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  • Finn

    What, no Deep Springs?

    • alan

      Yeah doesn’t Deep Springs College only have 26 students? It’s also one of the hardest to get into.

    • David

      Yeah, I’m surprised this list is missing Deep Springs College as well. It is a two year school on the border of California and Nevada in the middle of nowhere. They only accept 25 students a year (so total of 50 for the school), and it is extremely hard to get into this school (you’ll need around 750 on each of your SAT scores). Students work at the school/ranch and pay no tuition or room and board. When students graduate Deep Springs, they go on to schools like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, or Oxford to complete their degrees.

  • Gadfly22

    Student Body: 90 undergraduates

    • Excellent addition, Gadfly22. Did you or someone you know attend here?

      • Overpaid Slacker

        I did. Great and weird place.

        This place tends to find you, rather than you finding it. When I went, there were 87 people in the whole place, including 9 women (6 in my incoming class, which was a record).


  • Something

    Chester College in New Hampshire, about 250 students.
    I live right next to this town, it's so small they have a combined middle and elementary school and they go to a different town's high school.

  • Jon

    You are mistaking facts about the two Thomas More Colleges. The Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, KY was founded in 1921, and was mentioned in Money Magazine. That college has around 2000 students and is the one in the picture. There is a Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in NH that is only 84 students.

    • Just fixed this -thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    • Ross

      There is also a College of St. Thomas More in Fort Worth Texas that has only 72 students.

      Here is the link

  • The Sterling College in Vermont is the one with 105 students, not the one in Kansas. Thanks to the Director of Media Relations for the Vermont college for pointing this out. I replaced the original description for #4 on this list with the description she provided.

  • Stephanie

    Re: Shimer College

    Shimer is up to 103 students (, but that doesn't count the many Illinois Institute of Technology students that take classes at Shimer. We share a campus with the liberal arts college and can take their classes for free.

  • Sha

    I go to Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque Iowa. It's fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (specifically the North Central Association) and there are 255 enrolled students according to the HLC website.

  • lucky

    I go to the Oregon College of Art and Craft and we only had 145 students enrolled last year.

  • Stephanie

    What about the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture?

  • peacefulvalley

    Also the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. Only enough students for an orchestra — 160.

  • Luke

    The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in NJ has around 100-130 any given year. Sometimes less.

  • Diego

    In perú exists colleges whit only 10 students, whit only one classroom and whit only one teacher, obviusly these are poor colleges in inhospit places.

  • David

    Don't forget Landmark College in Putney, Vermont. It has less then 250 students. Founded in 1985. It's also the most expensive college in America: $55,000 per year.

  • 14lvl

    The only reason the Cincinnati Art Academy has such low enrollment is because it moved from the scenic vista of Eden Park to the middle of Over the Rhine, which is considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. Enrollment plummeted, and the work coming out of the school hasn't be able to recover… I took quite a few classes there, and was all ways scared out of my mind once I was out of the building after dark.

  • Dillon

    i play baseball at ecclesia college. about 100 people go there.

    • Brady Dupree

      Do you still play there

  • I go to Burlington College and love it. For me the small college environment is a good fit as I like to be able to interact with my faculty. If you are looking for a small college, especially one that focus on the fine arts, films studies, or social services, I would definitely recommend BC.

  • VmXswW

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  • Emily A. Cox

    I miss my old school incredibly! The new Burlington College isn’t anything like the old, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone! 99% of the teachers and faculty we had have been fired by the new admin, Steve Orge, and the entire staff is condescending and arrogant and the students no longer have a voice! No longer student-centered. No longer about learning! I miss the old school and miss having class together! The entire philosophy has changed, and boy do I miss my old classmates and miss our dear loving staff that was so dedicated and authentic! I am glad I was able to experience it before it turned into a nightmarish hell full of dictators and fear-based placating bullies concerned solely about maintaining an alluring image!


    Curtis Institute. Has ~ 160 students.

  • MCL

    Unfortunately, you may need to remove The College of Visual Arts as it closed its’ doors as of last year, unfortunately due to money issues.