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  1. jak
    jak at |

    yes finnally some one who knows have system democracy and are much smartre then humans hqahahahaha

  2. Mauri Dare
    Mauri Dare at |

    Why the homo sapiens is not in this list?They are really smart animals.

  3. Jack
    Jack at |

    I feel uncomfortable reading a list of smartest animals that is deduced by how near they approach human thinking without seeing humans listed as number one. I know it’s obvious so they left out humans but this kind of classification shouldn’t be acceptable because we have children and even some adults that don’t realize humans are an animal species.

  4. platypuss
    platypuss at |

    this is bugging me bad. Mussels. Not muscles.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Oh, that is embarrassing. Thanks for catching it.

  5. Simon Harris
    Simon Harris at |

    What about Whales (other than Dolphins), Ants or Bees? Bees dancing to show the exact location of flowers in relation to the Sun sounds pretty intelligent to me! I don’t think humans can do that!

  6. emmalo
    emmalo at |

    I was thinking why the controversy over this rating…Hmm,but if you thinks some animals are smarter than humans,may be,somebody should bring them here to defend themselves.Simple!


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