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  1. orrin
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    Brlliant aticle

    1. pittbull
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      Jesus made quite a difference didn’t he?

  2. marc
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    re: #2

    Take a look at the radish in the pic. Now imagine having shoved up your bum. Now imagine the
    humiliation of having a radish leaf tail for the rest of the day. What if the stalks were cut off, leaving you with a giant radish stopper in your rectum?

    Not. Very. Comfortable.

    And passing it would be even less so.

  3. Mick Fowler
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    # 5 Pederasty in the Roman Empire survives to this day via the Roman Catholic Church. It is so prevalent that a recent pope was forced to step down from office. Boy-buggery seems more of a sacrement for clerics of the church than anything else.

    1. Tim
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      Your a complete fool! And I say this with much love in my heart hoping you’ll take your studies and research more seriously.

  4. Mark
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    “There was literally nothing more shameful for a man to do than take the ‘feminine’ role in homosexual sex – so to sodomize someone would be the ultimate act of revenge: branding them ‘unmanly’ for life.” This is overdone and is projection from now. It was not an honour but it was not the end of the world.

  5. FMH
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    The article forgets to mention that Rome actually had very, very strict laws considering sexuality, being very quick at hand with death penalty. Sure, you were allowed to have sex with your own slave – that is, if you were male and it was your OWN slave. You couldn’t even have sex with another man’s slave if he allowed it. And it was just sex, a real relationship could end in severe penalties. Sex before marriage was also only possible with officially “dishonorable” women, like prostitutes or formerly free Roman female citizens that took one of the liberties male citizens had. One also shouldn’t forget that at some time during the Roman area you were required to marry by law at a certain age.

    To sum it up Rome had a much stricter moral code than we have today, especially due to the fact that breaking it was almost always a capital crime, but it was very different from ours today.

  6. Mark
    Mark at |

    “To sum it up Rome had a much stricter moral code than we have today, especially due to the fact that breaking it was almost always a capital crime, but it was very different from ours ” This is NOT correct. There was no capital punishment around sexual stuff (usually— Vestal Virgins are an exception) until the fourth century AD and even that is localized. Indeed, there is much in FMH’s comment that is not correct. Perhaps they saw a source that does not look at the legal situation— or a source that generalizes from some stories from Livy, stories which I believe even Livy would have said were exceptional– and more representative of moralized ideals than reality in the republic or early empire.

    1. FMH
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      Really? My source was the article “Sexualdelikte und häusliche Gewalt” (sexual offenses and domestic violence) from the German publication “Gefährliches Pflaster. Kriminalität im Römischen Reich “, an exhibition catalogue. I don’t have the book at hand right now, so I can’t tell you the author and the page numbers. However, the article gave an overview over the developments and changes in handling sexual offenses especially for the city of Rome. True, the early republic wasn’t covered very throughly because there were few of those laws – but I, as well as the article, was talking about the ancient Rome in general.

    2. FMH
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      I’ll get the book again and list the offenses and punishments in the article here, if it helps.

  7. percynjpn
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    “So pervasive, in fact, was this pederasty that Romans who didn’t fancy young boys were generally considered a little odd”

    That’s nonsense – it wasn’t uncommon, but that statement is a complete exaggeration – where’s your documentation?

    And the object in #5 photo is Greek, not Roman.

    1. Bobby
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      As perverted as they were,they didn’t have the Balls to establish or recognize a Same Sex Marriage……… some things were just too perverse and unnatural. Even the Romans had a minimum of standards

  8. jacob smith
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    zoophilia keeps a man from goimg crazy

  9. Kepha Hor
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    You should note as well that the whole system favored wealthy and prominent males.

    1. Krvavo Crveni Baron
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      feminazi detected

  10. John Jingleheimer
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    Wow I always thought I was born in the wrong times. Now I’m 100% Sure. Man the fun times they had!

    1. ZAN
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      Think what would happen to you if you were born a slave. ha ha


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