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  • Ronald Mcloughlin

    What abt bonobos? I read once that chimps are aggressive, violent and cannibalistic; whereas bonobos are more emotionally connective and lovable.

  • KittyFreak

    I think cats are at least 5th smartest.

  • Jared

    Humans are not animals. We have a conciousness, and a spirit, and no other animals have this. And there’s even science behind it!

    Evolution is wrong.

    • Ric


      Watch some documentaries first. Where’s the science behind that? Oh well… it was discovered that humans are not the only animal in the world with self-awareness… something that for long was tought to be a unique ability. That is science! Not religion which is only a story and has absolutely no evidences to be truth, unlike the theory of evolution that has been studied and confirmed, and each year that passes, new discoveries are found.

      And if we’re not animals, then why do we have to eat, drink, sleep, why do we die and give birth, why do we get sick, etc, etc, etc….?

      • Of course we are animals. However, whereas the theory of evolution sounds very likely I wouldn’t like to say it has been confirmed! How do you confirm a theory?

  • Outerspace

    I don’t know why so many are insisting that humans should have been listed as #1? Or why this turned into a debate on the theory of evolution. We already know that we have the highest intelligence of all animals (from Latin, the word animal is based on Latin animalis ‘having breath’). I found this article because I was looking for a list of animals that are considered as having high IQ’s and ordered by level of intelligence with examples of what the animal is capable of. This article provided all of that with informative paragraphs for each one and added videos of the animals displaying their abilities. If the article had listed Homo sapiens as the #1 animal with the highest IQ of any other living creature and provided a paragraph of the things we are capable of doing as well as a video with a human demonstrating these things, I would have found it ridiculous! Who was looking for an article like that? I doubt anybody was….

  • X-29

    The list is outdated… everyone knows that pigs are smarter than dogs (and any other domestic animal), an insect will never be smarter than a mammal, dolphins are already ranked at first place since 2010 (second if we count with humans), chimps are almost loosing their “title” for elephants (not yet I think), and…. where is the bear which is believed to have an inteligence level similar to the chimpazee?

  • emmalo

    I was thinking why the controversy over this rating…Hmm,but if you thinks some animals are smarter than humans,may be,somebody should bring them here to defend themselves.Simple!

  • What about Whales (other than Dolphins), Ants or Bees? Bees dancing to show the exact location of flowers in relation to the Sun sounds pretty intelligent to me! I don’t think humans can do that!

  • platypuss

    this is bugging me bad. Mussels. Not muscles.

    • Oh, that is embarrassing. Thanks for catching it.

  • Jack

    I feel uncomfortable reading a list of smartest animals that is deduced by how near they approach human thinking without seeing humans listed as number one. I know it’s obvious so they left out humans but this kind of classification shouldn’t be acceptable because we have children and even some adults that don’t realize humans are an animal species.