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  • vx

    I can safely say I won't be trying any of these lol.

  • 10 things ill never have…….

  • haha

    This is insane, just go pick up some Godiva and Ben & Jerry's, maybe some Doritos. I realize being rich means you can waste money on dumb stuff like this but if I was rich I would be spending it on other things like cars and maybe my own plane.

  • How on earth can a couple of chocolates cost so much? Mind you, if I was insanely rich I'd buy a few!

  • Tamara

    So i definately want some $1.4 million strawberries…whats the point?

  • bonnie

    The strawberries in #2 actually look pretty terrible.

  • totally insane

  • bear

    whatever if i win the lotto im getting the strawberries

  • rw

    This is lame.

    I can wrap an oil stock around a Krispy Kreme donut and call it the most expensive donut in the world.

  • John

    #6 are macarons not macaroons. just saying.

  • Laszlo

    Even as a pastry chef, I find this absurd!

    These prices are arbitrary (sans the jewels) as most edible products would never amount to such a hefty price tag! Also, do you really have to eat gold? Does it add to the whole flavorwise? Does it have such a distinctive-unique flavor or is it just for show and pretentiousness?

    A committed chef knows that unedible products shouldn’t be added to the final result!

    • I think we can all agree these overpriced desserts are for the insanely rich who don’t care what they spend, only the stories they can tell of their unethical spending.

  • Hakeem

    there is no limit to stupidity

    • Hannah

      Jealous much……. tried haute chocolate – pretty damn good xxx still pooping the gold on my golden toilet paper 🙂

  • Mewantthosedesserts;)

    Awwwww I would love the try edible gold :'( why does gold have to be so expensive I love you!!!
    Also I think for #2 the price of the strawberry is not actually included just think of it as buying a very expensive ring while eating free strawberrys with cream and music in a resturant 🙂

    • JFL


      you can buy a bottle of Goldschläger for pretty cheap and get a taste of edible gold. And you’ll get a buzz too.

  • Maria

    so my conclusion from this is :
    Rich = Stupid

  • KN

    “Honey, let’s get that $7000+ balsamic vinegar flavor macaroons then let’s take a picture & tag all of our friends on facebook so they can see how rich we are!”

  • Muti

    Why will people spend money on edible diamonds if they are just going to drop it on the toilet?

  • MAR

    hmmm people who are insanely rich or those who like to spend other’s people’s money…. I wonder if the one being sold once per month is one of the Obama’s….. looks like their cup of tea!

  • Leendert Bom

    Sorry to mention that you have forgotten the most Exclusive Italian Wasabi Ice Cream ‘Opere d’ Arte’ Gold version with real Wasabi and edible Gold. $ 999,- from Wasabi4You The Netherlands.