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  1. grimslud
    grimslud at |

    “Truly inspiring to be here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber.” justin Bieber on Anne Frank. I love this kid..

  2. marc
    marc at |

    I’ll say the same thing here as I did about Nickelback.

    Don’t like his music? STFU, get over it, grow up. He’s a pop star and you’re not.

    HAW HAW!

    1. asdf
      asdf at |

      I’d rather be somebody who can make ACTUAL music, than be a pop star.

      1. Trawlz
        Trawlz at |

        That was just stupid. This article just proved that he actually can make music.

        1. Trawlz
          Trawlz at |

          I am going to have to take this a step further. Many pop stars are forwarded music by various songwriters, however, a small minority of pop stars actually start out with a demo tape of their own music before they become successful. This goes the same for a lot of other music genres. So what if they are singing other people’s music? Some of the songs are actually really beautiful songs and, if it wasn’t for such a beautiful voice to make it happen, we probably never would have heard them.

      2. Trawlz
        Trawlz at |

        I am going to have to take this a step further. Many pop stars are forwarded music by various songwriters, however, a small minority of pop stars actually start out with a demo tape of their own shit before they become successful. This goes the same for a lot of other music genres. So what if they are singing other people’s music? Some of the songs are actually really beautiful songs and, if it wasn’t for such a beautiful voice to make it happen, we probably never would have heard them.

  3. tenny
    tenny at |

    finally something positive about poor Justin Bieber. kudos to this list!

  4. David
    David at |

    I’d hardly call him a devout Christian. he’s got tattoos, he smokes pot, cusses, and bangs Selena Gomez. and he’s awesome because of a rubix cube? plz. AND HE PULLED A PRANK!?!? whoa. barf.

    1. Trawlz
      Trawlz at |

      I am no Jesus follower or praise the lord every day kind of guy, but I am pretty sure the bible says that we’re all born sinners and that the lord forgives and accepts man for his true form. You know what else? At least the man is following a path towards his Heaven and not lost. I think his selflessness can certainly make-up for some ink, cussing, and pot smoking. Also, what is wrong with enjoying sex… especially with Selena Gomez? Again, I am pretty sure the bible encourages man to enjoy the pleasures of life… one being love. About that Rubik’s cube? Can you solve a Rubik’s cube in less than two minutes? Afterwards, can you bust out a spectacular vocal performance that blows the minds of millions of people? After that, can you bust out a drum solo? And even after that, can you give hope to a child or person that has little to no hope? Man, step off.

    2. Laura
      Laura at |

      No offence, but you can’t even spell Rubik’s cube (yeah, it’s not Rubix).

  5. Marieke
    Marieke at |

    People give him too much hate for no reason. Hating him is a trend and idiots think that if they point out just how much they hate him, others will think they are cultured and smart. It’s not funny anymore nor is it original. Don’t like the music, don’t listen.

    And about the Anne Frank thing, Why is everyone assuming he wanted to draw attention to himself? He knew who she was and he had hoped that she would enjoy his music if she were alive today. So what? Why make such a big deal out of such a simple statement? It’s not like he said “boy that sure sucked for her BUT DID YOU HEAR MY NEW HIT SONG?”

    At least he isn’t a wife-beater like John Lennon was.

  6. Tim
    Tim at |

    I’d just like to point out that anybody can be taught how to solve a rubik’s cube. There is actually a known strategy that allows you to solve a rubik’s cube quickly. Will Smith learned how to do it for a scene in The Pursuit of Happiness. I guess my point is that being able to solve a rubik’s cube quickly isn’t as impressive as it sounds.

  7. Ed
    Ed at |


  8. Clive888
    Clive888 at |

    Okay let me show you how much of a retard you are.
    10. Good for him. There are a lot of multiinstrumentalists out there but its not proven he is very good at any of those instruments. Playing guitar like a drum has been done through and through.
    9. There are ridiculous amounts of musicians that can sing. Nothing special.
    8. There are heaps of self-taught musicians too. Nothing special.
    7. Who cares?
    6. For the wrong reasons.
    5. Also for the wrong reasons.
    4. Millions of Christians around the world.
    3. So are millions of other people.
    2. Many other celebrities also contribute to charity. And with the amount of money he’s made for making terrible music he better well be giving to charity.
    1. Who cares?
    And in this list you have in no way shown nor given any evidence of him being awesome.

    1. henry
      henry at |

      You think you’re actually proving a point but you’re just trying to say most musicians are not that awesome not just justin bieber and making it seem like what they do is not special at all like everyone know how to do them but tell me again what have you accomplish? cause the way i see it and including millions of people and even billions will agree those musicians are waaaaaaayy awesome than you.keep hating. and you’re acting like everyone whos rich better give to charity or in your words ”with the amount of money he’s made for making terrible music he better well be giving to charity.” i pity your ignorance i guess you didn’t know music is subjective.and just because many celebrities give to charity that means hes not awesome for giving to charity and feeding many childrens and putting clothes on their back?smh please reply and tell me about your accomplishments with proofs.you haters love to act like those musicians or actors or athletes etc you don’t like or hate don’t deserve everyhing they got while you seat on your lazy a*s leaving negative comments about them. do you think you deserve it more than them or the actor or musician or athlete etc you love so much deserve them more than them? so hypocritical.

      1. Trawlz
        Trawlz at |


    2. Ray
      Ray at |

      a) How difficult is it for someone to do one of these?

      b) how difficult is it for someone to do ALL TEN?

    3. God
      God at |

      Totally agree !!!

    4. Anonymous
      Anonymous at |

      Are you even aware of the magnitude of this kids success? Sold out Madison Square Garden at the age of 16, broke records, wasn’t a product of Disney or any other machine. Self taught himself all his talents.

  9. daddyostjames
    daddyostjames at |

    What’s Next 10 reasons why ‘PSY’ is the future of music? Really though!

  10. Wilm
    Wilm at |

    I don’t understand the immense hatred that exist on the internet about this kid. I don’t like his music either but I don’t hate Bieber or wish him any harm. He’s just a another dumb pop star who will fade to obscurity in a few years like the rest of his kind. Like Marieke said above, at least Bieber wasn’t a terrible father to his child and a wife-beater like John Lennon.

  11. ouiareborg
    ouiareborg at |

    “…if you’re a 10-year-old girl.”

  12. CharlieMcDaniels
    CharlieMcDaniels at |

    Wow. An opinion piece on Justin Bieber seems pretty credible. Clive888, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  13. Admin
    Admin at |

    Ok, MAYBE Justin Beiber isn’t so bad, after reading this list. But i still hate him.

  14. Monitor
    Monitor at |

    WOW! he pulled a prank! WOW! Rubiks cube! Hes a loser AND a geek? O.o

  15. franklidge comparmarmar
    franklidge comparmarmar at |

    dude is keeping it together somewhat well for a kid that got propelled into massive fame. he seems like a screw up but lots of people could do worse.

    his music is for young teens, mainly girls. not sure why anyone that’s not a little girl gives a damn about what this kid does music wise.

    why is him being a “christian” a point about him being awesome? there is nothing that makes a christian better than another person. especially considering how loose religious people are with actually following the religions they follow… which for sure goes for bieber.

    keep going biebs. enjoy it while you got it.

  16. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Is it a Must to Like him?I Will Forever hate dat Guy not like he Is even handsome or masculine he is feminine and an eunuch there are Billions of Handsome perfect dudes Out there Who deserve better Dan his position Right Now(Including Me I Must Admit)I Wonder how he Got there by the Way,Never Liked dat dude blaaahhhhhhhhh hahahaha Its hard to find a Guy dat Does he cnt even Dance hahahahahahaaaaaa(No beef Involved @ all)

  17. Sean
    Sean at |

    Wtf does the Rubix cube have to do with anything?

  18. Jackey
    Jackey at |

    Ok let me get this straight.

    #10: Ok he can play guitars, keyboards, drums and whatnot, but you haven’t really mentioned HOW WELL he plays them. I can play drums and violin, but you don’t see me jerking about it. Also, if he can play those, then why aren’t they used in his music? Does he really need DAT computer generated pop-maker sound otherwise he’s not the same Bieber?

    #9: “Before he was famous” which means before his “baby” song? If yes, then why didn’t HE USED HIS VOICE? Why did he had to use auto-tune that would obviously hinder him and make him sound like a 12-years-old girl? OH wait, because that’s not “pop” enough, nevermind…

    #8: As a painter and a drawer, I’ve learned perspective and anatomy from noone other than myself. The “teachers” at my art school always gaved us objects or scenery for drawing or painting. Does that make me talented? Maybe… Does that make me awesome? NO.

    #7: If the guy who did this list really had any ideas about research he would know that solving Rubik’s Cube quickly ain’t that hard, as someone else in the comments section showed.

    #6: Ok? I can blame that to the stupid fangirls, who would have fantasies with “muscular” boys even in school, but that would be too easy.

    #5: You’ve screwed yourself here. The key word: “Internet”, the place where no shits are given. Like noone would actually give a crap about what I said here, why should we give a crap about this so-called “Internet God”?

    #4: So apparently, being a guy with tattoos who swears, makes fun of everyone, slaps children and makes fun of elderly means that he’s a determined Christian, and since he’s a determined Christian, he’s suddenly awesome. Thank goodness that I’m an atheist.

    #3: “because obviously all of us would be paragons of virtue and civility if we became multi-millionaires fresh out of high-school.” Have you heard of Bill Gates? I don’t think he may’ve done something terribly bad, but he’s also a nice person who’s also rich. Also, I have NO RESPECT for people who think that slapping children and making fun of the elderly makes them look cool.

    #2: Again, Bill Gates. I know what you’re trying to point out, but don’t think this makes him suddenly awesome, because if that would be true, then Bill Gates would be a saint on earth.

    #1: Yes, because pulling pranks over your own fans makes you AWESOME. Although they’re fine if they’re harmless, but such humiliating acts like spittin out that lube (or whatever it was).
    I’m sorry, but if I ever had a friend who would do such a disgusting thing a “GET OUT OF MY SIGHT” would be guaranteed. However, if that would have hit me, I would’ve punched him.

    1. Anonymous
      Anonymous at |

      He is very talented at all the instruments he self taught himself before the age of 12. Sold out Madison Square Garden at age 16. Started the internet music revolution. Wasn’t a product of Disney did it all himself, that is unheard of.

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