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  • oak

    i was kinda expecting you to mention the binars language…relevant cuz this form of communication is based on it

  • oak

    wow…you know an awful lot about star trek linguistics

  • The Borg shall rule the universe one day!!!!

  • gerry

    That is not logical. To rule is not an efficient way to use resources.

  • Bert Visscher

    The video under the text 5. Borg language doesn’t work, and that “interlock”…I believe that should be “interlink”.

  • Chapulina

    I liked the pix and language captions of the Top 10 Trek Alien Languages list. There are very detailed dictionaries with vocabulary, grammar, syntax and fonts from Klingon Language institute (KLI) and Vulcan Language Institute (VLI) online. An online Rihannsu (Romulan) and FASA manual has sufficient words and phrases for fanfic use.

    What I found very disappointing was constant use of the demeaning slang term “chick” — being into linguistics, semantics, etymology and foreign language roots, I (and the author) know the demeaning history of this term which is meant to “dehumanize” women to the status of domestic livestock kept in captivity for meat and egg-laying, and is used to describe stupid young females and males desirable for sexual exploitation and little else.
    The term “chick” is degrading to Humans and even more so to the aliens of Star Trek, which are often metaphor for human archetypes.
    Even the Green Orion “slavewomen” who appear to be “chicks” are actually powerful and predatory, not prey.