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  1. Steve Watt
    Steve Watt at |

    the middle lady in number two is Lee Meriweather, just thought I’d add that for those who don’t remember or thought she was Julie Neumar in a mask.

    1. Little_Sam
      Little_Sam at |

      You are right Steve. The three women that played Catwoman on the sixties TV series were Julie Newmar (left), Lee Meriwether (center), and Eartha Kitt (right). I also agree that 2004 movie version with Halle Berry was awful.

  2. sue
    sue at |

    julie newmar is my favorite catwoman:) shes the best and 1st ones are the best take care,

  3. George Tandy
    George Tandy at |

    You are wrong.Halley Berry was FANTASTIC as Catwoman.Forget the comics- she was every woman as archetype.

  4. Axel
    Axel at |

    I think so far,Anne Hathaway portrays Catwoman best…of course,minus the whip…
    Heck,i love Catwoman whoever portrays and voices her… :3


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