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  1. Robman82
    Robman82 at |

    Da na na na da na na na BATMAN

  2. fdx
    fdx at |

    interesting list, thanks. Kraven should be here i think. Number one is quite unusual but your argument stands 🙂

    1. fdx
      fdx at |

      By the way it’s “Osborn”, not “Osborne”

      1. TopTenz Master
        TopTenz Master at |

        Corrected. Doh. At least we didn’t call Spider-man Superman. Check out blooper number 1 here: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-marvel-comic-book-bloopers.php

  3. Dinotron
    Dinotron at |

    Am I the only person who thinks that loon J Jonah Jameson looks a bit like Hitler? still The Green Goblin is the most evil. He caused Steve Ditko to leave Marvel, because Steve wanted the Green Goblin to be a normal guy. While Stan Lee wanted him to be Norman Osborne. Crazy, I know.

    1. Rogerscorpion
      Rogerscorpion at |

      Well, wasn’t Norman Osborne a normal guy–@ first?I never knew that about Ditko leaving.
      I, for one, am sick to death about the repeated and overuse of Norman Osborne. The idea that they gave that kind of authority to a man on anti-psychotic meds is absurd. They seem to just enjoy making him look like Tommy Lee Jones.

  4. BorgX
    BorgX at |

    Kraven the Hunter once “Killed” Spider-man. OK Spidey wansn’t dead just drugged and buried.
    Kraven then went on an insane killing/crime fighting spree to prove he was a better spiderman than spiderman was.

    1. Joniviv
      Joniviv at |

      Totally! I was waiting for him to show up here on the list. I remember that issue and I kept thinking…Spidermans not really dead….is he???

    2. Rogerscorpion
      Rogerscorpion at |

      Personally, I loved Kraven, too. However, I don’t think he was so much ‘homicidal’, as he was obsessive about Spidey.

  5. Guyinthecardboardbox
    Guyinthecardboardbox at |

    Don’t forget what else Norman has done to Spidey:
    -Killed Peter’s unborn child by slipping MJ a poison
    -Killed Peter’s clone: Ben Reilly
    -Caused his son, Harry (who happened to be Peter’s best friend), to become insane
    -Had an affair with Gwen Stacy and caused her to get pregnant with super twins (stupid, but a grievance still)

  6. lawrence
    lawrence at |

    do not forget the entire mess norman caused during the dark reign siege story lines. he ordered a supervillain attack that caused the destruction of a stadium. his actions lead to the destruction of Asgard and the deaths of ares and sentry. oh did he not murder swordsman tb also

  7. terrence
    terrence at |

    Pretty sure Punisher killed the new Vulture in his new series.

  8. Stefan
    Stefan at |

    Glad to see Morlun on here due to his sheer…unstoppableness? I would have put Electro (can wipe out city blocks), Morbius (vampire, nuff said), or Kraven (greatest hunter alive) somewhere in there but it’s a nice different take on a villain list.

  9. Destin
    Destin at |

    Kingpin should be there somewhere.

  10. rob
    rob at |

    its awesome that you have morlun on here, i loved straczynski’s run on amazing spiderman, but where in the holly hell is kraven? if you know enough about spidey to know who morlun is then you must know of kraven’s last hunt, where kraven beat, buried, and became the wall crawler. this list is broken. carnage and venom should have been number one. you know that. its freaking carnage and venom for the love of bob. it was a nice touch to have “the burglar” as number one, but seriously dude… its venom and carnage. they are the deadliest. period.

  11. matthew
    matthew at |

    I like this article, but I’m really suprised no Kraven the Hunter. Kraven did almost kill Peter (he only buried him for two weeks) and he’s the cause of the Grim Hunt.
    Carnage should be number one, Venom should be a seperate spot, and either the burglar, Carrion, or the new Vulture off.

  12. ishfailmcgee
    ishfailmcgee at |

    whats funny is the picture you have of the green goblin isfrom house of M where peter parker is actually the green goblin AND spiderman…

  13. Mikke
    Mikke at |

    The deadliest foe spider-man has ever faced is by far the 90’s

    Clone wars, spaghetti webs, MJ’s hair oh my!

  14. Yagottolovecookies
    Yagottolovecookies at |

    Carnage is much, much more deadly and psycotic then venom, and yes uncle ben’s murder is a good villian but common he is not that deadly. Oh yah don’t forget dortor octupus WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO KILLED SPIDERMAN HE DESERVES 1ST!

    1. Yagottolovecookies
      Yagottolovecookies at |

      sorry for bad spelling I rush alot.


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