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  1. Maria Celina
    Maria Celina at |

    St. Drogo is also said to be the patron saint of coffee shops.

  2. mike
    mike at |

    Your final comment concerning St. Drago’s appearance was a cheap shot! Bad carma dude!……..watch out!…..

  3. susan
    susan at |

    Yes, cheap shot at Drogo, also patron saint of shepherds, and your special patron – for unattractive people (personality-wise that is.)

  4. Undead Will
    Undead Will at |

    I was sure saint nick was number one for being saint of prostitutes

  5. Richard
    Richard at |

    Saint Dominic Savio is not a weird Patron Saint! The falsely accused need saints the most. Delinquents need help, and can repent of their sins! Take him off this list or else I am pressing charges!


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