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  • blindboygrunt

    The Honeymoon Killers (1969) was based on a true story that happened in the 1940’s. Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck were lovers and pretended to be brother and sister when Raymond answered lonely hearts ads. The couple would steal everything they could from the victim and then kill them.

  • Austin

    I’ve seen Men Behind the Sun. It’s more disturbing than it sounds. Especially the scene where they nuke a child in a large microwave. One of the most realistic and disturbing things I’ve seen in a movie *shudder*

  • skywatcher

    This was a good idea for a list, but the choice of movies to present is puzzling. These are supposed to be movies we “won’t believe” are based on true stories? Several of these actually aren’t based on the true stories; they only use a character or one or two incidents from reality. They may have been inspired by the events, but they aren’t based upon the stories. Others have been written up so much that most people already know about the events they’re based upon, and those shouldn’t be on the list or else the writer should change the name of the list.

    I’d like to read a list on this same subject that would actually surprise me. There must be some movies that actually tell reality-based stories but aren’t trumpeting that fact in their marketing.

  • Andrew

    Audie Murphy was not yet alive during WWI. He fought in WWII.

  • FMH

    Silence of the Lambs’ Buffalo Bill is actually based on several serial killers. The scene where he fakes a broken arm is something Ted Bundy did.

  • Jaws, a true story, or not really. Oskar Ponthe