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  • rajimus123

    good list, but there are so many better indian girls than that mixed garbage katrina kaif. in the 10 years that she’s been acting in bollywood she still can’t speak hindi or any other language.

    • imonone

      ftw katrina kaif all the way!!!!

  • robb17

    where is Marion Cotillard and Natalia Vodianova

  • tim

    I would have liked to have seen some asian women, one half filipino doesn’t really count. this is a glaring omission for someone who says they tried to pick women “from all over the world.”

    • Do you have any suggestions? We can add some images to the comment area here. Let me know who and we will include a photo. Thanks.

      • sidways

        Angel Locsin

        • As suggestions go, that’s a pretty darn good suggestion.

          • fhmbuddy

            sorry..but this was her old photo..she doesnt have that kind of i dont think she need to be included in the list..

          • ME

            hahaha THIS is an OLD picture!! SHES so CHUBBY now… if you want to post this picture..then go ahead admin and you will regret!! hahaha PATHETIC FANS!! sending an old picture?

            • I Am

              ..I know right!!!..

              ..Marian Rivera is sexier, prettier, and a better actress than her, you know!!…

          • ME

            An not to mentione that 40% of this picture was enhance by Photoshop…It’s so damn Obvious duhhh!

          • Mimi

            i think she’s a fan of other network so she doesn’t like Marian to be listed in the top 10. Just be happy our fellow citizen is listed above.

          • sidways

            @Mimi no I’m not a fan of any network, well someone said “one half filipino doesnâ??t really count”, and I’m a he not a she…
            and some more suggestions
            Philippine Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez though she may have Spanish blood somewhere in her((ancestral roots maybe) but she’s purely Fiilipina
            and Eula Valdez, she’s already in her 40s but she’s still hot,

            • cy

              oh dear…. pls get over it… pag me ganitong karangalan for pinay, sure enough give the people who are involved a respect. Marian is obviously included because of the obvious reason… pinay like you should be more than happy, coz you are looking abosolutely ridiculous with your own personal opinion. please visit bakery and eat a lot of humble pie and try to appreciate true beauties especially if the peole saying the feature are not inolved in the network sa pinas….GET OVER IT!

          • venice ann

            visit the fb account of DongYan fans. and thre you will all see the latest picture of angel in their taping in One More Try, her movie with Dingdong, angelica P. and Zanjoe..

          • Lance

            She don’t have a natural Beauty…and she is chubby rightnow… she is not too pretty to be included… Marian Rivera the sexiest and the most beautiful in Philippines….her face is fake…

        • Marius

          this is an old picture years ago… Angel is fat now!!! so no need to include her… !

          • marie

            yah i agree…

            • I Am

              I SUPER agree!!..

        • jay

          pathetic Fantards of Miss Angel LAOSin……… boohhhhhhhhhhhhh

          • cy

            totally agree.. very obvious.

        • jay

          Pathetic Pantards of ANgeT LAOSin….pwehhhhhhhhhhhh.. ang taba mo kaya…….

          • CIDE DE GUZMAN

            hahaha, bonggang bongga (as in major major,,,lol) ka jay, luma na kaya ung pic ni angel jan. kung di sna sya nag-over da bakod, sya sana nakalagay jan.

            • I Am

              ..kya nga..
              ..gusto ko pa sana sya hanggang ngaun kung hndi lang sya ng move,,,,…(now i’m antiangel)…..gogogogoggoogogogoogogo MARIAN!!..

        • Marian is way prettier than her. Nuff Said!

          • Raya

            true to that! why suggest a person who’s not sexy anymore? i mean c’mon!! No offense to Angel Locsin, she’s pretty enough, she can act, but sexy?? Really???Marian Rivera has been sexy eversince Marimar…the body she has that time, she still have it today, (Marimar was 5 years ago)…she’s even hotter…prettier..sexier… You can suggest yes, but let’s be honest with the suggestions…and the pictures included… :))

            • I Am

              ..i agree to you there…both of you….i super like Marian…she’s way more better, sexier..everything, than Angel….:)

        • dimitriev

          come on guys, she’s sexy and hot…but sorry the face is just ave for me

          • I Am

            ..FYI….she’s not sexy nor hot…she’s just a normal girl…she’s not even that pretty…

        • AprilCebuana

          Too much photoshop Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!
          She’s not as beautiful en gorgeous as Marian!!!

        • phille

          as for the title defines here i think she is not applicable because she’s not a foreign national, she is pure filipino..

        • juncci

          sori wala sya eh.. wala talaga.. puno na yung top 10 diba…

          • I Am

            hahaha… space na 4 her..

        • max

          mga ibang pinoy nga nmn d na nakuntento pagpilitan ba nmn c Angel LoL!!!!!!…nakapili na nga ng nternational beauties e…..yan ay walang iba only Ms. Marian….

        • princemark

          huwag ipasok ang hindi pasok..loser..angel

        • JP

          she deserves a spot on the list 🙂

          • I Am

   she doesn’t…:)

      • Ruthie

        Angel Locsin is still beautiful and sexy just like on this picture above.. she’s more beautiful than marian rivera.. i think she deserves the title better than rivera. Marian is ugly! her personality sucks! honestly, she’s the most hated starlet in the Philippines. Angel Locsin is the major star as she has acting awards, even nominated in Emmy’s. Her movies are blockbuster hits.. she has lots of endorsements and lots of quality movie and soap projects.. she’s an ambassadres for the Red Cross.. she’s the real beauty, inside and out.

        • alvinism

          make your own top ten list my friend :))

          • calvinism

            I like them both Marian and Angel, I’ve seen Marian Rivera before and she’s so beautiful and sexy, indeed… no doubt to be include in this list. I like to see Angel in person to compare with her.

          • AprilCebuana


        • AprilCebuana

          As the matter of fact Angel is far behind compare to Marian!!!

        • phille

          i love angel locsin and marian rivera, they are both beautiful inside and out. but from the words that you have written here is below the belt, my friend don’t insult once personality.. if you’re a fan of one person, you shown her character through your own personality coz she is a role model to you… juz congratulate d person who was recognized, besides she was a filipino who included on the list.

        • justme

          ahh.update please…Marian is officially now with the Red Cross too…

        • MASHEED


        • venice ann

          major actress ba yung bihirang mapanood sa tv ???????? make sense dear. the starlet na sinasabihan mo is the Primetime Queen of Philippine TV. baka dapat kay angel mo kinokowt ung STARLET !!!!!! :)))))

        • I Am

          ..that’s totally a lie…..Marian is way more better than her in everything…

        • I Am

          ..oh yah..(pahaol)..kung may real beauty nga si Angel…BAKIT HNDI SYA NASA LIST?????

    • ANA

      did u see any Africans? and only half filipinos are asians? what about the Indian gal Katrina Kaif? ooh wait a minute you only wanted all gilrs in the list to come from asia.

  • Dennis

    WOW!–That’s all I know to say.

  • Dope

    Oye, oye! There is a distinct lack of sizeable cleavages! This is an outrage!

  • George

    am i the only one who thinks no. 1 is hideous looking? great body but ugly as all get out. one bag for her head and one bag for yours just in case hers falls off. doesn’t help that she cant act either but that is another list entirely.

    • FMH

      On the contrary I think se has the most interesting look. But then again, I don’t like that plain beautiful perfect model-like look of most of the others because it only makes me think of commercials.

      • George

        maybe its just the duck lips and the stupid look she always has on her face. granted 99% of the time that i have seen her have included dark side of the moon, so maybe she looks better elsewhere.

  • Mati

    everyone is white. even the ones who are supposedly something other then caucasion LOOK white. there all white as ghosts and look the same. im white, and i still think they all look the same. woulda been nice to see some black women, or East Asian women, or South Asian women, or even just some women who were a shade darker then “ghost pale” or “i went to the tanning bed yesterday”.

  • Okay…? I was expecting to see some beautiful asian, Indian, African, Hispanic, middle eastern, AND white women. They’re all white…….? That’s not a problem at all, but the title was a bit misleading. Whilst some of the women you’ve pictured ARE indeed beautiful, there are plenty of non-white exotic beauties that I was expecting to see.

    I hate to bring race into arguments that shouldn’t involve it, but I do believe that this list was extremely biased and one sided. Overall, I did not like it. This list had very good potential until I saw it was only at one target audience.

  • Dennis

    The ones who think #1 is ugly would crawl on their knees across hades carrying two 10-gallon cans of gasoline just to kiss her on the butt. (Unless they’re actually women)

    • george

      sorry not every one likes their woman to look like ducks. great body but she is ugly as sin. the only guys who would think she is hot would have to be guys who like that she is a model.

  • Crazysan

    Sofía Vergara is Colombian. How is she not number one!?!

    • I agree Sofia Vergara is noticeably absent. Hope this helps.

      • Sun moon

        Oh wonderfull so beutifull ,nice,good must ,parfet last u.

  • Wow, it’s really hot. But Leryn Franco must come in second and katrina kaif deserves to be in top3…. 🙂

  • fhmbuddy

    As opposed to sidways. that picture of angel locsin was taken years ago..she doesnt have that kind of body now so i OBJECT!try to browse for her latest picture so you’ll know what i mean..

  • melvin

    angel locsin is such a chubby girl now. marian rivera has been an epitome of beauty thus, deserving to be in the list. some people are just bitter here.

    • ME

      YOU’re DEFINITELY and absolutely CORRECT!….HER FANS is to FRUSTrated bec. they JUST WANTED ANGEL to be RECOGNIZED because ANGEL L. is a SINKING SHIP!… POOR FANS..tsk tsk

      • Marius

        that’s true!!!

      • amz

        yes thats true shes so chubby now and no more shows….shes not famous anymore and Angel dont take good care of her body now….maybe she is depressed from moving to kapuso to kapamilya….the reason why she is not famous now….and the reason why she eats and eats a lot…

    • venice ann

      oooohh owww. youre absolutely correct. some people are bitter to marian bec. marian is so sikat right now and their idol are not sikat like her anymore. haha

  • chakamilya


    • emma

      Before pa I’m avid fan of Marian Rivera sila pa ni Oyo Boy ang partner sa afternoon teledrama sabi ko if may kukuha sa kanya na producer and bigyan sya ng break into big drama she will shine and thats it. up to now para syang bulaklak na hindi nalalanta. congrats marian rivera i love you idol

  • karen (philippines)

    thank you for recognizing my ultimate idol Marian Rivera. She is beautiful indeed. She also recognized THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE in Philippines and FHM sexiest women :))

  • Marius

    Congrats to our Idol in the Philippines Ms. MARIAN RIVERA!!! Thanks for recognizing her and she is really beautiful and most popular here in the Philippines!!!

    • Mars

      I couldn’t agree more!!

  • Mars


    • marie

      me 2..lets be proud…
      gandang pinay….

  • Gina Dizon

    Congratz Marian Rivera
    I like her so much,she’s really beautiful & sexy!!

  • chelo3250

    MARIAN RIVERA is a best epitome of a classic beauty. It’s her beautiful and expressive eyes, her angelic face, her flawless skin.. everything in her is beautiful.

    she’s sexy without even trying to. Go Marian! ^^,

  • top 10

    i love Cheryl Cole she’s so beautiful

  • jay



      super agreeeeeeeee, love it. Go Marian fanatics.

      • LVE

        Agree! She’s very well deserving! Coz her beauty is natural and she doesn’t need to pose for any magazines….She’s damn sexy and beautiful in every way!:)

  • KevinAlonso

    DAMNNN, Very good choice. MARIAN RIVERA IS A PERFECT CHOICE, SHE DESERVES TO BE PART OF THE LIST MAYBE AT SPOT NUMBER 5,4,3,2 OR 1 . Hahaha, but 9 is good too, the only Pinay from the list. Thank you for making Marian apart of this list. Shes Philippine TV’s Primetime Queen, Most sought after endorser, FHM 2008 Sexiest Women in the Philippines ( Even for the past 3 years shes been included as one of the top 3 on the FHM list) And man, shes just straight up gorgeous and nice, thats why haters go after her, What you see there is all NATURAL. One of the Most famous actress in the Philippines. VERRYY POPULAR 🙂 Angel ismso 6 years ago. Hahaha, mean, but true 😀 Shes so chubby now, she has no shows, haha. LAOS !!

  • courtney

    go idol you are the one and only in the philippines who desrve and also youre beautiful among of them!!

  • I’m so really proud to Our My Beloved Marian Rivera! the effortless beauty….Marian is a perfect choice. She deserve to be part of the list of beauties. she’s one of a kind. she has a Natural Beauty and Body….No surgery!!!
    Correct, she is very popular and have a million of Fans her in the Philippines even International…

  • Zcynne

    Marian Rivera… she’s the best among all actresses here in the Philippines… Isn’t it so obvious how we her fans adore her so much..? We love you Marian! Congratulations! 🙂 You truly are blessed so much beauty!

  • champ

    marian rivera rules! 🙂

    • maria

      i love marian rivera,in and out,…she has a good heart..she deserve a no.1 spot in my openion,..

  • Alma

    Congratulations to Ms. Marian Rivera for this great privilege and acknowledgement that’s been given to her by this wonderful site. At least now, not only her avid fans appreciate her beauty and her worth as an actress and as a person, but the people from this site see in her what we Marian’s avid followers sees in her. A real beauty……..

  • lourdes cabrera

    Marian Rivera, you are the BEST!!!!

  • Shaoi Margrethe

    Thanks for including Ms. Marian Rivera as one of the Top 10 International Beauties Of 2012. She is one of prettiest face here in the Philippines.More power to your site,,,:)

  • DrBreeLlamareVouix

    Marian Rivera “The Filipina Marimar” WE LOVE HER! She’s angelic/cherubic face and sexy bod combined. FTW!

  • dea

    Marian Rivera FTW! The one and only PRIMETIME QUEEN! She’s so pretty!

  • Janel

    I love the list and looking forward to the next year’s list. Hope Lovi Poe is in the list next year.

  • Jpcrzyluv

    Congratulations marian rivera she is indeed beautiful

  • redtrish

    marian is beautiful, she deserves the spot!

  • imonone

    love katrina kaif <3 She beautiful, stunning, sexy, gorgerous, hot, and sexy 🙂

  • bhey|_canada

    Yipeeeeeeee!!! Were all proud of Ms. Marian Rivera the one and only who proved that she’s the most gorgeous Filipina Actress,, Thank you so much for recognizing her beauty and plus her hotness 🙂 We love you Ms. Marian go go Pinoys

  • Elizah Alegre

    Just a suggestion..In Asia’s Prettiest, well known stars are Philippines’ Marian Rivera and South Korea’s Song Hye Gyo. Could you make an updated list of Asia’s 10 most beautiful stars starting with the above two? thanks.

    • We may do that, but probably not for a few more months. But for now, here is the beautiful Song Hye Gyo for those of us who aren’t familiar with her.

      • Josué Alberto

        You are so beautifull !!! And your beauty is very catch me….Nice to meet you, “Girl”. You are a sweetness of person, and much honey and, so cuty !!!

  • Mylene

    Thank you for including our beloved Marian Rivera, she truly deserve this. Shes so beautiful inside and out. The most popular actress in the Philippines today with strong fan base not just in the country but worldwide.

  • justchari

    Marian Rivera’s the most beautiful Pinay on TV in my opinion.
    I just hope the Filipinos would see her beyond her flaws.
    She’d only human for god’s sake. I even love her flaws.
    She’s a Filipina actress who’s honest and very open to the public.
    it’s time we get over the “too-good-to-be-true” image.
    Let’s be REAL and see that FLAWS also define one’s BEAUTY.

    • Mylene

      I agree. Nobody is perfect. At least marian rivera is not fake, trying to portray someone she is not and for her being real, she is adored by her fans. As time goes by, more and more people appreciates her.

    • MR_forever

      Well said. It’s a typical attitude of a person who is bitter. Will always find the flaws among numerous strenghts even without showing evidence.

      Anyway, yung isang nagpost ng pic ni angel, halata ka ah. Ang daming pwedeng ibang suggestion kung ayaw mo kay MR, sya pa talaga ang nilagay mo dyan at todo photoshop. Pwede naman sina Angelica Panganiban, kung ayaw nyo sa mga half-half siguro si Rochelle Pangilinan o si Michelle Madrigal siguro Pilipina talaga ang mukha. O kaya si Christine Reyes, duh!

      Eto si angel ngayon oh:

      Kita nyo kung gaano kalaki ang mga binti at braso, at kung bakit hindi nagtwo piece? Yung iba naman masanay na kayo sa mga nanglalait kay angel kasi mas marami at mas malala ang mga panglalait kay MR.

  • Marian has the sexiest and prettiest face here in the Philllipines movie industry! She well-desreve it, has the perfect angelic face and a very well-proportioned body. Thanks for recognizing her.

  • Raya

    Marian Rivera- Wow! She won FHM Philippines sexiest before, the first winner who haven’t posed on the cover yet, how am i not surprise that she’s here on the list??? She is Beautiful… Really beautiful..and Sexy as hell… I love her.

    • goodgirl

      She is indeed pretty and yummylicious..

    • sweet girl

      honestly,I don’t think Marian really deserves this,there are so many hot and beautiful filipina and much more deserving rather than here,and beside she is just known because of her fame..but I don’t think the title really deserve to her,she is not really has a perfect beauty for me..but I respect everyone’s opinion!:D

      • Jennifer

        para wlaang problema. please remove a Filipino on the list. that should stop all the whiners out there about Ms. Rivera. Put someone from China, South Korea or Qatar or Singapore or Thailand.

      • carolluvzbieber

        Marian Rivera deserves it!!!
        She has a perfect beauty that no one has!!!

      • venice ann

        baka naman gawa kasi ng hindi nakasama sal ist ang idol mo ???/ well, ANJAN NA YAN AND MARIAN RIVERA DESERVES EVERY TITLE NA binibigay sa kanya. 🙂

    • sarang semut

      Oh She is so sexy… I like her…

  • Raya
  • Sarah B.

    OMG!!!!!! Marian Rivera is the most underrated celebrity!!!! I am a big fan of her. She’s so pretty even more without any makeup!!!! She’s so famous in the Philippines!

  • Karen

    I was born in the states, but after I visited the Philippines I saw Marian’s billboard and true to that, Marian has one of the prettiest faces I’ve ever seen!

  • the true epitome of beauty and talent Ms.Marian Rivera!!!PinoyPride!!!

  • Donna

    Congratulations Marian Rivera!!!
    you’re one of my favorite actress here in the Philippines

    I wish HAN HYO JOO of Korea were included in the list. I’m a big fan of her too

  • Angelito Mayor

    Wow at Marian Rivera. She really deserves it. I really like her transparent personality, she speaks her mind, a little like Diva but in a good way, she is actually know for that. However, when i saw her in person, i fell in love with her more, she is smiling all the time, she has a great sense of humor and she laughs on very simple thing, showing how approachable she is and down to earth. But one thing, She is beautiful in the picture used by this site, however there are a lot of better picture of her that can be use by this site. Just saying…

  • Catherine of Malvar Philippines

    WOW!! Congrats to Ms. Marian Rivera…thanks for recognizing her. She deserves it to be a part of TOP 10 INTERNATIONAL BEAUTIES OF 2012…here in Malvar Batangas in Philippines were proud of you idol… Kapuso…

  • SL

    Marian is super Gorgeous!!!

  • DexieJ

    Congratulations Marian. Well-deserved and such a great list to be part of.

  • Froi

    Good choice! keep up the good work and more power!

  • wow!!! idol Go Marian Rivera

  • zitaMalaysia

    wooowww congrats ms marian rivera.. she really deserve it. thank you toptenz. more power to your site.marian rivera’s fan from malaysia

  • dimitriev

    that girl Marian, i think … the most beautiful on the list… effortless beauty indeed…

  • nylyrrehs

    Congrats to Ms. Marian Rivera. I’ve seen her rise to fame from MariMar remake up until now… She’s also able to maintain her great body and beauty. And i like her open personality.. There are so many too good to be true actress in showbiz already so i like her being who she is all the time. Keep up the good work.

  • jill locsin



      ganda talaga ng primetime queen, oooooooooozing with appeal.

    • venice ann


  • jay

    Go Marian………. Truly Rulessss

    Evaporate FAntards of ANGhet LAOSin…………….booohhhhhhhhhhh

  • Joan bayotas

    Wow. Perfect! I love Rosie Whiteley in Transformer and Marian Rivera. She’s really famous in the Philippines, both movies and on TV.

  • jen

    Why do you have to compare Angel Locsin to Marian? Angel has nothing to do with this award. Just be happy about marian’s recognition and stop bragging Angel. Angel is a very nice woman and just want to explore herself by working with other tv company. If Angel failed in her decision of moving into the other network, It’s her life at least she tried.

  • emma

    more power Marian Rivera I love you idol

  • mikee

    congrats MR you deserve it…
    please wag nyu isingit picture ni angel
    nakakaawa kayu… ..

  • edna

    you deserve it Marian…we love you and more power!!!

  • Gen

    When you say beauties, it should include everything beautiful about the person. Don’t you know that Marian Rivera is the most hated personality in the Philippines. She has the most undesireable attitude who always fight with co-artist because of simple things like jealousy. She even locked one actress in the washroom because she was jealous of the actress. She fought with another actress she co- starred in a movie just because the actress was happy she will star in a tv series with the boyfriend. She fights with almost everyone because of attitude and arrogance. You also did not include a lot of her flop movies. Only few people watch her movies, and that was the reason why majority of her movies were FLOP. People don’t watch her because they don’t like her attitude mostly. Those who watch were the few fans who tolerate her. For why don’t you enter a blog for Most Hated Personality or Personality with the worst attitude?

    • Slim Ros

      All the negative stories you said about Ms. Marian Rivera were never proven. They were all just made-up stories concocted by people who are jealous of her achievements. And some narrow-minded people just swallow-up those stories without even verifying the veracity of it. Get REAL, or should i say, get LOST!

    • mariana

      most hated??? when?where? ur d only one knows that, shame of you, gosh, get lost here! this is international, this is diff level, pang local lang kau!

    • aris

      oww ,come on!!! you’re just a fan of another celebrity that’s why you are saying this. get real!!! hearsays are just hearsays. marian rivera is still the undisputed primetime queen in the philippines. she is one such hot international celebrity. she is beautiful inside out. enough of your crab mentality. rejoice for Marian Rivera!!!! thanks to toptenz for recognizing her.

    • whoever

      I don’t so…… liar!!!

    • whoever

      I don’t think soooooo!! LIAR!!! you’re just envy on her achievements 😛

    • WAT!

      for me Marian Rivera is beautiful (she deserves on that list) ,true person ,Sexy ( i think last last year she’s on 1st list of FHM ), a great actress and a great dancer. HATED? i think ur a loser who trying to bash a successful actress that no actor/actress cant reach in that level in the Philippines. if u see all the comments here all about marian but i see others too . I like also miranda kerr,shakira and. rosie Huntington well back to M.R again can u just pls accept that Marian is in there and Marian is only pilipino .Ur nega comment for marian cant change me cuz i still like her and i idolize her. for angel and christine fans awwww just accept it okay there still next next next year okay.

    • venice ann

      ehemmmmm… but all the issue about her are being drag. no one has been proven true. the issues about her are just a way of her detractors to put her down. but then, where is she right now ??? shes still at her stardom and no one yet brings her down. many haters are exists but there are a lot of supporters who love and show the care to Marian,. her fans are there to fight for her….. and i guess you are saying that because your one of her hater/s. sorry for you dear. if there are thousands of haters then we the lovers/supporters/fans are millions in count. sorry for your the result are already there, better luck next time for your idol.
      God bless you.

      • emem

        Lovly post venice ann. Its true d few haters of Marian Rivera are just frustrated souls who can’t be happy for our MR hardwork and sincerity. I’m always happy cos no mater wat they do they can’t bring her down cos she was destined to always be @ d top. God bless donyan

        • venice ann

          yeah right ! they’re just insecure with what Marian has!!! we are their fans and we are the only people who’ve been always happy for what our DongYan achieved…… More blessings for the both of DongYan 🙂

  • Congrats iDol marian rivera u are The best for the Philipines

  • neowmz

    OMG MARIAN RIVERA she deserved to be in that list because marian rivera is only superrr gorgeous, famous and great actress i know here in philippines…..well congrats to marian i just saw this news in showbiz extra i was like…i have to search wow that was trueee…..GO PINAY BEAUTIES GO MARIANNNN ….for the haters back off u should be thankful that our pinay marian is on the list we should be proud okay….

  • Sata

    wow! The philipino girl at number 9 is hot! Is it jumest me or she looks caucasian?

    • Dorian

      she looks more spanish

  • AprilCebuana


  • Mae

    Marian deserves it…
    its good to see that beauty can be recognized without having to show so much skin…

  • Froi

    Way the go Marian! panis ang girls ng abs cnb,wahehe! 🙂



    • pilipina

      oo nga..kakahiya..ano ba yan

      • LVE

        Marian Rivera represented our country so let’s just be happy and be proud! That’s it!

        • LVE

          Whether it’s a kapamilya or kapuso….It doesn’t matter! As long as our country is being recognized….

  • grace

    1-marian rivera
    2-miranda kerr
    4-chery cole

    i love their beauties

  • pilipina

    oo nga.nakakahiya ano ba yan..d b pwedeng maging masaya n lang tayo at may narecognize filipina beauty dito kahit si angel or si marian pa yan..hay

  • Angelito Mayor

    I like how a kapamilya and angel locsin fan.. try to tear Marian Rivera down just because she is the most popular and rating drawing star here in the Philippines AND THEY ALWAYS FAIL. Most of the story about marian is either planted/made up by her network competitor just because she turned down the NAME YOUR PRICE offer to her. What i really like about Marian Rivera is She is happy when she is Happy, and she is Mad when she feels Mad. Such a true person. No pretensions. Just a Human.. Not an Angel..

  • pinay_ako

    for me kristine hermosa is the most beautiful PINAY

  • fhmbuddy
    • slim ros

      fhmbuddy, the latest angel locsin pic at photobucket has already been deleted. maybe angel locsin’s fans are afraid to show the world of her present figure.

  • emem

    Don’t know if d rating goes to how beautiful these ladies are, if so they’re not doing justice at all. Marian Rivera is far more beautiful than d number 1 lady. The only recipient in that group that I can compare with her is Katrina Kaif. Others are quite beautiful but those two are suppose to be 1st or 2nd because they are angels created in form of human by God. I remember the first time I saw her in endless love I was like ‘is she realy human’ despite the fact she plays the role of a poor wretched girl. Infact I kind of cried @ the end of the film when she died. She’s the most beautiful actress I’ve ever seen and Katrina too. Seriously hoping she and Dingdong will end up together for life because we fans from Nigeria will be so disappointed if they dont

    • venice ann

      wow. youre a fan from nigeria pala.

      • emem

        Yea venice ann. I’m more than Marian Rivera’s fan cos my day is not complete unless I watch hers and her beau DD film. I love them so much

        • venice ann

          hahaha. same here my dear. dongyan completes my day!!!! but unfortunately right now not everyday coz both of them has no show (yet) in GMA.

  • hermosa

    Asian Beauty how about Japan’s Kuroki Meisa? When Angelina Jolie came to Japan they stood side by side and I tell you and it was like an overload of gorgeousness. Except Meisa looked younger and fresher. Well, she is.

    Sawajiri Erika is gorgeous shes known for having the perfect anime face.

    Kristine Hermosa from the Philippines is a goddess as well though she no longer is active.

    Thalia Sodi is also gorgeous and so is Barbara Mori

    • hermosa

      Also forgot, South Korea’s perfect woman: Kim Tae Hee
      Natural beauty, elegance, wit and charms the lady has it all.

    • pinay_ako

      i agree Kristine Hermosa is a goddess no one can bet her even marian rivera…

      • Ruthie.kapal naman ng face mu!d hamak naman mas maganda si marian rivera.f.y.i. international beauties ang labanan,sori k n lng ung angel mu bumagsak sa ung ibang shows ni marian eh talagang magaganda.ung achievements ang ipinopost mu db c marian ang ambassadress ng red cross.cnu b ang sikat ngaung 2012,take note ah 2012 c marian.wala nmang finalists dun n hindi deserving.inggit ka lng

      • Kristine Hermosa

        • john

          the most beautiful filipina i’ve ever seen….
          KRISTINE HERMOSA is truly a goddes of beauty

        • john

          she should be included in the list

    • Sawajiri Erika does look like the face of Anime.

      And here is a photograph of Thalia Sodi too.

  • lynne

    why do they keep on insisting Angel Locsin?? let’s just respect the decision of the writer. Well MARIAN RIVERA deserves to be on the list because she has an angelic face!! Let’s just all be proud!!! #CHEERS!

    • MR_forever

      angel only has the name but MR has the face of it. Sad but true angel fans

  • pinay_ako

    KRISTINE HERMOSA should be included in the list..

    • Scroll up a few comments and see the image we uploaded. What do you think?

      • jangmi

        I think that’s not kristine hermosa…that’s actually Marian Rivera..=)

        • Oops, sorry. Fixed.

          • john

            thank you for posting KRISTINE HERMOSA’s pic…

  • luna

    Just be happy that a Filipina is in the list. Who’s in the list deserves it! And to those who don’t, better luck next time! Proud to be Pinoy! Congratulations to Philippine’s Primetime Queen; Ms. Marian Rivera!

  • Jennifer

    Hay naku mga Pinoy talaga. tayo nanaman ang comment ng comment dito at dahil naswerteng nasama tayo sa listahan. Pasalamt nalang tayo at naisipan pa nilang isama tayo sa damin ng magagandang Asians. Puro tayo reklamo.

    • mishela


      • LVE

        Tama!..ang hirap kasi sating mga pinoy…Laging may crab mentality! Kaya di umuunlad bansa natin eh!…Imbes na maging masaya nalang at maging proud dahil na recognize ang bansa natin sa pamamagitan ng isang artista which is si MARIAN RIVERA….Eh tayo pa mismo ang nagbababa sakanya!…Gosh! Magbago na kayo! Let’s just be happy for other people’s success! At utang na loob! Tama na ang Crab Mentality pwede ba!

  • Lenako

    Marian really deserve it.. shes damn pretty in and out totoong tao hindi plastik ..

  • nene

    just be happy that their is a filipina included in the top ten internationk beauties of 2012….marian rivera deserved to be on that list.she,got angelic ,pretty face ,tiny nose..oosing with sex appeal…,

  • slim ros

    to all angel locsin, kristine hermosa, etc. fans! the search for the top ten international beauties of 2012 is already done. so stop your whinings. your complaints will not change the results. MARIAN RIVERA will always be at the no. 9 spot of the top ten international beauties of 2012 & will be part of history. just hope that your idols will be noticed & be included in next year’s list. as for now, just be happy that a filipina is included in this year’s list. it’s an honor for our country. congrats, MARIAN RIVERA!

    • LVE

      I second the motion!

  • charliehera

    go marian your so beautiful
    Philippines is so proud to you!!

  • mishela

    love Marian. Proud of her. It wasnt her best pic. I wish they used a pic where she’s smiling. i think her best feature is her ” the sun is shining” smile. love the list, love Marian but most of all , love reading the comments here..very entertaining..haha..filipino fans are the best (or the worst?) talaga ^.^

  • kate

    Sino si Angel Locsin? Haha!

    • john

      angel locsin??? the sexiest DARNA!!!

    • john

      stop acting as if you don’t know here!!!

    • venice ann

      a chubby lady right now.

      • emem

        That’s right babe. the tendency for Angel Locsin to grow fat if she’s not visiting gym in the nearest future is 100% but Marian Rivera is Zero. I mean check out their body built. No offence Locsin fans truth be told give two of them another 5 to 6yrs or even more. Marian Rivera is an epitome of beauty. I don’t tink she really has haters cos she can’t be hated just few people who wishes to be in her shoes since they couldn’t they pretend to hate her cos the girl is blessed in all ramifications. Keep up the good work DONGYAN ur fans love u guys a lot.

  • hi

    just accept the fact that angel is not in that list. okay?

  • We have created a sister site that focuses on images more than text and I found this very fun picture of Marian Rivera and have posted it here: – You can see this entire list of lovely ladies with new photographs here – Enjoy.

  • zeke hawkins

    MARIAN RIVERA really deserve this kind of award. cause naturally she’s beautiful inside and out. a lot of people misunderstood her personality its because she’s a straight forward person, to those people who doesn’t like MARIAN RIVERA mind your own business, you guys are envy with MARIAN’S success right? JUST BE PROUD. ANGEL LOCSIN AND MARIAN RIVERA are friends. so why you guys keep banging this two people?

  • ramel

    alam tanggapin nyo na lang na mas maganda talaga c marianrivera kay sa kay angel locsin…
    kung di nyo tanggap manahimik na lang kau..kc wala namang magagawa yang paninira nyo..inggit lang talaga kau kay marian rivera..nakakaawa naman kau..

  • antioch

    MAGANDA SI MARIAN, PASOK SA INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ANG BEAUTY. SI ANGEL FILIPINA BEAUTY LANG. SO IN OTHER WORDS, MAS MAGANDA SI MARIAN. basta ang topic dito sino ang mas maganda? si marian rivera. pasok sa foreign standards. bitter ang mga angel locsin fans kase di siya pasok dito pero si marian nandito. inggit kayo.

    • john

      KRISTINE HERMOSA is more more beautiful than marian ducati rivera!!!!!wink…

      • venice ann

        e sinong mas sikat ??? di lng beauty pinag uusapan ee.

  • Nics

    Hey an English girl at No.1 – I like that! 🙂

  • Archie Leach

    I wonder how many times Huntington-Whiteley had to wash Michael Bay’s Ferrari.

  • Gul

    No doubt these all are beautiful girls but when you mention top 10 international girls, you must give diversity by picking up some girls from all regions of the world. Asian girls especially Pakistanis are also very beautiful and attractive, you should also include names from there. I am not suggesting any name and letting you free to pick according to your selection standards.

  • Camaro

    All looks very hot

  • southcast

    Why is everybody seem to be obsessed with girls form Philippines only. No doubt it has some very pretty girls but i thought the title said “Top 10 International Beauties Of 2012”. Do you guys have any idea what many incredible beauties from other countries are you missing from the discussion. ??

  • faheem khan

    list is not so good,,,,,,,i think monica should in no.1.

  • venice ann

    thanks for releasing this years International Beauty List. thanks for including Marian Rivera on the List. God bless and more power to your site. hope for a more list including Marian Rivera . thanks again. 🙂

  • napadaan

    Si Angel Locsin po ay may napatunayan na. At hindi sya laos sa channel 2 kasi choice nya yun ganun para my time sya sa family nya. Angel Locsin has grown up. Being in the sexy girls list is not that important kasi ms mgndang awards pa mga nku2ha nya kesa sa list na yan. At sinasabing laos si Angel, d po yn totoo kasi she is now a grown up artist. D bale ng d marecognize s list na to, ang imp0rtante, mgaling umarte, nag artista sya hndi para mgpasexy hbng buhay. Being sexy is n0t just the physical appearance. Its how you give effect to the vewing public. At si Angel ay t0p 2 ngay0ng 2012 sa pin0y based poll ng 2012, ang FHM. Si Marian ay pang 5 lng. At yn ay indicati0n ng pglamlam ng career ni Rivera. Wla ak0ng against ky Marian pero mas malakas ang dating ni Angel, chubby man sya, ang imp0rtante, ksma sya s pinaka kilalang artista, in fact pangalawa sya kasi si Judy ann ang nangu2na. At gumaling si Locsin ngayon. She got acting awards and thats m0re important than being in the sexy lists. At khit sbhn png bab0y sya napapabilang p dn sya s fhm. Ganun sya kamahal ng mga tao. She’s sexy, beautiful, good actress, at mabait. si Marian, sexy and beautiful din sya. But she dont have good acting skils. Angel has been internationally recognized. Marian has not achieved what Locsin has. Tama na din po pgkumpara kasi pg ikaw ky Angel, galit k ky Marian. And vice versa. You cant appreciate a person you hate. Pg nagkumpara tay wag yun unfair c0mparison. Ako ayoko ky Marian pero lhat ng sinasabi ko about her are all true. In not criticizing her just because I foot like her but because it is true. She is far from Angel. They are not comparable because Angel has made a name in the industry while Marian is just a beginner.

    • venice ann

      balewala lng ba talaga yung list na to ?? e bat ganyan ka makareact ??? dinaig mo pa si angel kung makareact ee… stop comparing marian to angel and vice versa ???? ohhhwww then stop criticizing marian. stop telling all the lies about her!!!! oo she is at the 5th rank for this years list on fhm and angel are on the 2nd rank, but honestly ah kung pagdidikitin mo si marian at angel mas dun mo mapoprove kung sino talaga ang mas sexy. angel has been on the 2nd rank only because of the votes but if you look at her right now, ikaw mismo sa sarili mo you will realize na “yung taong pinagtatanggol pala is far different from who is she before na sexy talaga at sikat. sorry for my words i’m just being honest.

  • napadaan

    Angel Locsin is sexy. My times lng tlga n my mga bg0ng mukhang dumadating. But the nicest thing about Angel is that, she is focused on her acting career. Every year, we get older. And being sexy is n0t a lifetime career. Angel is now a good actress and sexyness? She had been sexy in her younger years. Bonus n lng yun bin0boto p din sya at ang mhalaga, ms accurate ang fhm result kesa sa list na to. My nbsa nga dn aqng t0p 10 sexy list na number 2 xia ksma cla megan fox but I did n0t count it as her great achievement. Ilan ta0n n xia d nwawala sa fhm sexiest list. Isa yn s p2nay n mghubad man xia, mataba at payat. Sexy p dn sya. Si Marian naman, proud mga fans nya s knya kasi mga ganit0ng awards nku2ha nya. Thankful p din ako n nsma sya kasi pinoy xia. Proud aq s knya. Ako guys fair aq kasi ayaw ko man ky Marian pero toto0 lhat ng cnsbi ko about her. Malayo na narating ni Angel compared to Marian. Pero dahil s wla ak0ng crab mentality, pinapan0od ko p nga ang tweets for my sweet kasi n22wa ako s knya kasi makulit xia don. Pti t0da max ni angel pinan0n0od ko. Ngkata0n lng n ms gus2 q c angel s mukha, s ktwn, s ugali at s pg arte kesa ky marian. Ganun lng po ang buhay my hgit tlga s dlwa. At mas superior lng tlga c Angel compared to Marian kasi mas nauna n xiang gumawa ng pangalan. Wg n cla pg awayan dh mgkaibigan cla.

  • napadaan

    great post? Ang alin po?

  • lifemja

    kat is the sexiest women in the world i m big fan of this beauty…..

  • Desiree

    This list (in my opinion) is really not good. You put Shakira so low, c’mon now Shakira is much more beautiful than all the girls that were before her. Plus you forgot so many other beautiful women. I am beyond shocked that the most beautiful woman in the world, Aishwarya Rai isn’t on this list. I know much more women that are wayyy more beautiful, inside & out than the majority of the girls on this list like Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, Monica Bellucci, Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Claudia Lynx, Charlize Theron, Haifa Wehbe, Jessica Scheel, Ana Brenda Contreras, and Angelique Boyer

  • napadaan

    popularity plus awards. Pasok yan. Mki2ta po natin pg nag air n ang Darna nya s ABS CBN. Nagka award pa ang Lobo pero ang GMA Darna ni Locsin hndi. Marian wla pang napatunayan, d ko nga alam kung bkit pilit na pinapaarte ay d mrun0ng. Pinakawalan p nila si Iza Calzado? Wew, d rn ok ang puro gnda at sexy mg c0ver grl nlng xia.

  • Nics

    You should have Haifa Wehbe on this list!!! She’s Lebonese, a model, singer and actress, absolutely stunning!

  • Rinka

    i think you can see this girl from indonesia ..Sandra Dewi

  • ThisBellaGirl

    STOP comparing your Angel to our MARIAN. They are two different persons, with different personalities. Don’t waste time arguing who’s prettier and who’s not, who has a better name, and who has the less, and who has achieved the best. If you don’t like Marian, don’t waste time commenting when all you wanna say are all against her, of course we’ll get hurt and we’ll fight back. But you see what’s the use of fighting back when you know that those haters will never ever understand her side.. Of course we all have our own choice, so just focus on your idols, and leave Marian alone. She has nothing to do with you peeps. She has her life, has her friends, her family, her beau, her supporters who has been with her ever since, she doesn’t need you HATERS. She’s pretty much enjoying her life. So BACK-OFF!

    • emem

      I wonder why some1 will say that Angel Locsin is a better actress than Marian Rivera. What an absurd thing to say. I’ve got both their films in my house. I can say Marian Rivera is the best and sexiest actress philipine country ever produced. I used to wonder why people ever hate her she’s so so good in everything she does. She may not receive any award now because I think the award body is being controlled by ABS network. Yea that’s right I’m not from philipine but I kinna follows up on their showbiz because of my belloved Marian. That network has not much good shows but their stars received most of the showbiz awards its really anoiying. AL maybe good in her own acting prowess but I’ll choose MR over her anytime beside Marian is a baby in showbiz but she’s achieved wht people who been in d biz b/4 her hasn’t. If d producers of 007 films ever look for another Halle Berry in Philipine country MARIAN RIVERA is d ideal candidate

      • napadaan

        You are n0t fr0m d Philippines? It doesn’t show on your grammar. You are definitely trying to say that ABS-CBN is controlling all of the award-giving bodies, haha they could have been bankrupted if everytime their talents got awards, they have to pay for it. Haha, you make me sick. How about the m0st prestigious award giving body in Seoul Korea who noticed the good acting skills of Angel Locsin for LOBO? Did they pay for Locsin’s n0minati0n? Haha just tell anybody of that.

  • Michael

    Nice to know that “international” really just means “european”

  • napadaan

    Si Angel at Marian po ay mgkaiba. Magkaibigan silang dlwa at di sila nagpapaapekto sa pag aaway ng mga fans nila. Eto yung t0t0o, mas angat si Angel dhl nauna sya gumawa ng pangalan. At ngay0n, sumeksi na naman sya. Last sept.24 ay ipinakita nya na po ang ktwan nyang bumalik n s pgpayat. At eto po ang sbi ni angel s mga nagsa2bing mataba sya. ” HINDI PORKET MALAMAN AY HINDI NA AKO HEALTHY, MAS GUGUSTUHIN KO PANG MAIBALITANG NKABUHAT NG LALAKI KESA SA MAPAYAT AT NAGTITIIS D KUMAIN NG KANIN PARA I-MAINTAIN ANG MGA FIGURE NILA. AKO, SABIHIN MANG MATABA, WALA AK0NG PAKIALAM BSTA HEALTHY AKO. MADAMI PONG MATABA JAN NA SEXY NAMAN SILA AT MAGANDA ANG UGALI. LIKE CHERRY PIE PECACHE AND MS. GINA PAREÑO. DI KO NAMAN PO SINASABING MANANATILI AQ SA GANIT0NG FIGURE, KELANGAN KO DIN PAGHANDAAN YUN MGA DARATING NA PROJECTS NA KELANGAN ANG PERFECT FIGURE. PARA SA AKIN SEXY AKO, YUN NGA LANG WALA NA AKO SA DATING 36 24 36. ”
    At n0ng sept 24 sa launch nya ng av0n perfume nya po kung san nasaksihan ng marami ang mas lal0ng pagseksi nya eto ang sinabi nya tungk0l s bliblitang pgba2lik ng darna. ” AKO BA? HINDI PO AQ PWD MAGSALITA NUN KASI HNDI PA NAMAN PO FINAL. ETO NA PO UN REQUEST NG MGA FANS Q, IM BACK, ETO NA YUN REQUEST NILA DATI PA.”

  • alex

    No one better than XENIA DELI. incredible eyes.

  • me ako

    well marian is nothing to do with KRISTINE HERMOSA , bec. kristine is a very perfect image of beauty that conquer the eye of men …… and her beauty is not common or let just say exotic heeehehehehe

    just !!!!!!!

  • Siri

    There are far more beautiful Indian women around than Katrina, not that she isn’t pretty, she just doesn’t hold a candle to women like




    and what about the South African Model Lee-ann Liebenberg×580.jpg

  • Nicole Scherzingeris a half filipina one of the sexiest half filipina and russian mix.

  • meow

    as to what they’ve said, they had a very hard time choosing, so why bother complain about who should be in the list? while on the other hand, even we people complain, our complains would never change the fact that they had chosen the list in which “they had a hard time choosing”. just be proud of your country’s achievement. and why start arguing about who is the greatest in every achievement of a star and who is better? think about how God created human, people were made differently and good in their own way. So every person is beautiful in their own way. and no one can change the fact how people make their own opinion, but in reality, God is sad when people argue, criticize and compare people. Because he knows that he created human with his own image, flesh and blood, so every human is beautiful! We all should be proud of being his image!

  • mar john rosas

    angel locsin is beatiful in & out.!!!!.even though shes not part of the list..still shes NUMBER 1 in my heart!!.still shes PRIME QUEEN OF THE PHILLIPINES & no one can ever change it forever!!!!

  • mar john rosas

    ANGEL LOCSIN OBVIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!!!.even though shes not part of list.we dont worry about it,cuz shes still a PRIME QUEEN OF THE nxt time pa!!!

  • Chuuuu

    here she is.. Ms. Emi Takei She’s a Japanese. She looks alot like her roots a pure Japanese unlike Marian just half asian doesn’t look alot of her race ^_^×728.jpg

  • Potatostein

    Dichen Lachman?

  • Moshi Lane



  • rama mohana rao S

    I really admired to the beauty of Thalia Sodi. She may be the heart throb of so many just like me. and also I wish to watch her in hoolywood movies as early in advance….