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  • Jessy

    I just wish to thank top tenz for great lists in 2012 🙂
    Btw I just celebrated 2013 two hours ago 🙂

    • Jessy

      Love from Aussie 😀

    • Thank you, Jessy. I hope you had a great New Year’s Day!

  • Rajimus123

    great lists this year toptenz! Happy New Years!!!

    • Thank you! And thank you for being a long-time reader and thoughtful commentor!

  • Freethinker9761

    I rather liked this list. A lot of people should have thought about the myriad of calendars that are kept by different cultures around the globe before they tried to shoehorn the Mayan Calendar into the Gregorian Calendar. In any event, it’s still 1/1/13, so I can still say; “Happy New Year” to the fine folks at Top Tenz! Looking forward to seeing this years entries!