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  • Reko

    One of the more interesting articles I’ve read on this site this month

  • Stan

    Awesome stuff! You hit it right on the head! 😀 But for accuracy, cause
    I’m OCD that way, it’s a duck’s egg, not a goose’. A goose egg? That’s just gross 😀

  • TJ

    I’m from the Philippines and I find this list very very very amusing, not to mention accurate. A bit naive, but I don’t care. Almost everything in it is true. Kudos to the writer. He made living in the Philippines seem like an adventure. That’s a good thing in my book.

    • ThePenguin

      What are the complaints?I don’t want false info about other countries 😀

      • TJrei

        The author masked complaints with humor. And funny enough there is no false info on this list. Everything is absurdly true. Cheers!

  • Martin Fierro

    halo halo!!!! eating yam ice cream in bun

  • Carlos

    Lol, College Basketball, really? You won’t get that anywhere outside the US. South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, noone gives a flying **** for college basketball. Maybe one or another cable TV channel with nothing else to do would show those. In Brazil, at least, most of the big TV channels won’t even bother broadcasting the result of the finals, let alone the matches.

    • I think we all get the point (in America) when you refer to a basketball game as a “match”. 😉

  • CJB

    Great list! I enjoyed the comments as well, especially the one stating that although a bit naive, this list is accurate. I have heard of balut before… I don’t think I could actually eat it, though. This list makes me want to visit the Philippines! Thanks again for a fun read.

  • Annie

    I loved the list. It was pretty funny but very accurate. I love balut, but don’t be worried if you can’t stomach the idea of eating it, because some Filipinos can’t either. Anyway, I love the author’s humor. Kudos!

  • Jeff

    I love the author’s humor. Info is accurate and funny. About eating balut, I can not muster the strength to eat the unborn creature. Not all Filipinos can eat balut. The yolk taste really good with or without salt.

  • Jean

    I enjoyed reading this! I’m a Filipina and I love eating balut! I’m also working in a Call Center and, indeed, my shift starts from 2AM to 11AM.

  • Tom Clancy

    Great Post, I am from USA, but live in China and escape to the Philippines as often as I can, Well written article, I think its true of most places in Asia. Interesting culture.

  • Howard

    An interesting article. By the way, I don’t think to eat balut. I cannot imagine how the taste is.

  • doming


  • Charlie

    I know I’m a bit behind on this article, but…

    Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but point number 6 could easily apply to pretty much any country outside North America. The majority of U.S. sports are very much “minority” sports in the rest of the world. Basketball, Baseball and American Football just aren’t that popular – and I’m talking about the NBA, MLB and NFL here – U.S. college sports are literally unknown throughout most of the world, whereas sports like Soccer (known to the rest of the world as Football) particularly the EPL and La Liga, Formula 1, etc are followed worldwide.

    I’m not trying to put down (or indeed promote) any particular sports, it just seems that many in the U.S. seem to be unaware of this fact!

  • Melvin

    nice list…. thanks for visiting Philippines.. hope you come back… ^_^

  • Kenta

    About the number 6 entry. Does the author really expects Superbowl is gonna be aired anywhere outside US? Nobody goddamn cares about American football except for the Americans. Move on!

  • hunkrider

    Just a tip, when you eat the balut. Eat the fetus as a whole and munch it. Don’t just rip and eat the head first as the thought will make you spit it out. Just add a little salt. ^_^ It tastes delicious, really. If you can eat crabs, you can eat balut. You can buy balut in Pateros. However, beware of the its cholesterol level.

    There are also other Filipino food that might interest you.
    1. Halo-halo = mix tropical sweets with crashed ice.
    2. Chili pepper ice cream = spicy ice cream
    3. Rose ice cream = ice cream flavored with rose flower
    4. Sampaguita ice cream = ice cream flavored with sampaguita flower
    5. Pinikpikan = a chicken battered to death.
    6. Itag = a native ham
    7. Dinuguan = a pork blood stew. It taste great!
    8. Betamaxx, Helmet, Isaw, Addidas, Tokneneng, 1 day old = street food that consists of blood and innards.
    9. longanisa = Philippine sausages
    10 tsokolate-e and tsokolate-a = native version of chocolate drinks. It’s refreshing!

    v to learn more about the Philippines.

  • Kidbluboo

    one thing though about outsourcing calls to the philippines is that english is becoming the predominant language and is taught in all schools. imo a filipino accent is alot more bearable than an indian one

  • mostscents

    I’m a Filipino but I don’t want to eat nor even taste that baby bird in “Balut.” Though I love “Penoy”, days younger than balut which does not have any baby bird in it, just yolk and a little black-ish at the center which I believe would be the fetus.