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  1. Deb
    Deb at |

    Stokes is the best! Wish he would do another Broadway musical very soon.

    1. Rzim
      Rzim at |

      Brian Stokes Mitchell above the rest of this list?


      Why bother with thinking about a list when your bias is obvious?

      1. Deb
        Deb at |

        My OPINION, not my bias, is that the #1 on this list is also my #1.

        As for the others, I had not see most of them on Broadway, save Stokes, Cariou and Mostel. My personal OPINION for a top 5 of those I have seen perform on Broadway would be:

        1. Brian Stokes Mitchell

        2. Paulo Szot

        3. Michael Crawford

        4. Hugh Jackman

        5. George Hearne

        My OPINION as to the best of those I have not seen on Broadway, based on the film and television work that I have seen would be:

        1. GENE KELLY

        2. Robert Preston

        3. Ben Vereen

        4. Jerry Orbach

        5. Gregory Hines

  2. Music
    Music at |

    No Gavin Creel?

    1. Emily
      Emily at |

      He should be on every list! He’s one of the best musical theater performers ever to grace the Broadway stage!

  3. cari teman
    cari teman at |

    Nice share

  4. sandy
    sandy at |

    were is rpatz?????????????????????man he shuld be at d top u knooooooooo

  5. Ema
    Ema at |

    Nathan Lane is freaking awesome

  6. Nick
    Nick at |

    Don’t know where you’re getting your information, but according to ibdb.com there are several errors regarding Broadway debuts:

    Robert Preston – THE MALE ANIMAL – 1952
    Joel Grey – BORSCHT CAPADES – 1951
    Zero Mostel – CAFE CROWN – 1942
    Alfred Drake – THE MIKADO – 1935
    John Cullum – SAINT JOAN – 1956

  7. Lisa
    Lisa at |

    Where the heck is John Raitt????

  8. Keenan
    Keenan at |

    Hold on where is John Raitt, and Gordin Macrae.


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