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  1. Abhilash
    Abhilash at |

    Longisquama should be number 1
    it’s the funniest creature that I have ever seen

  2. MOCK!
    MOCK! at |

    Say what you will, but I wouldn’t want to be swimming and come across a Liopleurodon in the water…

  3. Louis Alexandre Simard
    Louis Alexandre Simard at |

    Really. A Chuck Norris joke. And the saddest thing is even thought its expiry date was like 3 years ago it was still funnier than all the other attempts at humour in this list. Apart from that the info was good and the dinos were humorous in themselves.

  4. Shade
    Shade at |

    Tsintaosaurus did not have a horn structure, later research has shown that it rested along the skull/bill.

  5. rajimus123
    rajimus123 at |

    charlie its the magical liopleurodon charlie!

    1. meme
      meme at |

      lol!! yes! i’m not the only one! “it has spoken! it has told us the wayyy”

  6. Chantinelle
    Chantinelle at |

    The Third one is the funniest with the nail comment. And u, Karl, seem to be pretty funny too. Take care 😉

  7. Dino
    Dino at |

    Stupid? I think they look cool..lol.

  8. Frederick Hanzoids Colinares
    Frederick Hanzoids Colinares at |


  9. daishia
    daishia at |

    This is a very funny t-rex dinosaur funny look you can look it up like right now because on Wednesday we look at dinosaurs as doing research on our librarian computer I’m crying now because.


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