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  • Abhilash

    Longisquama should be number 1
    it’s the funniest creature that I have ever seen

  • Say what you will, but I wouldn’t want to be swimming and come across a Liopleurodon in the water…

  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    Really. A Chuck Norris joke. And the saddest thing is even thought its expiry date was like 3 years ago it was still funnier than all the other attempts at humour in this list. Apart from that the info was good and the dinos were humorous in themselves.

  • Shade

    Tsintaosaurus did not have a horn structure, later research has shown that it rested along the skull/bill.

  • rajimus123

    charlie its the magical liopleurodon charlie!

    • meme

      lol!! yes! i’m not the only one! “it has spoken! it has told us the wayyy”

  • Chantinelle

    The Third one is the funniest with the nail comment. And u, Karl, seem to be pretty funny too. Take care 😉

  • Dino

    Stupid? I think they look

  • Frederick Hanzoids Colinares


  • daishia

    This is a very funny t-rex dinosaur funny look you can look it up like right now because on Wednesday we look at dinosaurs as doing research on our librarian computer I’m crying now because.