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  1. BryanJ
    BryanJ at |

    Good list.
    I would have named it Top 10 Injury Prone Players. A career that is cut short implies retirement to me.

  2. Bobdole
    Bobdole at |

    This is a hooorible list. Half the guys are still playing and you leave out Bill Walton, Ralph Sampson, Len Bias? Horrible.

  3. sam
    sam at |

    Top ten careers hampered by injury is a more accurate name. Change it fools!

  4. FCBLComish
    FCBLComish at |

    Len Bias not #1?

    1. Triton2toro
      Triton2toro at |

      A cocaine overdose isn’t an injury. You are missing some big time names- Ralph Sampson, Larry Bird (back injury- he probably could have added two mores years to his career, and the last four he did have were down due to the back injury, Bill Walton- won the NBA Championship when he was only 24- feet injuries plagued him the rest of his career.)

  5. thylacine
    thylacine at |

    Surely Bill Walton would rank higher than 11.

  6. Stan
    Stan at |

    Surprised to not see Bobby Hurley on there. Guy was a brilliant pt. guard who wrecked his career the night he wrecked his truck.

  7. sNr
    sNr at |

    I was going to say Bobby Hurley too.

  8. Jeremy McClean
    Jeremy McClean at |

    Where in the world is Greg Oden?

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      This list was created before the latest mishap for Mr. Oden. But I agree, he should now be in this list. Thanks for the inclusion.

  9. Jonathan
    Jonathan at |

    Yes, Bill Walton and Ralph Sampson belong on this list. And NOW, maybe Greg Oden, but we’ll see about that. Now….WTF..??? Len Bias??? Do YOU idiots know what Happened with HIM?? He was one of the Best prospects EVER out of College who Celebrated his HYPE that followed with a Contract with the Celtics by OVERDOSING on freakin COKE! That, as some might say, was his painfully obvious downfall. Coulda been anotha Magic Johnson..But INJURY prone?? WTH does That have to do with what happened to Bias?

  10. Awesomedude5415
    Awesomedude5415 at |

    Shouldn’t it say Baron Davis is on Cleveland now? And where is Greg Oden?

  11. Emmanuel.O
    Emmanuel.O at |

    Wow, Hill was VERY GOOD..smh

  12. jrue
    jrue at |

    I think Brandon Roy should definitely be in the next rendition of this list. I believe he could have had a Hall Of Fame-caliber career if not for his knee injuries. Hoping for possible comeback though.

  13. James
    James at |

    How would Walton, Bird, and Ralph Sampson be on this list when they are all in the HOF? I interpreted this list to be of players that had HOF talent, but will more than likely not make the HOF because of injuries they had in their careers. Bird, injured or hurt, was better than most of the players in the NBA in his day.

    1. JJ
      JJ at |

      WHY the heck did every1 forget “REGGIE LEWIS” he was suppose the 1 to bring glory to boston after bird but tragically collapse and we all know


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