fact if the greatest warrior is judged by the greatest Empire, as it should be, then he is my numero uno)

      1. joshua at |

        isn’t there supposed to be a reason that the word war begins the word warrior? is there no differance in your mind between the words warrior and conqueror, or warrior and tactician?

        1. ezv at |


          1. White at |

            Esen Taishi won against half of million Chinese with 20.000 Mongols.
            20.000 vs 500.000 (Chinese King captured and 200.000+ Chinese died) from wiki.

      2. jazzyjay at |

        If you are to judge the greatest warrior by the greatest empire then the greatest warrior would have to be British as the largest empire the world has ever seen was British, however I agree that Genghis Khan should be in this list

        1. MGomez at |

          The British empire only conquered the territory it did because of superior technology and weaponry. None of the countries it conquered could match up against firearms and explosives with swords and arrows.

      3. Pauly at |

        How about Subutai, he was Ghengis Khan’s Right hand man and the highest ranked non family member, his military tactics and accomplishments actually rival any of those listed above even Ghengis himself.
        He conquered 37 nations and won more than 60 battles, he was the general in charge of the Mongol army as they lay waste to parts of Persia, the Russian states, Poland, Hungary during the early 1240’s and was setting his sights on to the Holy Roman empire itself, before being called back to Mongolia as Ghengis Khan had died and they needed all the men to elect a new Khan.
        During his time fighting in Muslim, Chinese, and European territories, he started integrating these engineering marvels into his tactics. Not only did he utilize siege engines and catapults, he alsoimproved the designs for some of these weapons, making them easier for the Mongol army to transport and maneuver.
        As you can tell this guy is one of my favourite generals from history, he is one that is often undeservedly overshadowed by Ghengis Khan and many others, read up on his strategies and marvel at the innovation and use of terrain, weather and fighting against superior forces.

        Thanks for listening


    3. motun at |

      Genghis Kahn
      Motun Khan
      Selim I (Ottoman Empereur)
      Mehmet The Conqoereur
      Soliman 1

      1. hornet at |

        pol pot
        gehnis kauhn
        green beret
        george washington
        teddy roosovelt
        sitting bull

      2. Ravinder singh at |

        what about sikh warriors?

    4. ayush vashishtha at |

      hey, alexander not won the magadh in the time of dhananand and the time of chandragupta alexander’s force defeat by chandragupta and the time of asoka india was super power that time.chandragupta and asoka better the alexander . you fool !!!! this is proved by the history okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….asoka stop his power in war and he started th budhism so he not get to won west.

      1. db at |

        Alexander went back after having battle with Porus(King of Punjab) and defeated him. He did not entered the Magadha region of India as his army refused to invade India as they were already tired, had come so far from Macedoin and India do not had a single King at that time and was divided into smaller regions(Nanda being the biggest one at that time). But he knew it was going to be difficult to enter in India as they never had Gureilla wars before and it was totally a different land for them to have battles.
        Coming to ChandraGupta and Ashoka, no doubt they were the greatest ruler of their time. Chandra Gupta became the emperor after Alexander had left out otherwise no doubt ChandraGupta was going to win as he had larger no of soliders, elephants and charoits. His regions extended from Persia from West to almost entire India and founded Maurya dynasty. Ashoka was his grandson and even more powerfull ruler than ChandraGupta but he stop the wars after seeing the mass killing in Kalinga war and turned to Budhism.
        As of India rulers, ChandraGupta Maurya, Ashoka the Great and Akbar are regarded as most powerfull and great rulers of all time.

    5. DEATHWISH at |

      Why do you all argue on the best heroes? He made his choises. Why dont you all make a site, pay the bill for it, and hear other people complain see how you like it? come on people say ur comments but dont be disrespectfull. thats just irresponsible

      1. TopTenz Master at |

        Hear, hear! You just made my day.

      2. Abbu at |

        You are right.

      3. Sasa at |

        This whole website revolves around the fact that there is a comments section. The point of that section is to discuss and potentially debate the list maker’s point of view.

        I agree that many people who post here do not make respectful comments, but I believe there should definitely be some debate and discussion, as long as it is all clean and well-founded.

    6. xyz at |

      I agree with you … where is Gengis Khan … Scipio the african, Napolen, Attila the hun .. or Vlad Tepes also known Vlad the Dracula, or Vlad the Impaler, who defeated the ottomans, if not for him the ottomans would have entered center europe

      1. Sasa at |

        Scipio the African is not really his name..Scipio Africanus..but he is only renowned for defeating Hannibal, so wouldn’t you be obligated to include Hannibal in that list as well?

    7. frank at |

      dude all of these warriors are heros and villans to all the country thay fought against

    8. tre at |

      Um alexander wasnt exactly the greatest warrior he was great but leonidas was a much better warrior Alexander was a better thinker though

    9. henju naha at |

      Exactly…where is Chengis Khan n his hordes of mongolian tribes, warriors…? that man was something….shud have been included..

    10. Uncle_Sam at |

      Well My dear friends forget history and live in Present. The Greatest warrior is our dear KungFu Fighter and Warrior JAKIE CHAN he has gone from Chinese films to Hollywood films and seen by all over the world. .. so JACKIE CHAN is the greatest warrior.

    11. jay at |

      An impossible list but Ghengis should be 1 or 2…Shaka Zulu should also be on the list; as should Attila

  2. Ash at |

    Scipio Africanus? Genghis Khan? Attila the Hun? I agree that leaving Khan out was definitely a mistake!

    1. DEATHWISH at |

      why are you all arguing about who’s the best historical hero?
      It’s his opinion let him but if u have ur own oppinion then make ur own site dont bother him.
      Not hs fault if he did’nt make th best choises… Relax people.

      1. athrun at |

        tanga ka?

  3. Eddie Von Cheddy at |

    No General Patton? He had all the qualities of a great warrior in abundance. I would pick him in a one on one fight against Julius Caeser any day of the week.

  4. YogiBarrister at |

    This list should either be about individual warriors like Audie Murphy and Musashi, or about great military leaders. This hybrid doesn’t quite work.

    1. NotoriousBigBrain at |

      Sorry but I have to agree with Yogi Barrister, you have mixed warriors with great military minds. I don't see how Sun Tzu is consider a great warrior, great military mind no doubt, but warrior? I really think you should revise this list.


      1. fraser at |


    2. joshua at |


    3. CamerontheGreat at |

      I have to disagree with this to some degree. Alexander the Great led his men from the front, he was known to ride into the thickest of the fighting at the head of his cavalry. He never lost a battle, that’s right, he is undefeated. And most importantly, he conquered the entire known world, in a decade! He was and is the greatest warrior. On the other hand, Sun Tzu was a tactician, a brilliant general and a great leader, but he was no warrior. How he got # 3 on this list I will never understand.

      1. hornet at |

        no the best are the apache indians they are quick and way better ya gehnis kaun and hannibal had grat battle taticals the apache were sneaky they are champions.all indians are beat it

        1. Sasa at |

          I respect the apache, but that is wrong.

          If the apache were the best warriors, they would still retain some power, wouldn’t they?

          As for this list, especially CamerontheGreat’s comment, there is no record of Alexander’s fighting prowess. The fact that he leads from the front makes him brave, but not a great warrior.

          The only two real warriors on this list are #6 and #7. I believe the rest should be left to a list like Top Ten Greatest Military Leaders (I’m pretty sure there is one, and many of these people are probably already on that list).

          As for warriors, look to those men like Jack Churchill (he ran into battle with a goddamn claymore and a bagpipe, in World War Two). Maybe a list of Top Ten Badass Warriors?

      2. hornet at |

        whatever apache is better

  5. Hall of the Wendigo at |

    I’d add my voice to those wanting Atilla and Genghis. They might not have been very nice men but they knew how to organise a punch-up.

    1. GURJAR at |

      ATTILA the hun

  6. Gerald at |

    How is Sun Tzu a warrior? Aren’t warriors supposed to fight? He developed the art of war that’s all.

    1. Sun at |

      He fight too in his war

    2. Alex at |

      sun tzu is indeed a great warrior leader…not because he physically fought but because he won wars…the term that i think you refer of is fighter.

  7. ali hayat at |

    No Khalid bin al Walid ? Serioulay …

    It was under his military leadership that Arabia, for the first time in history, was united under a single political entity, the Caliphate. He has the distinction of being undefeated in over 100 battles, against the numerically superior forces of the Byzantine Empire, Sassanid Persian Empire, and their allies. His strategic achievements include the conquest of Mesopotamia and Roman Syria within three years from 633 to 636. He is also remembered for his decisive victories at Yamamah, Walaja, Ullais and his tactical marvel, the Yarmouk

    A shame that he and other greats like Genghis khan, Patton, Rommel, Attila, Amr bin al Aas, Joan of Arc & Napoleon Bonaparte were ignored. Mediocre list at best.

    1. Kashif Khan at |

      Agree with The great warrior THE KHALID BIN WALEED,……………!

  8. Luke at |

    What about David from the Bible. He whopped on Goliath and killed thousands of Phillistines.

    1. S-man at |

      these are real people here, not someone that may or may not be mythical

      1. Sun at |

        mythical they found his city and palace in jerusalem wake up real history

        1. joshua at |


      2. Calvin at |

        Lol, they found the city of david under jerusalem, I’ve seen it. Why the hell would Israel use the star of david on their flag if he was just a mythical figure. Who made you the arbiter of what’s mythical or not? Get your head out of your butt and explore the world before you judge something. David’s existence can be questioned just as much as any of the historical figures mentioned in this blog.

  9. Dude96 at |

    Waaaaahhhh! Where's Khan! Where's Attila? Where's Khalid what's his name!! Why don't you whiners just start you OWN top ten lists and put your favorites on them!?? Such whining crybabies!

    1. ... at |

      dude, you need to grow up… you sound like a child…

  10. Joseph at |

    were is Attila the Hun he's great.

  11. Martin at |

    How about some people that really got their hands dirty ! Like Vlad the Impaler the real Dracula that drank his victims blood or liver eater Jack Johnson of wild west fame. That killed so many crow Indians after they killed his girl they locked him up only to escape jail by cutting a guards arm off with a knife and beating another guard with the arm. Just to kill more indians and we know what he did after killing them" ate their liver" ! But people say mite of just ate one lol. Sounds like a movie but real life man seen it on the history channel !

    1. hornet at |

      hey man im crow indian.he did not eat crows indian hearts he ate sioux and cheyennen indians heart so u better watch it.crow got your tongue.not ture and they say crapn on history channel.

  12. SK at |

    Napoleon Bonaparte, Atilla the Hun, Ghengis Khan, Akbar the Great, Robert E. Lee, George Patton, Ulysses S. Grant, Khalid ibn al-Walid, and Hino Kumawaka are also some great warriors left off your list

    1. West>east at |

      they are not great warriors…just great generals retard…..

  13. Bombala at |

    Hannibal was a complete failure. He failed to conquer Rome and he killed half his army crossing the Alps. Scipio's family got a writer to make it look as if Hannibal was a great strategist so Scipio's victory looked even grander. This was also before Rome had its grand armies.

    But yeah, this list is mediocre, you have warriors and strategists and you're missing many other great people off your list.

    1. Tobias at |

      Hannibal’s tactics proves that he is one of the greatest military minds in history. I can understand some of the critic about him because he “didn’t finish the war”, but he’s victory at Cannea is viewed as one of the greatest battles of all time, and with good reason. He beat a well trained roman army of twice the size of his own, and 1/3 of his army was gallic and italian barbarians with no real military training (other than being beaten by the romans).

    2. Ray at |

      Hannibal was easily one of the greatest generals who ever lived argueably the only reason he lost to rome in the end was due to carthage itself refusing to send reinforcements to him. apart from that is widely recieved he may have destroyed rome. also his strategies are still used by american armies to this day

  14. GOGOI at |

    Where is Ganghis Khan ??????????

    Please let him in .

  15. hussein at |

    ummm…. Achilles??? i cant see his name.

    1. Rawrer at |

      Achilles isn’t real.

      1. merlin at |

        He was real, troy has been found, and Aggamemnon name has been found in ancient writings. Achilles linked armies

    2. billy bond at |

      Your list was perfect: the only thing that made me squinch a little was your introduction as Alexander the Great being ‘arguably’ the greatest fighter/general in all of history. No need for ‘arguably'; virtually everyone who studies the history of Western Civilization…there is no doubt whatsoever. I won’t even touch on the global impact he personally had on the world, I’ll just say he lead [in front] in 157 battles in less than 10 years…and never, never lost a battle. There is also documentation that during that same time he himsellf fought at least 47 hand to hand combat battles…again, never losing one. Just as an adjunct to the “Achillies” mention, I was under the impression we were talking about the ‘real world’. If not then we certainly have besmirched such luminaries as Hercules, and in modern times Superman’….and many more.

  16. Babatunde at |

    David should definitely be No 1 on this list. We are waiting for a revised version !

  17. Somey at |

    U guys forgot Tamerlane, Nepolean and Charlemagne. Please read history boys. don't just write top 10.

    1. TheGodHelmet at |

      Nepolean was a spoiled, crybaby, misbehaving little punk. What he was best at was getting thousands more of his men killed than was necessary. Then he was sent away; pouted, cried, was brought back. Began acting like a 6 year old again so this time he could not play with the other children any longer.

  18. Travel,latvia estoni at |

    "Jo Jeeta wohi Sikander" off course there is no doubt that Sikander "Alexander the Great" is greatest warrior ever .He never lost any battle and conquer almost the entire word at his time.

  19. Maike at |

    And dont forget Chuck Norris and the Ninja Turtle

    1. godfrey at |

      you’er the funniest man alive u better go 2 the cinema ,thanx 4 makin me laugh.

  20. kevin campbell at |

    No Paddy Mayne? He was with doubt the greatest warrior of the modern age. Audie Murphy might be the poster boy but in the shadows of Special Operations Paddy Mayne stood alone and was regarded by people he served with in the SAS as the most natural killer they ever seen.

  21. vikum at |

    Alexander and Caesar were great warriors. But ,Mongolian great warrior Genghis khan and great Indian king Asoka, why aren't they added those names. Genghis khan made the biggest land empire (China to west end of eastern Europe).king Asoka Undefeated warrior.I think those two names should add to this list.

  22. red red at |

    Alexander the Great as #1 you've got to be kidding me. The Persians did most of the work. Cyrus the Great founded and expanded the Persian from Egypt to most of Asia

    What Alexander did was defeat a weak and complacent army and got himself an empire

    i would like to have seen Alexander the Great go up against Cyrus the Great or Darius I of Persia.

    1. Ray at |

      he succesfully defeated an army of 250,000 persians with 40,000 men then took over the majority of the known world. if he had the right amount of men he would have won as he was also a sound tactician

    2. joshua at |

      someone has already replied to this pointing out facts that anyone who bothered to do a little research would know. Alexander was great because he led from the front line. He had fought in and survived vicious battles when he was still a teenager. I will agree that i don’t see him being #1, despite his great accomplishments… for one thing, why are there listed here generals who were famous for tactics and not for fighting? This list is titled top ten warriors, not top ten conquerors. Sun Tzu may have been brilliant, but he wasn’t known for his personal fighting skills. Nor were Saladin or Ceaser. They may have fought, but surely Hector, Achilles, Vlad Tepes, Cnute and others were better known for their actual combative abilities.
      everything else aside, you’re entitled to your opinions, i just strongly disagree with them :)

      1. merlin at |

        You are correct my friend, Achilles was Clearly the greatest. He punked armies and in single combat slew, Hector, the queen of the Amozons, the king prince of Ethiopia, and Andronicas brother’s

  23. Kupal at |

    where's napoleon, atilla, and genghis khan? they're one of the most vicious and greatest warriors of all time (together with caesar and alexander).

    Sun Tzu? what battle did he fight?

  24. Jay at |

    The Red Baron….and Mike Tyson

  25. Mandeep at |

    don’t u know Achilles was the greatest warrior of all time.How the hell can u miss someone like him.The rest listed were no doubted great but to me Achilles was the no.1 .

    1. oak at |

      you do realize that achilles is a charachter in homers iliad and not a real person, right?

      1. lji at |

        dont be so sure about achilles. he was the biggest idol of alexander the great and alexander the great visited his tomb in asia minor on his way to fight the persian empire!

    2. Josean at |

      Do you know the diference between reality and fiction? If achilles makes the list, then Yoda, Rambo and G.I Joe should be there too.

      1. trashy at |

        first of all Leonidas could be a fictional character from Greece if it weren’t for the statues and Greek history that was wrote about him. well guess what there are also statues of Achilles in Greece to. as well as history wrote about him to. In not just fictional story’s. but if u new what you were talking about you would know that Achilles name is mentioned in multiple fictional story’s and factual alike the Odessy, homers ilad history books list goes on and on. learn some history and geography because ACHILLES was a man and he was the best individual fighter/worrier the world has ever seen

        1. lincoln72 at |

          Well Spoken Trashy… I support everything you have written and appreciate your support of what is and is not real. You are correct in stating that Achilles is mentioned in multiple FICTIONAL stories. Do the world a favor and spare us of your poor spelling / grammar / and overall ignorant thoughts, fool.

        2. merlin at |

          Hey, we now know that Troy was not. Only real, but she was destroyed by Fire. Also Aggomemnon was real. The so called greatest considered non other then Achilles to be the Greatest of all time, hello…

      2. Ruumahum at |

        That’s not precisely true. Yoda, Rambo, and G.I. Joe are fictional and not meant to be believed. Patton, Julius Caesar, and Genghis Khan are historical, because they have historical accounts written by historians. But there is a third category, and that would be legendary. King Arthur, Robin Hood, William Tell, Romulus and Remus, and Beowulf to name but a few fall into this group, They are tales within the realm of possibility historically. The accounts of these people may be greatly embellished, but there is often a historical or archeological component, giving them verisimilitude. The tales are meant to be believed.

  26. Michael at |

    Good list, Alexander the great was undeniably # 1, but Muslims fellow shouldn’t be come here, they are foolish and cruel, no matter what they win.

  27. Unbeatable at |

    There r so many great war leaders commanders and warriors of the battle field has been ignored in this list. in which so many muslims commanders and warriors also..
    1.Hazrat Umar Farooq ( R A)
    2. Hazrat Ali (R A)
    3. Hazrat Hamza (R A)
    4. Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed
    5 Tipu Sultan (The Tiger Lord)
    6. Mohhamad Bin Qasim.
    and a lot more…..
    and some other great commanders an warriors are:
    1. Accihlies
    2. Changez Khan
    3. Hitler
    4. Nipolian etc….

    1. athrun at |

      achilles is not real…

  28. mcg at |

    very surprised to see no1 mentioned william wallace – he made scotland and broke free of english rule – scotland wouldnt be a country if it wasnt for him …..

    1. Ray at |

      That was robert the bruce who actually made scotlad free and scotland never conquered any other lands so he cant compete with someone like julius ceaser or alexander the great. he was awesome though and im surprised oliver cromwell wasnt mentioned

  29. Justin Jurek at |

    I’m quite surprised that Charles Martel wasn’t included on this list. The guy crushed the invading Moors at the Battle of Tours and pretty much saved Europe. Heck, his name means “The Hammer” for crying out loud.

  30. liiban at |

    Most of great warrior inherited army and military machines from king and empire that existed long time of period, but one that come from nomadic tribe who creates him self and still amezes the student of history and modern military school of thought is Ghengis Khan. I would also argue that saladin was a warrior fight againist group of kings yet he defeated them all.. these two warrior was the two greatest the world have ever seein, ofcourse, they are many great warrior before them and after them.

  31. potato at |

    wheres Lu Bu??? He killed OVER 9000 people :/

    1. fraser at |

      over 9000…. i have heard that before, lol

    2. athrun at |

      Lu Bu is one of the BEST!!!

  32. mikethegreek at |

    about the 300 spartans there where also 700 thespiis who died at thermopylae and they could had left since there where no customs in their country and about the greatest thing about alexander was that he fought with his soldiers at the first line like leonidas also did.

    1. Alan D McIntire at |

      I agree with prior points that the heading is confusing great/courageous warriors with great tacticians.

      Leonidas definitely should NOT be on the list of great tacticians. True, he and his Spartans were courageous, but there have been thousands of equally courageous fighters risking their lives in hopeless situations- their enemies usually call them fanatics- among the equally courageous were the Japanese Kamikaze pilots, German SS troops, the Alamo defenders, Pontiac, and
      King Philip in New England.

      Richard I and Spartacus were good tacticians, but I wouldn’t list them among the 10 best of all time.

      I’d leave Alexander the Great on the List, add Genghis Khan and Tamerlane as others have recommended,
      then it becomes tough to pick the best from a vast history:
      Maybe Scipio Africanus, maybe Julius Caesar, maybe Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Moltke, Frederick II, Clausewitz , Zhukov, Patton, Lord Nelson, Shaka who founded the Zulu nation,
      Sargon of Akkad, Darius of Persia, Nebudchadrezzar of Babylonia, Thutmose the great of Egypt, Umar Ibn al Khattab, etc- tough choice.

  33. Ray at |

    Oliver cromwell and bismark are missing here along with wellington, scipio africanus, attila the hun and flavius aetius bad list

  34. hakeem at |

    who is this audy murphy..first time I heard of this guy.

    the list should include Genghis Khan (even though muslims hate him as he destroyed them, thier culture etc.)

    ….and Khalid bn Waleed is not included. He may not me know very well in the West but he won each of the 100 battles he fought..perhaps the only commander in history that didn’t lose any battle.

    1. Iftakhar at |

      i think you need a history lesson he dident destroy Muslims in general, his campaign started when the Muslim empire was broken in to kingdoms and the empire was lost and in the hands of rebels, genghis took over Russia and parts of Asia and small portions of the Middle East a small part of the worn torn broken down Islamic Caliphate, so be careful with your phrasing.

    2. Tanveer Khan at |

      Hi everybody im just a random teen who’s reading about history n stuff and i have some advice.Why don’t you rename this to’Top 15/20 greatest generals and warriors’because A.Salah ad din wasn’t a warrior he was a general and B.where the hell is khaled ibn al walid(ra),ali(ra),umar(ra),uthman(ra) and also genghis khan?These men were great warriors and a great general.

    3. Sasa at |

      Audie Murphy is probably the greatest soldier in United States Military History (Chesty Puller?)

      As for undefeated generals, Alexander the Great never lost in a ten year campaign that included well over 100 battles.

  35. AJ at |

    National security of the territory
    Strength, power, position
    Welfare of the people
    Obedience of rules and regulation
    Financial stability



    1. Mahesh at |

      I would like to add few more ..

      First thing, he is no doubt one of the Greatest warrior but above all he is Greatest Ruler in World History. You underlined some of the characteristics of the Great Warrior which are also characteristics of Great King but if somebody looks into his MIRACULOUS life they will come to know that he is Great King & Warrior on all fronts. He is a King with PERFECT combination of Bravery & Cleverness at war. His strategic wars are absolutely AMAZING. I wouldn’t say he was the best warrior at his time as in his army only there was treasure of warriors each of which was exemplery. He seeked for each such man from every level of contemporary society. It is also could be termed as sign of Great King. There many to underline but if other friends could see it by themselves then it would be far better & clearer.

      At this point I would also like to tell that his Great Son Sambhajiraje Bhosale was considered as Greatest warrior of Maratha empire after him.

  36. joy at |

    No warrier list is complete without the mention of Ashoka the Great .. 1000 B.C. , and The Chengese Khan

  37. sid at |

    where is prithviraj chauhan

  38. Brian White at |

    Guys; Oliver Cromwell took over the New Model Army from Fairfax Thomas Fairfax and defeated the armies loyal to King Charles I REPEATEDLY, even though the Cavaliers out-numbered his men by 3 to 1 and even 5 to 1. You had better believe that George Washington and Napoleon I studied his tactics VERY carefully.

  39. Roberto at |

    HEY!!.. everybody is forgetting the great William Wallace.. wtf

    ..and Fedor, he would kill any of the aforemetioned in hand to hand combat

  40. edinho at |

    qual foi o maior samurai do seculo ???

  41. Soumik at |

    Please ask for the bibliography of the research on the basis of which this list is being made
    i bet folks, they can’t provide one.
    it is quite questionable what these people considers to be the ‘world’. i bet these guys understands only Europe.
    none can match the might of Chandragupta Maurya, Asoka the great, Akbar the great.

    1. Sasa at |

      Yea, your right, most of us only understand Europe. I certainly understand that the British empire conquered India, and Alexander would have done so if he hadn’t been restricted by his troops.

      1. soumik at |

        British empire!!!! they didn’t have the might or money to attack the Mughal empire till its fall. Heard about the battle of Plassey (1757), my friend? That was the beginning of a tale of treachery and shame. You can ref wikipedia. Please go through proper documents which actually elucidates the policy by which the British acquired India. Then comes the question of the might of an empire. And Alexander the great personally was no doubt a great warrior. According to history, he failed in his campaign to invade India. HE was lucky enough that he didnt had to face Chandragupta Maurya. A small tribal lord from the mountains, Porus was too hot for him(Alexander) to handle.
        In the list Atilla the Hun, Genghis khan, kublai khan is also not present. Ever heard their name my friend? Europe was plundered and destroyed by this Asian Brave hearts.
        There is no mention of William Wallace also, who gave nightmares to Edward III ( Edward the long shanks). Know your history, read the texts carefully. Its very tough to acquire that intellectual level where one can judge everything in the an impartial manner.

        1. Sasa at |

          Have you ever heard the phrase “The Sun never sets on the British Empire”? Do you know what that means?

          According to history, he failed in his campaign to invade India? What does “According to history” mean? Just like in your first comment, when you asked for a bibliography, I’d like to see where you are getting your knowledge from…

          I did as you requested, and looked up the Battle of Plassey on Wikipedia. This is the first sentence:

          The Battle of Plassey (Bengali: ?????? ?????, Pôlashir Juddho), 23 June 1757, was a decisive British East India Company victory over the Nawab of Bengal and his French allies, establishing Company rule in South Asia which expanded over much of the Indies for the next hundred years.

          So if that is not an English victory in Asia, I’d like to know what is.

          I would agree that Attilla, Ghengis, and possibly Kublai were also great commanders, but as I mentioned in another comment, that does not necessarily make them great warriors.

          Wallace, yes, I agree with you, he was a feared warrior. I have an impartial view on history. I am not from any of the nations that Attilla, Ghengis, Kublai, or Wallace are from..I am also not British.

          However, I am going to assume you are Indian, and listed Indian leaders in your suggestions for this list..which would make you biased in your deliberation.

          1. soumik at |

            1. Ancient history of India- Romila Thapar
            2. Raj: The Making and Unmaking of British India- Lawrence James,
            3. A History of India-Boarding-Levin
            4, , “Writing Indian History in the Marxist Mode in a Post-Soviet World,”- Amiya Kumar Bagchi
            5. modern Indian History-D.r V.D Mahajan
            6.Ancient and medieval India- Dr. K.N Jha
            7.The History of India As told By Its Own Historian-.Elliot & Dawson.

            Dear Mr. SASA,
            Here are a few books which i have gone through, not to mention the countless no. of journals provided by JSTOR and oher online portals. I have read some other books of Dr. R.D Bannerjee, Dr. kiran Majumdar and some other journals but i am not troubling you with the details. As you have requested, i gave you the name of my knowledge source.
            I am obliged that you took the effort to look up the article on Battle of plassey, and i am sure that you have gone beyond the first lines, as you have mentioned. Then i am assuming that you know the betrayal of Mir jafar, the commander of Nawab’s army at the battle field. If He would not have been defected to the British, that battle would be the death knell of Britishers in India. This is only one instance of the British policy of treacherous approach. THIS IS NO WAY OF A WARRIOR NATION. India suffered 200 years of Colonial occupation because of the fault of Indian rulers themselves. They were too busy fighting each other, than defending a weak external force collectively.

            I know What it means by that funny punchline of British Imperialism; Every empire has one like this. The sun is still shining bright over the Democratic Sovereign Republic of India and the empire have evaporated in time. As i have mentioned earlier, the British empire had to wait till the fall of the Mughal empire to take it.

            I will choose to differ from you in your view that great generals are not great warriors. An architect definitely knows the basics of making his architecture a reality. Napoleon, tipu sultan, George Washington, Shivaji, Akbar the great, and many others led the force from front-line. They sure knew how to fight. So how could you be so sure that Genghis khan and Attila did not fight? is there any book or journal to support your claim?
            Yes I am an INDIAN and i have done my share of research work on ancient Indian history. I know the facts and figures. We have a civilization here since 3000BCE, so had the Egyptians and the Chinese.
            So if you claim something to be best of the world, you have to consider the total timeline. And we know the famous quote ( recently came into much limelight through COD- MW2, Captain Mctavish’s quote- History is filled with liars…. as it is written by the victors)

            1. Sasa at |

              Again, I’d like to mention the bias on your part. I am sure you are very educated in Indian history, based on your citations. However, like you said, you “have to consider the total timeline.”

              You are assuming that Britain was dealing with JUST India at the time of the Battle of Plassey. In 1757, the British Empire was already very large and rapidly expanding. The year before, in the United States, the French and British had just gone to war, beginning what is known as the Seven Years’ War. Obviously, in an attempt to protect her colonies, Britain sent a massive amount of troops to fight in the American Colonies, therefore obviously detracting from anything else going on. But if you do not believe my logic, I can back it up with numbers.

              Battle of Plassey numbers:
              750 European Soldiers, supported by 12,000 Asian Allies, including your Mir Jafar, as well as just 8 cannons (6 six-pound cannons and 2 howitzers). They were opposed by nearly 54,000 Indian Soldiers, who had 53 cannons that were significantly larger than the British (“mostly 32, 24, and 18 pound cannons”), in addition to their French Allies, who had 50 field pieces.

              This clearly proves that Indian not only had superior numbers, but they had superior numbers in artillery as well as powerful allies. Mir Jafar only betrayed the Nawab at the END of the battle, so that did not even effect the fighting. I hope this clears up the whole “Battle of Plassey” issue, the British were outnumbered and outgunned and still emerged victorious. Also, you claim “This is no way of a warrior nation”–the last Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-daulah, ran away from the battle because he thought it was too dangerous. Is that the way of the warrior?

              Now, let us move on to the warrior versus general claim…..

              First off, architecture and warfare are two completely different things–there is not even a comparison. Secondly, there is a difference between bravery and greatness. Yes, the commanders who lead their army from the front are indeed brave (Alexander the Great), but they are not necessarily great warriors. Also, Napoleon most certainly did not lead from the front line. I entreat you to search for images or documents of any of napoleon’s battles. They clearly show him in a rear position, best used for commanding the field. The Battle of Austerlitz, for instance, shows Napoleon on the rear-right of his army. Next, George Washington was an incompetent general. There are countless articles and commentaries on this, but this began with his military career in the Seven Years’ War.

              Tippu Sultan was also not a great Military leader, at least not with a large army. He lost so much territory to the Marathas that he had to call for a treaty in which he sacrificed tons of land and paid them off. Yes, he won one or two victories against the British, but that was because he used guerilla tactics to reduce their resources, forcing the British to retreat, and THEN he retook Coimbatore.

              I can continue if you would like, but I see no point in it.

              Finally, Ghengis and Attilla–I like your previous quote, so I will use it again. “This is no way of a warrior nation.” Ghengis and Attilla both lead barbaric armies against European forces. They used VERY treacherous tactics, and absolute abominations of warfare. Cruelty, rape, and torture to name a few. Now, Ghengis won because he surrounded himself with incredible Generals Subutai was probably the greatest general of his horde. Now HE was an incredible commander, leading two separate battles over 1,000 miles from each other at the same time, and winning both. I am not saying he was a great warrior, but he was a fantastic general.

              Please do not come under the false understanding that a video game made that quote famous. Winston Churchill did.

            2. soumik at |

              correction of your data provided by you on Battle of Plassey-
              1. There were 2100 native sepoys, who backed British soldiers. NOT 1200.
              2. There were 100 Topases aliied to British who had considerable firepower.
              3. There were 100 rapid firing gunners on east India company’s side.
              4. Mir Jafar’s deliberate lag in flank cover was pre conceived design ( There were three anonymous letters from Robert Clive to Mir Jafar some times before the battle in which the former promised the latter to give the Masnad of Bengal, to which Jafar fell prey)
              5. Siraj did not flee, Rai Durlabh, a general, urged Siraj to withdraw his army behind the entrenchment and advised him to return to Murshidabad leaving the battle to his generals. Siraj complied with this advice and ordered the troops under Mohan Lal to retreat behind the entrenchment. He then mounted a camel and accompanied by 2,000 horsemen set out for Murshidabad
              6. The East India company, NOT the British government, was playing in Indian arena, the administration was transfarred to them after the great mutiny of 1857. So, there was no British imperial troops here at that time.
              7. troops under commamd of Jafar did not commence attack, hence total force was not in play.
              8. It is the policy of Monarchy to keep the king safe. So siraj was not permitted to go to front line by his generals.

              Mir jafar is not mine, or of any body Else’s. he is a traitor. he is the figure of National hatred in this country.
              More over the British didn’t had to deal with the whole of India at a time. When they finally had to deal with it, they had to leave. while going they broke this great nation into three parts, as you know, the aftermath of which we are still suffering. We have time and again proved ourselves against the British Raj, and gained our independence. It was not given to us for free. So I know the ways of a warrior nation. I have been born into it.
              Possibly you are not aware of the British attitude to our freedom fights. So you are demoting Genghis khan below the British. The British did to us the same what Genghis did to Europe, only the way was different.

              I know the difference between architecture and battle strategy. I used it as a figure of speech, which you can classify as a simile.

              You have made your ideas clear, how have you classified the generals from warriors. But in your list you have included Saladin, Tsun Su, Ceaser. I like many others who have shown their views in this follow up comments, are not aware of their personal fighting exploits.

              Again, in your list, you have included Lieutenant Audie Murphy. Indeed he was a true patriot. with all due respect to his bravery, I can also say that Simo Häyhä Deserves his place here, so does Hans-Ulrich Rudel. Just because Rudel belonged to Nazi Germany, it does not discredit his achievements against the allies.

              I know who was Winston Churchill. He was the same man who commented that Mahatma Gandhi was a “half naked fakir”. Truly glorious words from the prime minister of a great nation.

              Yes you are right, I also see no point in extending this conversation ay more. Because, in any case you will try to prove your points worthy, as i will do mine.
              you have your personal choices to choose your list. so does everybody. And i assure you, no list will be the same.

          2. Sasa at |

            I agree, this conversation is going nowhere–but to leave you with a few short thoughts:

            Just because you are born into a country that, at one point in time, held a revolution against the British. I was born in a similar nation, yet I do not call myself a warrior. That title is earned, not given.

            I think you are also confusing me with the one who made this list…I do not agree that Sun Tzu is a great warrior. Not in the least. He was a fantastic strategist, but not a fighter.

            Audie Murphy, Rudel, possibly several fighter pilots if they are to be included, Simo Hayha, Vasily Zaitzev, Carlos Hathcock, William Wallace, Shaka Zulu, one or two Japanese Samurai, and maybe Dioxippus, again depending on the terms of selection.

            That is the short form, and non-researched version of my list. If I am asked to compile this into a real, long form, researched list, I will. But I will leave you with that.

  42. JayG at |

    Genghis Khan , seriously include him ; his tactics are still taught. I can see at least 3 you can take out and be replaced by Genghis Khan in all three spots lol.

  43. AHHH at |

    who ever said Achilles wasn’t a real person doesn’t know anything. the Iliad is fiction, people used o write books and document stories of people that did great things, that’s just how news got passed around back then. how else do you think we know about most historical events or other great warriors?

    1. Sasa at |

      Achilles was created by a man named Homer who wrote about the Trojan War nearly 300 years after it passed. Yes, there may have been a strong Greek warrior in the war, but what about his mother being a goddess? The story is vastly exaggerated, so claiming that “who ever said Achilles wasn’t a real person doesn’t know anything” is a pretty extreme claim, seeing as you can’t actually prove that he existed.

  44. athrun at |

    how about the five tigers of shu kingdom,
    guan yu, zhang fei, huang zhong, ma chao, and zhao yun.
    at least one of them must be listed as the world’s greatest warrior.

  45. Mike the greek at |

    Ok greek history writers during the persian wars were not storytellers like hommer so they are very accurate at what they were writing so yes leonidas was king of sparta and not a fictional person like achiles.

  46. Marco at |

    well Simo häyhä killed 702 soldiers in the Winter war… So 1 vs 1 all of these guys are screwed.

  47. Farrukh at |

    Whoa! By reading all the comments i personally suggest to make a lsit of 100 GREAT WARRIORS. So, every one will be happy!!!LOL

  48. vflkfnf at |

    where is khalid al walid ? he fought in and lead in more then 100++ battle, make persian empire a history and made byzantium pay him money not to attack them, also he got so much scar people wonder how he survived some, if he is not in this list its not legit

  49. onlyafool at |

    Well what about Jeronimo or Geronimo the native American warrior who fought for years with just a few men? He surely must be mentioned.

  50. ross at |

    what about william wallace ? he should be on this list

    1. athrun at |

      no way

  51. nitin at |

    i will say all are correct at there places… but india to had warriors from ancient times chakravarti samrat vikramaditya , lord parshuram, lord rama, lord krishna , bhimsena having power of 1000 elephants, arjuna the great archour he can able to make slice of every object , karna the great warrior who wear such type of body shield which is unbreakable given by sun himself who was his father even today’s nuclear weapon could make no harm if he was present its no mytholgy ….these warriors were present at there time …even chandragupta maurya who frightened the alexender the great and force him to leave even king porus of punjab had defeted sikandar but he was saved by his wife and what was about samrat ashok even national symbol of ashok today used as national symbol ,similarly harshwardan samrat ,prithvi raj chauhan ,alah uddal,skand gupt,samudra gupta,shivaji ,rani laxmi bai,maharana pratap, hari singh nalwa a greatest general who conquered whole afghanistan injust 48 hours with 48 soldiers which usa has not able to be done even after eight yearswith thousands of soldiers ,,paliwals of rajasthan fought for there dharma during muslim era they fought not to save there life but there self respect they even fight even after there head was cutt they take there head in there hand don’t let it fell on ground and fight with there sword till all enemies of 50000 were slayed do yu have hero which can fight without head and can kill anybody……..mahrana pratap of chittorgarh was also great warrior faught bravely with akbar….and what about bhagat singh ,sukhdev ,rajguru and subhash chandrabose whom britishers before leaving india wants on any cost and makes britishers to leave make our indiaindipendent……jai hind jai bharat……….

    1. ali at |

      with respect i disagree with this list this list does not include the asian warriors like ghengiz khan halaku khan ,zaherudin babar ,taimur leng

    2. Ravi Thakur at |

      ThnX Nitin u gav such a nice reply to all..we indians will show our past golden glory in d future once again. Destiny made us weak for sumtim but now we r growing 2 retrieve our golden past once again. Jai hind

  52. narendra at |

    only one man is too much great,bravery& no words for him who is change the every mens thoughts &minds who is world famous his only name is swami viveka nand

  53. cary g at |

    wow wheres hitler?

  54. Steve fitzgerald at |

    Well after reading all the drivel written, Warrior does not include Caesar, Wellington, Hitler or other such nonsense

    A warrior is the guy up front and as such you have Alexander, Henry V a guy called Hereward the Wake , How are Gengis Khan and Hannibal classed as warriors, great generals YES but warriors NO

    If you take warriors , possibly Spartacus but as the history was written by the winners , you cant expect them to say that Spartacus was useless because it makes the victor look better if Spartacus was unbeatable

    All of this is a matter of opinion but if you look at it history tells you something, there is only one place on earth that has a title and that is Great Britain

    Through modern history it has been proved for a country the size of a postage stamp there is one place that has produced so many great generals

    Warriors, Richard 1, Henry V then you need a microscope

    1. Alan D McIntire at |

      Hitler DID receive 2 medals for bravery during WWI, the Iron cross second class in 1914, Iron Cross first class in 1918.

      As I posted earlier, showing courage is very common, it’s impossible to rank the top 10 warriors on courage alone-

  55. George Dava at |

    Alexander the Great (Macedonia is Greek) is the 1# by far.

  56. poorman at |

    What about a warrior who broke 9 swords in a single battle…Khalid

  57. Proudtamil at |

    What about Rajendra Chola 1? The greatest of kings to come from india.. Matter of fact the only king to have ever conquered land across seas from india.. I would put him in the top 3.

    And u kidding me|?! This list was supposed to include people from evrywhere.. Where r the Indians? Knucklehead!!

  58. karthi at |

    Hi Everybody,

    The South Indian Warrior’s is the One of the Top most Warrior in this World

    1. CHOLA
    2. CHERA
    3. PANDIYA

    The above you said 10 Warrior’s will not able to stand in front of them

    Worlds most Powerful Warrior’s – DRAVIDIAN

  59. jamo jobo at |

    No affennts, but they , the bulk of them were not strong willed or anything, Alexander-died of the common cold,hannibal-lost when he could of sacked rome,leonidas-could of won the day at the thermopylae pass, and he barely deserved to be king, he won a popularity contest, sun tzu and caesar were strategists not warriors, and caesars own friends wanted to kill him, any one lower than that needs to be ranked higher, and next time include more people like dan daly, or Simo Häyhä, people that actually did something correct.

  60. xXxneXusxXx at |


  61. Booyah Shakalaka at |

    Where’s ma boy Bruce Lee? Honestly, outside a sword fight against Musashi, who on this list could beat Bruce on a man-to-man, one-on-one fight? Bruce would bust open a huge can of whop-ass on Alexander the Great and Leonidas at the same time.

  62. Janardhan at |

    In all respects including character, Chatrapati Shivaji from India, is always on the top of all warriors in the world for ever. First u have to read about all the above mentioned warriors and scrutinize for their greatness and then only you include the name on the Top Greatest Warriors’ List.

    1. Adityaraje bhosale at |

      I think Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the greatest worriors in the world. also samrat ashoka, chandragupt mourya, Sambhaji, Maharana pratap, Ghengije khan was great worriors. Everyone read about chatrapati shivaji & then decide who is great worriors in the world. Ok…. Then mind it chatrapati shivaji is the great king, & great worrior in the world.

    2. Mahesh Bhosale at |

      I think greatness of the warrior is related to the intent of the warrior towards the war than the warrior skills (personal/group) he/she owns. I don’t want to claim Shivaji Maharaj to be on the top of this list as he himself would not have wanted to be at the top of warrior’s list. Whatever he did in the whole life is the true example of “Nishkam Karmayoga” i.e. deeds done with no intent of gain. He fought against no particular religion, sect, caste or subcaste, race but against the inhumanity in each one of them. This can be best described by number of ncidence in his life. To account for some of them I am giving some incidences here:
      -He had Baba Yakut (Muslim) from Kelashi as one of his spiritual Guru aside from other spiritual/political Hindu Gurus like Sant Tukaram, Moraya Swami, Sant Ramdas.
      -He punished his own Hindu culprits for their social crimes on number of occasion.
      -He accepted Kutubshah(Muslim) as their faithful ally. He had many commanders in his army who happened to be Muslims.
      -Always respected all women:
      1. Sent back the captured Muslim women who happened to be daughter in law of Subhedar of Kalyan with honour.
      2. Punished his own brother in law with “Hatkalam” (cutting of hands) when he brought Rani caught in war with Mughals in steel chains.
      – He did a summit with Mughals when Murarbaji one of his Killedar (Commander), who fought so valiently at the war of Purandar that even Dilerkhan praised & asked him to come to his side, was died to save his brave men in exchange of the fort. This just potrays his very human nature than personal ego for pride. Also, later he conquered all the lost fort in that summit.
      – During the no war situation for 3 years after fascinatingly successful escape from Aurangzeb’s imprisonment he devoted all the time for well being of common man- farmers & all others from sub-castes.

      There are countless other incidences which are worth noticing.

      For this reason I feel its better not to list him in this list. He is far more greater than our judgement. He is in the Gods trank.,

  63. annoyed at perception at |

    why? why is leonidas one this list. his only major battle was a strategic catastrophe that resulted in the occupation of Boeotia

    1. Sasa at |

      …and the subsequent destruction of the Persian army under Xerxes. Had Leonidas (who was outnumbered around 267 Persian troops for every Spartan) not held Thermopylae, the Persians would have strolled through Greece. Leonidas and his men bought time for Greece to assemble forces that defeated Xerxes at Platea.

  64. Gantar at |

    Sorry, but I must oppose you, but there were some warriors, greather than some of those…
    – Ieyasu Tokugawa
    – Ghengis Khan
    – Guan Yu

  65. teddyghrams at |

    So Is anyone going to mention Shakka Zulu who from in front would run for miles with his massive army on foot I must emphasis, and beat any army even the Britts with out fire arms shields and spears. Now that’s a warrior, general, and tactionist. Or ya want to leave us blacks out. Shhhhhh!!

  66. nitin paliwal at |

    hi every body i must says the greatest warrior is who which can win his enemy without any fight like chanakyaa he must be included he was the creator of rajniti,shastraniti,kutniti,arthniti he was a true fighter he has forced sikandar to left our country by saving lifes of many people it is because who save life is bigger then killers and i want to say but sikandar,ghangis khan ,babur,temur ,nadir shah ,britishers etc all were killers and brutely slayed many people they were not true warriors real warrior save mankind ,country, poor’s and even animals paliwals ,ranas,sikhs fought with mughals and paliwals who were rich traders and businessman were golden sparrow of there time but also true warriors and also a good brahmin devoted to its dharma and countryhood they fought for there self respect ,country , there people ,there animal(cow)which is very sacred for them but not for money and tresure and to destroy others civilisation they fought even withot there head isit not wonder ………….

  67. nitin paliwal at |

    i think paliwals and sikhs and ranas fought for there country anthere people should be in the list they were true warriors could any one from these warrior fight without there head only some of the sikhs and paliwals had done this miracles in a history to save not there life but there country and there people i feel proud for them killing any bodyis easy but yu can not return there life so true warrior should be a complete warrior jai hind……

  68. Max at |

    just because your a great general doesn’t mean you can actually fight in battle

  69. paarandisen at |

    this is the greatest warrior period.

  70. jatinder at |

    the greatest worior is guru gobind singh ji they are 22 person and they won battel from 10,000 muslim soldrs…. second greatest is baba deep singh ji he fight even without there head cut..

  71. Najog at |

    were is cyrus the great!!

  72. ILLyJE at |

    This list is obviously biased. no one from africa was mentioned, no one from Indigenous America was mentioned, and certain individuals on this list did not do any actual fighting and shouldn’t have been mentioned. A warrior is someone in the heat of battle the thick of it all. if they were giving orders and planning the fight from a distance they’re not warriors but tacticians. this list should only include individuals that fought great odds and not only survived but was Victorious as well. I mean there were so many people not mentioned that qualify and others that were mentioned that don’t. I also would like to say that if Achilles or David is added then Heracles should be above their name and Aries should be above that. if we should consider people in stories we can’t prove existed then all the different individuals that are called Gods Of War should be the top ten.

  73. tanmay pawaskar at |

    Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and King Ashoka . Should Be In This List , both are Great Warriors of india.

  74. surya salian at |

    Where is Tamerlane, Nadirshah, Chengiz, Suleiman, Abbas ????????

  75. Hakan at |

    Where is Ataturk?

  76. Achtung at |

    Hans Ulrich Rudel, the famous Stuka pilot. Unbeaten with his 3500+ battle flights. He soldierd on 6 weeks after loosing a foot …
    Over 500 tanks, a battleship, 70 landing crafts, etc. …
    google for more!

  77. T-Murda at |

    What about jean grey from x men, she’s the most powerful warrior of all time right?

  78. black at |

    My No1 is the SUBUTAI! He is the best one! He was general of the Geghis khan!

    1. White at |

      Esen Taishi captured Chinese King with only 20.000 soldiers against 500.000. Killed 200.000
      20.000 vs 500.000

  79. mahes at |

    where is RAJENDRA CHOLA the great warrior of chola empire and he was undefeated warrior…he conquered almost all south east asia….

  80. Smart Retard at |

    Leonidas? Are you kidding me? The guy who took 3,000 greeks (including 300 spartans) just to slow down Persians who got to their destination anyway in time?

    Leonidas didn’t contribute at all to greece’s defense from Persia. The Athenian navy did that. He only slowed down the Persians.

    The only reason that the Persians were slaughtered was the greek equipment and phalanx.

    See persia had to give cheap equipment to 200,000 men while the greeks could give as many bronze body sheilds to their 3,000 men.

    1. Sasa at |

      First of all, you claim that there were 200,000 men there…but there is not really any true number. Herodotus, the guy who wrote all about it, actually said there were 2.5 million. Modern estimates say 150,000.

      However, as I mentioned in a previous comment, Leonidas slowed the Persians enough to allow the Greeks to assemble and destroy the Persians at Platea.

  81. athrun_zala at |

    200,000 vs 3,000? are you kidding me? although persian give only cheap equipment to their men they are still too many compare to 3,000 men of greeks.

  82. kamakazi at |

    How bout Sampson? Teancum? Moroni? (both of them) Anybody know who these people are?

  83. Dave Thomas at |

    Genghis Khan isn’t on the list? Absurd! Tamerlane isn’t on the list? Again, absurd!

  84. lastlaugh at |

    Banda bahadur

    Arrived with a small band of sikhs (30 or so)
    Into northern india from the south but within two/three years had the moghul empire uprooted from most of the north

    He is right up their like spartacus as a warrior because he was fighting a freedom struggle for the oppressed

    Him and spartacus meet the definition of a warrior in sikhiism

    A warrior is one who fights under the commands of morality

    Genghis khan etc did not meet this criteria

  85. nitin paliwal at |

    hellow , as i had said earlier true warrior means true leader to save mankind just slaying mankind killing people without any reason is not a work of true warrior i think true warriors are those who spare their life for people to serve our country our people then our family and paliwals clan of brahmins ruled pali disrict and kuldhara of jaiselmair has served their nations they were prosperous and very rich and rich enough to buy any king and emperors of their time they have so much treasure that we serve food for whole world for 1000 years but for there dharma and their self respect left all treasure and fought for their country and dharma with intruders they were bravest on earth mughals never ever sucessful to capture their states not even other rajputs they like freedom and never bow their head in front of any intruders so paliwals are greatest warriorrrr jai hind….

  86. Abdulaziz ALBADI at |

    kHALID bIN AL WALEED IS the #1……………Basiclly took down two great nations……Persian empire and Roman empire…….His Army was battling to two fronts in the same time…………..No one in History fought two nations in the same time. Both Armies were 10 times the # of His army……….Can anyone mention something crazy like that?!!!??!?! Not even alexander did that………..he fought one nation after another…..and he had enough # of soldiers.

    1. Sasa at |

      Israel. 1967. 6 Day War (Otherwise known as the Arab-Israeli War). Defeated the (larger) armies of Jordan, Syria, AND Egypt. In only 6 days. THAT is incredible.

      How about another? Timur (Tamerlane) of the Mongolian Empire commanded two battles that were more than 1,000 miles apart from each other, at the same time, and won both.

      Also, Al Waleed did not take down Rome. Rome took down itself.

      1. Sasa at |

        I apologize, I meant Subutai, not Tamerlane.

  87. Aleksander at |

    You didn*t mention properly the greatest warriors of all times: Kublai, and Dzingis khan, Attila, Josip Broz Tito, Napoleon, Horatio Nelson, Georgij Konstantinovi? Žukov.

  88. zain at |

    where’s ACHILLES?

    1. Mufasa at |

      Well i’m assuming he made this list on the basis of actual people…Achilles is a mythological character.

  89. HEatRS at |

    Ashoka the Great?
    Genghis khan?
    Maharana Pratap?
    Prithviraj Chauhan?

    where are these names ??????????

  90. Mahesh at |

    All dear friends, you left Great King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj from the dynasty of Lord Shri Raam. Please refer his biography. Probably you will get all the qualities that you are looking in a great King.

  91. Mufasa at |

    Umm, I haven’t read every single comment but I’ve seen no mention of William Wallace who slaughtered the English at Stirling Bridge!! And how about some love for African legend Shaka Zulu. I mean c’mon, the dude ravaged other tribes with an iklwa and cowhide shield. Tsk tsk….

  92. James Austin at |

    i would have to say Napoleon would be my No.1 for sure

  93. Shaunbhoy98 at |

    Where is william wallace

  94. Charudatta Pednekar, Mumbai at |

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the great warrior. He create his empire from zero. he fought his whole life with sword on his neck against Mughal, Adilshah for independence

  95. Rathore at |

    First i would like to say that the person who has made this list only knows about european history and to only upto certain extent. You fool the world doesnot include only europe and by the way your no 1 warrior alexander is undoubtly a great warrior but then came the point who stopped him finally.

    Knucklehead then turn your head towards asian map and you will found a country INDIA-THE LAND OF ULTIMATE WARRIORS. The centrestage of world and even today econmy of world depends upon the progress of this country. Alexander the great saved his greatness only by not fighting with chandragupt maurya the great indian emperor. His grandson ashoka the great was even greater then him. For increasing your knowledge read the books-MAHABHARAT AND RAMCHARITMANAS THAT INCLUDES NO MYTHOLOGICAL WARRIOR AND EACH WARRIOR MUCH MORE POWERFULL THEN AN ELEPHANT NOT DEPENDING ON ANY ARMY.

    If your eyes still doesnot open after reading these two historical books then read about a warrior born in 1149 in RAJASTHAN -INDIA whose chest was so broad that nobody was able to caught him in his arms,he in his childhood learnt shabdbhedi baan vidya-it means that he learnt a technique of succesfully piercing his target without seeing it and only listening to its voice. His capital was new delhi which is still the capital of india. He protected india from many foreign invaders. He defeated mohhmad ghori 16 times but left him alive everytime but on 17 occassion his wifes father backstab him and helped mohhamad ghori to beat this great indian warrior. He was captured and taken to ghazni by mohhamad ghori and was blinded but now arised his greatness as without his eyes and only on listening to the voice of mohhamad ghori he pierced his heart with an in his own backyard. So he took his revenge and restored pride of india,so read about him he was great rajput king PRITHVIRAJ CHAUHAN. How can you forget chatrapati shivagi, maharana pratap,akbar . Out of 10 i will your list 0 bcoz it is completely biased.

    Are there no great african warrior?REMEMBER NO LIST IS COMPLETE WITHOUT INDIA. JAI HIND……..

    1. Kay at |

      India hardly go down in history for producing and warriors if I’m hounest. Always we’re conquered by other empires. Always inferior to the Persian and Turk empires. If any Asian countries produced warriors it was Japan (ninjas and samurai). If Achilles was a real person (no real proff of his existence but he is folklore so he might have been a real person) he would surely be the greatest warrior ahead of Alexander and gengis khan. But anyway Jesus beats all of them doesnt he?

      1. RAJPUT at |


        1. Sasa at |

          Alexander never fought Ninjas or Samurais. The Indians also never “stopped him”. His army refused to enter India, not out of fear, but out of exhaustion. They had just conquered the Middle East in just 10 years, and were so tired they refused to advance without rest. So, Alexander planned to let them rest and then resume his invasion of Asia, but he died of natural causes before that could happen.

          Also, if India was so good at fighting guns with their swords and bare hands, why did the guns win?

          1. Swan at |

            Hi Sasa,

            Aleksander Army refused to fight and ran along the coast of sindhu river because
            1. it was mind game that was initiated by the Chankya who was stategist at that point of time.
            2.infected mice (Bio weaponry) attack into Aleksander’s army
            3.After Aleksander attacked and got infected he died of suffering from fever, illness.

        2. Kay at |

          Rajput, I think you’ve dug yourself a great whole here my friend. Firstly your grammer and use of the English language is atrocious. You can hardly structure a proper sentence which presents you as a person with little knowledge. So for you to reply with ‘ you would
          Score 0-100 in a history lesson is pretty hypocritically isn’t it, especially as you clearly know nothing about what your talking about. India is not known for its warriors and has never produced a warrior that deserves to be anywhere near this top 10. You struggled with the Persian empire for thousands of years and in the region Persia was far superior to India. Alexander the great never had any confrontations between ningas, monks or samaris because it was a completely different period of time. Alexander the great was a bronze age tactician and can hardly be renowned for what he did as a warrior. He had great tactics in war but who knows what he was like in 1 on 1 combat. Furthermore India never stopped alexander the great so get your facts straight.

          A ninja or monk or even samurai are known for their one on one combat and have produced a vast amounts of known warriors which are set in history. I have yet to see an Indian warrior or emperor that managed anything? India hardly even had an empire. India is know for is spirituality one of he most ancient civiliasations of the world (out shadowed by the Persians in my opinion). Most of all India is known for its rich culture. In no way have I offended India in my previous comment I just stated the fact that Indians are not renowned for producing warriors…and they are not.

          Lastly you refer to Jesus as some myth. When I mentioned Jesus it was supposed to be a joke, the fact that Jesus had god on his side would have made him superior to others, am I wrong? Jesus is not a myth, he is a part of ancient history (bronze to iron age) and his life has been widely spread throughout he world due to the bible. The existence of Jesus is hardly a myth. Hinduism, is a vast amount of myths. Stories that have no premise and the reasoning behind different gods has no complexity about it what so ever. So its funny that you say I’ve somehow attended you with myths is quite funny. I’m agnostic (I’m pretty sure you won’t know what that means but you claim your clever lol) I do not study history apart from my highschool years (in England secondary school). However I clearly know more than you. The only history you know of is the name of certain emperors from India that hardly achieveed anything apart from defending themselves against superiors empires around them. This does not impress me in the slightest. Learn more about your own history before you come back to me. FOOL

      2. Prazol at |

        If u really want to talk about Asian warriors then better not to forget the Gorkhali Sena(Warriors from the country NEPAL which is also the country of Mt.Everest and birth place of Gautama Buddha.)… British empire was too much impressed with Gorkhali Bravery, skills of fighting and their weapon KHUKURI.. The saying ” If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is a Gorkha'” , and also the saying of Adolf Hitler “If i had Gurkha Army then i would have won the whole world” was very famous.. .. and even today GORKHALI SENA is considered as the bravest army in the world( u can see Gurkha Regiment in British and Indian Army even today) and i think u havent heard the story of gurkha who fought with 40 dacoits alone in india(to save a girl and other passangers) while he was comming back home(NEPAL) and out of those 40 dacoits he killed few and hurted many of them and all of them ran away.

  96. erock z at |

    need i remind all of you who made Russia what it is today? @ least 90% of it? IVAN THE TERRIBLE!

  97. erock z at |

    joan of arc,boudica,spartacus, & william the conqueror were awesome military warriors too!

  98. sam at |

    Altair ibn la Ahad

    Ezio Auditore da Firenze

  99. Dr. Hardman at |

    It’s not “all” history if you ignore Lu Bu.

  100. Peter at |

    John Rambo is one hell of a… Bt he isnt real..wat shame!!


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