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  1. VHP
    VHP at |

    Good list. But one thing I would like to clarify is that “Waterworld” was not responsible for Costner’s downfall. Not totally, at least. Had it not been for “The Postman”, people would have forgotten that hiccup for otherwise then major actor. “Waterworld” was actually good, for me at least. But if you read the original post-apocalyptic novel, “The Postman” by David Brin before watching the movie, you would hate “Postman” movie a lot more.

    The arrogance of Kevin Costner for “The Postman” resulted in his downfall but as “Waterworld” was being ridiculed right from the start and not many people actually watched “The Postman” which came right after “Waterworld”, it is being discredited more for his downfall.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      I think I was the one person who liked The Postman. But Dances with Wolves. Yawn.

      1. VHP
        VHP at |

        Well we all have our guilty pleasures!

        And yes, even I didn’t like Dances With Wolves.

  2. nicoal
    nicoal at |

    The 13th Warrior was not that bad, but should have been recut and marketed as a horror movie. Then it would have added something a bit different to a genre that gets old and stale very quickly. Unfortunately, it ended up as a rather awkward adventure type film instead.

    1. SeanP
      SeanP at |

      It wasn’t that bad but I expected a lot more after reading Crichton’s novel “Eaters of the Dead”, which the movie was based on. But of course, with a few exceptions, books rarely translate well into movies.

  3. Carl
    Carl at |

    Heath Ledger as the Joker should be far and away #1.

    1. Eric Yosomono
      Eric Yosomono at |

      Considering the rumors surrounding Ledger and his alcohol problems after Broke Back Mountain, nothing that occurred in The Dark Knight really surprised me.

      Who can LIKE Waterwolrd and scarf at Dances With Wolves? Amazing.

  4. TriviaFan
    TriviaFan at |

    Ted Levine was a good choice.

    Even though the movie was released in the late 80’s, a role like Buffalo Bill would have stigmatized any actor. Not only is the character a creepy serial killer, but some of the risque things he did like that weird dance sequence, would have destroyed many an actor’s career. Indeed, after that role I didn’t see Ted in anything for a long while, though he did pop up in that one Van Damme movie. So I kind of felt sorry for him, but after a while he came back and was in several movies and was great in that t.v. series Monk so I was happy for him.

    Another actor that comes to mind is Ned Beatty. After he did that ‘rape’ scene in “Deliverance,” thought that would be the end of him.

    What about John Turturro’s Pino character in “Do the Right Thing?” I heard he got flack from many Blacks after that movie came out, though in real life he isn’t hateful and racist at all.

  5. Zach Gillette
    Zach Gillette at |

    Ted Lavine is awesome.

  6. Lola
    Lola at |

    Uh, I hate to admit that I actually sat through Gigli (but only because I wanted to find out why it was so horrible), but the mentally handicapped brother wasn’t J Lo’s brother, he was someone else’s bother.

    Fortunately for me, I didn’t actually remember whose brother he was. I had to look it up on wikipedia to find out that he was Al Pacino’s characters little bro (odd, since they A. look nothing alike and b. there’s a good 40 years age difference between them)

    Just saying.

  7. Danielle
    Danielle at |

    Hayden christensen.

  8. Cap'n Bob
    Cap'n Bob at |

    “run the gambit” You mean run the gamut.

  9. dagny t
    dagny t at |

    How about Tim Curry as Dr Frank N Furter in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’? Despite the fact that he created the role onstage, & it was his breakout film, he actually spent years disowning it as it attracted too many psychos & weirdos to his door.

  10. Haldor
    Haldor at |

    13th Warrior may not have made money, but that probably says more about how it was marketed than anything about the quality of the movie. Big Trouble in Little China is another quirky movie that bombed financially (being released 2 weeks before the release of Aliens pretty much ensured that).

    I am glad 13th Warrior was made, it had one glaring problem (swords are not these massive heavy clubs you have to be a body builder to lift), but other than that I found it very entertaining.

    Too bad Omar Sharif felt bad about making the movie, but appearing in it hardly “sunk” his career.

  11. Hugo-Arild Madtzog
    Hugo-Arild Madtzog at |

    I would have thought that Andrew Robinson as the bad guy in “Dirty Harry” merited a placing in this list.

  12. Rob
    Rob at |

    it is funny how some roles didnt really affect the actor. it is a good list, i too like waterworld.

    one actor that i hated after his role in the movie “sleepers” was kevin bacon….man that was f***ed up in so many ways….

  13. Lorne
    Lorne at |

    I never understood why so many people absolutely hated “The 13th Warrior” . Besides the awkward name, I find the movie fascinating. I had no trouble following the plot and there were a number of fine performances in it, most notably Denis Storhoi as viking warrior who mentors Antonio Banderas’s character. I would agree that Omar Sharif was terrible in it. But I thought the journey of Banderas’s character and the relationship between him and his mentor was well done, and to me (especially given Banders’s final voiceover), it was the central plot of the film. Of course, I never read the book. I also thought it was sumptuously photographed and the final battle sequence where the dying warrior chief (Vladimir Kulich) comes out to fight with his men whilst reciting the elegy for the dead is great. And BTW, greatswords ARE incredibly heavy; middle eastern Damascus scimitars are much much lighter and much easier to wield.

    Also, I never understood why so many people got P.O.’d at Ted Levine for “Silence of the Lambs” either. He was superb in a very difficult role; it wasn’t his fault that the author of the book does not seem to know a damn thing about serial killers. His explanation of “Buffalo Bill”‘s motivations is even more bizarre in the book. I always thought he and Anthony Hopkins did great jobs of taking ridiculously written characters and turning them into compelling cinema. I was really glad to see his career finally begin to pick back up because I felt he was very unfairly blamed for the weirdnesses of the character.

    Oh, and btw Haldor, I loved “Big Trouble in Little China” too, a hilarious low budget action/magic/ adventure piece that some great moments. But then, I really liked the cheesy ultra low budget “They Live” too.

    One actor who REALLY ought to be on this list is the fine Frank Langella, whose career was all but destroyed by the dreadful “Masters of the Universe”; although I thought he did okay as Skeletor, the rest of the movie stunk up the screen badly. Lordy, there are so many actors whose careers have been obliterated by just one really bad role, we could do this forever.


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