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  • Mike

    One of strangest flame wars I ever saw was over the WoW "funeral raid". For anyone not familiar with it, about four yrs. ago an avid World of Warcraft player died and her "guild"/online friends decided to have a virtual funeral for her but another rival guild crashed the funeral. Vids on YouTube, Google for more info.

    There was nothing funny about the woman dying, and it was disrespectful to dishonor her memory, but….that's the 'net, full of jerks. Maybe it's just because I'm jaded, but I'd think the mourners should've known "something" would happen.

    Another surreal flame war was a recent post in a conservative political forum I frequent; the topic was the Rapture and whether if was going to be pre, mid or post Tribulation. What was funny was how heated it got and the name-calling that went on between the "Christians" arguing.

  • MN

    This is the reason I rarely post in comment sections anywhere anymore. The flame wars make me lose just that much more faith in human intelligence and in humanity overall. If you really want to see the stupid amped up to ridiculous levels, read the comments on MSN or Fox News. Even the people you would agree with in principle tend to come off as such idiots that it will make your skin crawl to think that they could be anyone you run into on the street actually living a normal, functional life.

    That said, there are some comment sections and forums where this sort of thing doesn't happen, and you can get involved in an intelligent discussion. Those are few.

    @Mike, that WoW story is truly appalling and sad.

    • xdr

      No it isn't! It's stupid!

  • Kay

    Interesting and funny list. Shows some people have no lives.

    • xdr


  • James

    Hey! Let's start a flame war right here, just for the heck of it! How's that sound, you…jerks?

  • Matt

    People tend to have no lives, But I do enjoy reading flame wars. some of them are just downright hillarious!

    • Nohbody

      Sir I have to agree. =) A guilty pleasure perhaps.

  • Cody

    James is stupid. Look at him. Trying to start a flame war for no apparent reason. It ruins peoples lives James. Just leave it!

    • James

      What are you doing on the Flame War page if you're not interested in the topic? Anybody whose life is ruined by a simple internet back and forth probably didn't have much of a life to begin with.

  • anon

    i have never heard of any of these……….

  • POooPY

    Judd won that argument, hands down.

  • Matt

    Btw, got the link for the forum topic about the guy who wanted the picture picked, Gonna mess it up like the cool kids and then actually fix it.

    • karengkeng

      hey, can i have the link please? i never laugh this much in my entire life!

  • Dave

    The minute you argue with someone else or an entire group of individuals over the internet about a random topic "which can be settled easily" but decide to "complicate matters", is the minute you bring yourself down to the level of a degenerate. Even if you're an intellectual person who can give claims (which are backed up with evidence) about something relevant to the topic, which will probably go irrelevant by the person(or group) you're arguing with.

    Or even you tell yourself to abstain from participating in the flame war, because you know that insatiable need in your mind to post something about the topic in the flame war and until you do, it will not be quenched.

    The keys words here are "Which can be settled easily" and "Complicate matters", and I know someone is going to post a reply here which will probably be either support/praise, or questionable claims, which might lead to an (Inevitable?) flame war.

    • brandino

      See folks what Dave does not realise is that this attempt to be too clever by half is likely to backfire. In an attempt to ride the tiger, Dave questioned of an inevitabile flame war. To acknowledge what might be the outcome will only help what probably will be the inevitable, thus is completely (in all cases) best to not question the outcome even if inevitable because no one on this earth will know 100% the outcome until it actually happens. However, objectivity — which demanded that Dave’s self-flagellation would have been met with an equal indignation by a more common sense crowd about the terrible failings of individuals arguing over the internet — was not the order of the day as the alike will one joker after another jumped up to speak on how these individuals are “bringing themselves down to the level of a degenerate”, until of course I now point out Dave is ultimately right. Let me state the plain and simple truth. Dave is right but only because of his chosen words which this overall situation (not because of my words but rather my presence) have back fired on him.

      The conclusion is Dave is his own worst enemy. Why? I’m guessing it has something to do with his lack of common knowledge. Whatever the case may be I do pity the negative character trait(s) that allow this obvious glaring flaw that he presents to common sense people. I appreciate my commone sense very much as it appears one could only have this trait by a natural life process that I must (somehow) acquired around the age of puberty. Anyways…

      This post will only dillude the common sense part of Dave’s brain which weren’t my intentions but as I have common sense the reality is unavoidable just like the common sense humans interact with Dave’s daily life weren’t intentional either- this all of course is Dave’s fault by acknowledging the inevitable.

      Like I said I do pity the man….

      • RKS

        It’s one thing to be thought of an idiot (which this guy obviously is), then to spout of a bunch of pretentious BS and remove all doubt……………. no flame war intent here but I’m gonna spend way too much time making up something to sound more intelligent then someone else, because I have no life……….oh wait someone already did that. Just one question for brandino Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you’d had enough oxygen at birth?

        P.S. Now that’s how a flame war starts, although I don’t expect a reply, because that would mean that he’s a degenerate also.

  • Robert

    Nice Top 10 list. I personally think the epic battle between Andy Tanenbaum and Linus Torvalds should have been #1 because it seems to be the most famous and even has it’s own page on Wikipedia, but that’s my opinion. It must have been some great combat! I learned a lot about the epic battles that have been waged across the Internet from this list, so I give you my thanks.
    If the entirety of the Internet got together and had a huge brawl with each other that lasted for years, it would be the greatest battle EVER!

  • Jim

    You call these flame wars? More like, tame wars. I’ve been in flame wars so brutal it would make you cry and piss your pants at the same time.

  • Alberto

    I find Rogan’s responses very despectful and offensive, even if it was the other guy beggining the whole thing. His answers fastly became a piss-kevin thing. All that stuff about fatness, “losers” and money is quite vomiting.

    But, i also rate the Tanembaum-Torvalds as the most epic flame war ever. These guys had a bit of class, i think. I indeed think that linux kernel architecture is quite “obsolete” in terms of eficiency and design. But who cares about the kernel nowadays…. you have pretty desktops and you even have steam these days running on linux 😉

  • mr.meshack

    I know am out of topic but evolution is totally fake however tells otherwise he is serous in need medication, or wait those guys have nothing else to do in life than creating and spreading lies, I wish one day they will make for me a Giraffe will short neck, wont be stupid as how it is now with longer neck

  • Ted


  • crapshooter

    Where is Derek Smart’s flaming and Paul Christoforo’s story?
    And where is the dislike button on this thing…?

  • Epic list (although most reflect the ancient days of web).

    That last link to the the poster asking for help with the image with his dad & him as a child was f’allarious!! I cried rotflmao!

    One of the surest places to find some quality flames is on the IMDb forums.

  • James

    What about Science vs Religion War? This should be No. 1.

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