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  1. JeffRNize at |

    “No Sleep till Brooklyn” from the Beastie Boys has an awesome solo played by Kerry King from Slayer.

  2. Mike Kirby at |

    Grant Freeman’s solo in Chuck Mangione’s old smooth jazz hit “Feels So Good”. No, seriously. Just because his guitar sound is clean instead of distorted, most people don’t even notice there’s a shredding solo in the middle of that song. Go back and listen to it.

  3. THATguy at |

    My Sharona by The Knacks….from what i understand, the guy that does the solo wasnt even in the band

  4. ParusMajor at |

    I still prefer Weird Al’s version of “Beat It”, “Eat It:

  5. Kapilbs at |

    Hang on Sloopy solo played by Rick Derringer was pretty rockin for 1964….Just Like me by Paul Revere and The Raiders (1965) featured two runs for the solo in a time when only one was the norm.


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